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Hay fever treatment

Hay fever treatment is a non-invasive, no downtime treatment that uses an intra-nasal spray to effectively improve the symptoms of hay fever.

The spray prevents nerve signals from activating glands that cause common symptoms of hay fever (allergic rhinitis) such as itchy eyes, sneezing and a congested, runny nose.


Treatment takes 5 mins. No downtime.

No discomfort.

Result within 1-2 weeks.

To maintain effect, revisit every 3 months.


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Average spend is $500

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Treatment info

What the treatment can do

Do you dread Spring? Itchy eyes, constant sneezing and a congested and running nose? Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis is a stubborn, frustrating and extremely uncomfortable condition that can significantly impact your day to day life. Anti-histamines don’t work for everyone, or may only just take the edge off.

Fortunately, Cosmetic Connection offers hay fever atomiser treatment for sufferers of hay fever who want effective relief from their hay fever symptoms. Also known as haytox, this treatment uses an intranasal spray to effectively reduce hay fever symptoms. Hay fever atomiser treatment can be used as a primary treatment for hay fever, or in conjunction with daily anti-histamines for those with more severe symptoms.

This simple, convenient and effective treatment has no pain, no injections and no downtime. With results lasting out to 3 months, our hay fever treatment is worth considering if you are looking for effective hay fever treatments.


Hay fever atomiser treatment has a number of benefits that include:

  • Non-invasive, no downtime treatment
  • No needles or injections required
  • Effective relief from hay fever symptoms and can be used in conjunction with antihistamines
  • Results lasting up to 3 months for most patients


If you are a sufferer of hay fever then this treatment is worth considering.

It is not suitable for people who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding.


How to prepare for hay fever atomiser treatment:

  • Perform a FESS nasal & sinus wash gentle strength 1 hour before your appointment
  • Do not use any nasal sprays in the 24 hours before your appointment


Hay fever atomiser treatment aftercare:

  • Avoid blowing your nose, using nasal sprays and intense exercise for 24 hours
  • A small number of patients may need a top-up dose 2-4 weeks after their initial treatment, in the case of a partial response


You can look forward to experiencing relief from your hay fever symptoms 2 weeks after your hay fever atomiser treatment with haytox. You’ll notice an improvement in your itchy eyes, running and congested nose and sneezing, and be able to enjoy the outdoors during Spring.

Combining haytox with daily anti-histamines is an effective solution for sufferers of severe hay fever, and remains an option if despite hay fever treatment at Cosmetic Connection, you only notice a partial improvement. Most people however, find that they experience significant relief with haytox, and incorperate it as a part of their annual hay fever treatment strategy.

Your treatment will be painless as no injections are required, and the effect will gradually kick-on over the first 2 weeks. The result will last 3 months for most people, and the treatment can be repeated as needed in case hay fever season lasts longer than usual.

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    Each haytox treatment is perfectly tailored to you.

    From $500 | Make a booking
    *Our consultation fee is $200. It applies to appointments with where no treatment is performed, and will remain on your account as credit for future injectable treatment costs.
    The starting price is the minimum cost for this specific treatment.
    The average price depends on the product type and quantity, the clinician, and paired treatment combinations.

    In the case of a partial response, we offer one top-up treatment free of charge.

    All treatments performed by Cosmetic Connection come with the option of one complimentary follow-up appointment to review your result.

    Our guarantee

    Get detailed, professional advice from experts that is specific to your unique concerns and personal goals.

    Our treatments are performed by qualified and experienced clinical staff, with dedicated training in cosmetic medicine. Meet our team.

    Your treatment will be conducted using only high quality products & equipment approved for use in Australia, guaranteed.

    We will perform your treatment safely and effectively by adhering to the latest evidence-based protocols and techniques.

    We take the time to understand your aesthetic goals, allowing us to deliver a result that is aligned with your expectations.

    After your treatment we welcome you to schedule a complimentary follow-up appointment to review your result.

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    If you can’t find the answers to your questions, get in touch with the clinic and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

    Cosmetic Connection is a dedicated hay fever treatment clinic with locations in Melbourne and Sydney. Our clinic excels in providing a first-class service, and our cosmetic doctors are some of the most experienced in the country.

    We offer a purely bespoke approach to hay fever treatment in Sydney and Melbourne, and will work with you to understand your concerns and develop a bespoke treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goals.

    If you want tailored hay fever treatment in Sydney and Melbourne, choose the cosmetic doctors at Cosmetic Connection.

    Hay fever atomiser treatment (haytox) has been shown to be as effective as a daily anti-histamine tablet. Combining your daily anti-histamine with hay fever atomiser treatment can potentially offer superior relief from the symptoms of hay fever.

    For up-to-date pricing on hay fever treatment, please refer to our pricing page.

    Hay spray is another name for hay tox.

    Hay fever atomiser treatment is a very quick and simple procedure. Using a nasal atomiser, a liquid that contains a protein based on the naturally occurring substance botulinum toxin will de delivered into each nasal passage as a mist. The treatment takes less than 1 minute to perform, and is completely pain free.

    Hay fever atomiser treatment has no pain as it only involves a nasal spray and no injections.

    You will see the full effect from your hay fever atomiser treatment 2 weeks after the treatment.

    Most people experience up to 3 months of hay fever symptom relief after having haytox.

    A small number of people require a top-up treatment 2-4 weeks after the initial haytox treatment in cases of a partial response.

    Maintenance treatments are generally required every 3 months. This means you’ll generally need 1 treatment, or 2 at most, per hay fever season.

    To prepare for hay fever atomiser treatment, you must avoid using any nasal sprays 24 hours prior to your treatment.

    After hay fever atomiser treatment, you must avoid blowing your nose for 4-6 hours.

    When performed by an adequately trained and experienced cosmetic practitioner, hay fever atomiser treatment (haytox) is categorised as a low risk treatment.

    Your appointment

    Upon arriving at our inclusive and private clinic, you will be welcomed by one of our friendly reception team members. We will confirm your contact details, and ensure that all relevant forms have been completed.

    Your session will commence with a comprehensive assessment by one of our experienced doctors.

    We will discuss what you are hoping to address and achieve, determine your suitability for our treatments and outline the different options available to you.

    There will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and clarify your understanding of the discussion and your custom treatment plan.

    After designing your custom treatment plan, your doctor will discuss the details of how your treatment works, what you can expect following the procedure, the risks involved, and the benefits that can be achieved.

    The procedure will be carried out professionally, with a high attention to detail, and the utmost care and caution. Our doctors prioritise three things when it comes to your treatment: your safety, your result, and your comfort.

    We also have emergency equipment on-site to ensure maximum safety.

    Following the treatment, your doctor will advise you on the best way to care for the treated area to ensure a swift and event-free recovery. You will also receive an email with detailed aftercare instructions.

    All treatments performed at Cosmetic Connection come with the option of a complimentary follow-up appointment.

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