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Filler dissolving & correction

Don’t live with the stress and anxiety of poorly-injected dermal filler. We can reverse unwanted fillers using a simple, quick and non-invasive treatment.

Filler dissolving can treat side effects and unsatisfactory dermal filler results. We use advanced techniques developed over years of experience to dissolve dermal filler carefully, precisely, and with minimal discomfort.


Treatment takes 10 minutes. No downtime.

Minimal discomfort. Strong numbing used.

Result is immediate. Multiple treatments may be required.

Result is permanent.


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Treatment info

What the treatment can do

Poor training and a lack of regulation are leaving more people disappointed with their dermal filler results. At Cosmetic Connection, we understand your concerns. Our medical professionals have dedicated years to perfecting the art of dermal filler.

Dermal filler dissolving is a game-changer, offering a solution to undesirable results. By injecting an enzyme that breaks down filler, we harness natural metabolic processes to remove your unwanted filler. Our cosmetic doctors have the expertise and skill to handle poorly injected dermal fillers, as well as any side effects.

Trust Cosmetic Connection to navigate the complexities of dermal filler dissolving. We will alleviate your anxiety, and give you the opportunity to achieve a result you can be proud of.


Enjoy peace of mind with the reversibility of dermal filler treatments. At Cosmetic Connection, we are here to help manage incorrectly placed dermal fillers.

From lip filler migration and lumps, to swollen tear trough fillers and the Tyndall effect, our experienced team can assist. We also have expertise in fixing the double jawline phenomenon, nose bridge widening, and overfilling. We meticulously assess the severity of each problem, tailoring our dissolving technique to the issue at hand.

With our advanced, evidence-based protocols, we can dissolve your filler with minimal swelling and bruising, and almost no pain. We can also micro-dissolve, touching up small imperfections with remarkable precision, while preserving the positive aspects of your previous treatments.

Upcoming surgery in an area previously treated with dermal filler? Our doctors are readily available to dissolve the filler before your procedure. Trust in our expertise to dissolve your filler. We prioritise your safety, satisfaction, and comfort.


If you’re done with living with unsatisfactory result from dermal fillers, worried about a side effect, or simply changed your mind, then we are here to assist.


To ensure smooth and successful filler dissolving, follow these preparation guidelines:

  • Remove all makeup immediately before your appointment
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption within 24 hours of your appointment
  • Refrain from engaging in intense exercise right before your appointment


After your dermal filler dissolving session, follow these aftercare steps to promote optimal healing and recovery:

  • Avoid wearing makeup, consuming excessive alcohol, and participating in intense exercise until the next day
  • To minimise swelling and bruising, gently apply a wrapped ice pack to the treated areas


Once we have determined the most suitable approach to address your concerns, we can dissolve your dermal filler. Our dissolving protocol reverses dermal filler with the utmost precision, and minimal discomfort.

While the dermal filler dissolver begins working immediately, it’s important to allow time for any swelling to subside. Within 1-2 days, you’ll feel relieved as the unwanted effects caused by the filler fade.

If you have been using fillers for an extended period, removing them may reveal signs of ageing that were previously disguised. Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution. 1-2 weeks after dissolving, we can correctly re-inject dermal filler or collagen stimulators. This allows you to regain a refreshed appearance with natural-looking results.

Before & after

Sensitive content

Before and after nose filler dissolving, and after refilling to correct nasal bridge widening.

This occurs if too much filler has been injected to the nose bridge.

Before and after chin filler dissolving. This patient was unfortunately over-treated elsewhere with 3 ml of chin filler in 1 appointment.

Partially reversing her chin filler, and adding nose tip filler significantly improved her side profile.

Before and 15 minutes after lip filler dissolving (slight swelling persists in the after photo).

This patient had lip filler migration from years of regular lip injections.

Side profile view before and after nose filler dissolving and after refilling to correct nasal bridge widening.

This occurs if too much filler has been injected to the nose bridge.

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    Each filler dissolving treatment is perfectly tailored to you.

    From $690 | Make a booking
    *Our consultation fee is $200. It applies to appointments with where no treatment is performed, and will remain on your account as credit for future injectable treatment costs.
    The starting price is the minimum cost for this specific treatment.

    Ultrasound allows us to precisely visualise the dermal filler to ensure an accurate dissolving treatment.

    All treatments performed by Cosmetic Connection come with the option of one complimentary follow-up appointment to review your result.

    Our guarantee

    Get detailed, professional advice from experts that is specific to your unique concerns and personal goals.

