How to avoid disappointing results from cosmetic injectables

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    In recent years, millions of people have chosen to get cosmetic injectables, including treatments like dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and collagen stimulating injections. Despite the fact that having cosmetic injections can be a useful tool to improve your appearance, it’s crucial to be aware that not all results are favourable. Patients may rarely be dissatisfied with the outcomes of their procedure, either because they fall short of their expectations or because complications develop after the treatment.

    Several actions must be taken both before and after cosmetic injectables in order to prevent unsatisfactory results. Our top five suggestions for getting the most our of your cosmetic injectable experience are listed below. We’ve also saved one of the most important pieces of advise for the end of the blog, so be sure to read through to the end.

    1. Select a practitioner with qualifications and experience in performing cosmetic injectables.

    When considering cosmetic injections, the firm and most crucial step is to choose a qualified cosmetic practitioner with expertise in cosmetic injectables. Finding a practitioner who is skilled and experienced in carrying out the procedure your desire is crucial because cosmetic injectables can be complex and are a specialised subject.

    You can get started by doing some online research on cosmetic practitioners and reading reviews from previous patients. You can also seek recommendations from friends or family members who have undergone cosmetic injections. It’s a smart idea to book a consultation with a few different cosmetic practitioners to gauge each one’s level of experience and their demeanour.

    2. Have reasonable expectations and be aware of the procedures’s limitations.

    It’s crucial to have reasonable expectations for the procedure’s results before having cosmetic injectables. Knowing the restrictions of the process and what it can and cannot do is crucial because cosmetic injectables are not a silver bullet. For instance, it’s important to realise that anti-wrinkle injections won’t significantly improve the appearance of static lines (those visible at rest), and are better suited for dynamic lines (those visible when you make certain facial expressions).

    It’s vital to be open and honest with your cosmetic practitioner about your goals and concerns in order to make sure that you have reasonable expectations. An experienced cosmetic practitioner should be able to thoroughly describe the process and give you an accurate picture of what to anticipate.

    3. Observe the practitioner’s pre- and post-treatment instructions.

    It’s important to adhere to your practitioners pre- and post-treatment instructions in order to get the greatest result from your cosmetic injectables. They may contain guidelines on how to get ready for the procedure, what to do following the procedure, and what to stay away from while recovering. In addition, your cosmetic practitioner might advise you on how to take care of the injection sites and what to do if you feel pain or discomfort. For the greatest result and to reduce the risk of complications, it is crucial to carefully follow these directions.

    4. Maintain a health lifestyle, avoiding smoking and eating properly.

    Adopting a health lifestyle and recovering after plastic surgery go hand in hand. This involves maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, and refraining from smoking. It’s crucial to stop smoking before and after the treatment because it can hinder recovery and raise your change of problems.

    Along with these suggestions, it’s critical to take care of your skin and shield it from the sun. It is vital to use sunscreen and stay out of the sun throughout the healing process because it may harm the skin and cause inflammation around the injection sites.

    5. Discuss your goals and concerns honestly and openly with your cosmetic practitioner.

    Finally, it’s critical to discuss your aims and worries with your cosmetic practitioner in an honest and open manner. This will make it more likely that you will enjoy the procedure and be pleased with the result.

    As for our final piece of golden advice, the single most common cause of an unsatisfactory result when a procedure has been performed correctly is unmet expectations. Almost all patients attend their appointment with an idea of what they want to look like. If the result falls short of this, then they may be disappointed, no matter how good the result is. Comparing before and after photos in this case doesn’t soothe the disappointment, as they have had the treatment, paid the money and still don’t look as they want.

    Having a goal in mind helps your cosmetic practitioner to design a custom treatment plan, but you should always measure your result in comparison to how you started and not how you want to look. There are so many variables such as skin type and budget that will affect your result, that the result is unlikely to be exactly how you imagined. Going into your treatment with the mindset of measuring the result with how you looked originally is much more appropriate than comparing the result to how you wanted to look.