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Brow anti-wrinkle injections

Lift your eyebrows and wind back the clock on sagging with brow anti-wrinkle injections. This safe and effective treatment relaxes the muscles around your eyes to create a lifting effect, giving a refreshed appearance.

The treatment can be used for a brow lift, to rejuvenate your eyes, and improve sagging. It’s quick, almost painless, and has no downtime.


Treatment takes 5 mins. No downtime.

Minimal discomfort. Numbing available.

Result within 1-2 weeks.

To maintain look, revisit every 3-4 months.


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Anti-wrinkle injections

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Treatment info

What the treatment can do

Chasing more lifted brows and a refreshed appearance? Brow anti-wrinkle injections are a convenient treatment that does both.

Also known as a chemical brow lift, the treatment relaxes the muscles that pull your eyebrows down. This causes a pleasant lifting effect in your eyebrow tails, giving you a refreshed, rested appearance. The results look natural, and you’ll even notice the wrinkles around your eyes improve too.

At Cosmetic Connection, we are experienced in brow lifting anti-wrinkle treatment. We’ll design a personalised treatment to achieve the results you want. For those with heavier brows, or brows that lack structural support, dermal filler to the brows, forehead or temples can be used in conjunction with brow anti-wrinkle injections for a more prominent brow lift.


Enjoy the benefits of brow anti-wrinkle injections done by expert cosmetic injectors at Cosmetic Connection:

  • Elevate the eyebrow tails
  • Reduce upper eyelid hooding and heaviness
  • Improves symmetry of your eyebrows
  • Give the eyes a fresher, more rested appearance

Brow anti-wrinkle is quick, convenient, and walk-in walk-out treatment.


If your brows are feeling heavy, then anti-wrinkle injections are a potential option. It is a solution that can help reduce down-pulling muscle action that contributes to heavy brows.


To ensure your brow anti-wrinkle injections go to plan, follow our preparation guidelines:

  • Remove all makeup immediately before your appointment
  • Avoid consuming excessive alcohol within 24 hours of your appointment
  • Refrain from intense exercise immediately before your appointment


After brow anti-wrinkle injections, proper aftercare is crucial for optimal healing and results:

  • Expect small bumps at the injection sites which will resolve over 15 minutes
  • You may experience a slight headache or tight sensation a few days after treatment
  • Avoid makeup, excessive alcohol and intense exercise until the following day
  • Refrain from applying pressure to the treated areas for 4 hours
  • Gently apply a wrapped ice pack to the injection sites to minimise swelling and bruising


You’ll see a result from your brow anti-wrinkle injections 2 weeks after your treatment.

Before & after

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Before and after brow anti-wrinkle injections to lift her eyebrows.

She also had treatment for her crow’s feet wrinkles.

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    Cosmetic Connection is a dedicated brow anti-wrinkle injection clinic in Melbourne and Sydney. Our clinic excels in providing a first-class service, and our cosmetic doctors are some of the most experienced in the country.

    We offer a purely bespoke approach to brow anti-wrinkle injections in Sydney and Melbourne, and will work with you to understand your concerns and develop a bespoke treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goals.

    If you want tailored brow anti-wrinkle treatment in Sydney and Melbourne, choose the cosmetic doctors at Cosmetic Connection.

    Brow anti-wrinkle injections improve the shape and position of your eyebrows.

    We can use the following treatment to lift your eyebrows without surgery:

    • Brow anti-wrinkle injections (also known as a chemical brow lift)
    • Brow filler
    • Brow threads

    The most common reasons people choose to have a brow lift with brow anti-wrinkle injections are:

    • Quick and affordable procedure
    • No downtime
    • Natural result that lift your brows and reduces upper eyelid hooding

    A chemical brow lift is another name for brow anti-wrinkle injections.

    Brow anti-wrinkle injections relax the obicularis oculi muscles the normally pull your eyebrows down. This creates a lift in your eyebrow tails.

    Brow anti-wrinkle injections are a simple process.

    We clean the skin and mark the skin around your brow tails. Using tiny needles, we precisely place anti-wrinkle injections around your your eyebrows. There is usually 2-3 injections per side.

    Brow anti-wrinkle injections take less than 5 minutes.

    Brow anti-wrinkle injections have minimal discomfort. We use tiny needles and have strong numbing options to minimise discomfort.

    A chemical brow lift with anti-wrinkle injections  has 1-3 injections per side.

    We place the injections for a chemical brow lift just beneath your eyebrow tails.

    Brow anti-wrinkle injections start working in 3-5 days. The final result is seen in 14 days.

    Brow anti-wrinkle injections last 3-4 months on average.

    Prepare for your brow anti-wrinkle injections with these steps:

    • Cease all supplements 1 week before your treatment (unless taking for medical reasons)
    • Avoid excessive alcohol for 24 hours before your treatment
    • Attend your appointment without makeup

    After your brow anti-wrinkle injections you may notice slight redness and small bumps at the injection sites. This resolves within 15-30 minutes.

    3-5 days after your treatment, your brows will start to lift. This becomes more pronounced, with the full effect seen in 14 days.

    You’ll look more rested, and hooded upper eyelids will improve.

    Brow anti-wrinkle injections are a safe treatment.

    Visiting an experienced, doctor-led cosmetic clinic is the best way to ensure that your treatment is performed as safely as possible.

    The most common side effects of brow anti-wrinkle injections are temporary redness. This will generally resolve within 30-60 minutes.

    Other risks include temporary, mild headaches that may last 1-2 days. Very rare risks include eyebrow heaviness.

    The following groups are not suitable for brow anti-wrinkle injections:

    • Aged under 18
    • Currently pregnant or breastfeeding
    • Those with unreasonable expectations about what can be achieved with brow anti-wrinkle injections

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