    Our treatments are performed by qualified and experienced clinical staff, with dedicated training in cosmetic medicine. Meet our team.

    Your treatment will be conducted using only high quality products & equipment approved for use in Australia, guaranteed.

    We will perform your treatment safely and effectively by adhering to the latest evidence-based protocols and techniques.

    We take the time to understand your aesthetic goals, allowing us to deliver a result that is aligned with your expectations.

    After your treatment we welcome you to schedule a complimentary follow-up appointment to review your result.

    Get clarity on your treatment in our info hub.

    We believe that you deserve to be fully informed about all aspects of your treatment. If you want to dive deeper into the details of this treatment, check out the in-depth information hub.

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    We want to answer any possible questions you may have.

    If you can’t find the answers to your questions, get in touch with the clinic and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

    Cosmetic Connection is a dedicated dermal filler dissolving clinic in Melbourne and Sydney. Our clinic excels in providing a first-class service, and our cosmetic doctors are some of the most experienced in the country.

    We offer a purely bespoke approach to dermal filler dissolving in Sydney and Melbourne, and will work with you to understand your concerns and develop a bespoke treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goals.

    If you want tailored dermal filler dissolving in Sydney and Melbourne, choose the cosmetic doctors at Cosmetic Connection.

    Filler dissolving is a treatment to reverse unwanted dermal fillers. It also treats dermal filler side effects.

    To dissolve dermal filler, we use injections of Hyalase.

    Hyalase instantly breaks down dermal filler molecules.

    Your body then metabolises the dermal filler molecules naturally.

    Dissolving dermal filler should only be done if medically indicated.

    Filler dissolving is a medical procedure, and has some important risks involved.

    An experienced medical professional will be able to advise on whether it is a good idea to reverse your dermal fillers.

    You should wait 2 weeks after dissolving your fillers before re-injecting the same area. There are 2 reasons why we wait 2 weeks:

    1. It allows enough time for the dissolved area to heal, meaning the new filler can be injected with precision.
    2. Injecting new filler within 48 hours of dissolving filler in the same area will result in the new filler also being dissolved.

    There are 3 reasons why we dissolve dermal filler:

    1. To prepare for surgery in the area that has dermal filler.
    2. When you change your mind about getting fillers, or simply want to start fresh.
    3. If you have a side effect or don’t like the result. These are rare when your treatment is done by a qualified medical professional.

    We use injections of hyaluronidase to dissolve dermal filler.

    This is a simple, safe, and convenient procedure.

    Hyaluronidase breaks down dermal filler molecules, allowing your body to rapidly metabolise them.

    1 dissolving treatment is usually sufficient to reverse your dermal fillers.

    There are certain cases where you may need more than 1 treatment, such as when dissolve large amounts of filler.

    You can review the cost of reversing dermal filler at Cosmetic Connection here.

    Unfortunately we cannot reverse permanent dermal fillers. To remove permanent fillers, you will need to discuss your options of a surgeon.

    In cosmetic medicine, we use hyaluronidase to dissolve dermal filler.

    Hyaluronidase is also used to assist with other procedures, by improving the effect of local anaesthetic.

    The amount of hyalase needed to dissolve your dermal filler depends on the following:

    • The amount of dermal filler requiring dissolving.
    • The concentration of hyaluronic acid/ml in the dermal filler – thicker fillers need more dissolver.
    • Cross-linking of the dermal filler – more cross-linked fillers need more dissolver.
    • Extent of the problem – small cosmetic issues can be treated with micro-hyalase, leaving other filler intact.

    Dermal filler dissolving can be extremely painful if not done correctly.

    At Cosmetic Connection, we use a carefully calculated blend of local anaesthetic and pH neutralising solution to minimise discomfort when dissolving dermal filler. This makes dissolving dermal filler with us almost painless.

    Reversing dermal filler with hyalase takes 5-10 minutes.

    Having your dermal filler reversed is a very simple process. The first step is to carefully assess your concerns.

    Reversing dermal filler takes less than 10 minutes. We clean and numb the area, and the carefully inject dissolver with tiny needles.

    After the treatment there may be slight redness and swelling. Some people get slight bruising in more sensitive areas like the lips. You will be able to resume normal activity immediately after treatment.

    We use a combination of ice, strong numbing cream and local anaesthetic injections to numb the area before dissolving.

    To further ensure comfort, we prepare filler dissolver with a blend of strong anaesthetic and neutralising solution. This make dissolving filler almost painless.

    Hyalase breaks down dermal filler immediately. It can continue working for up to 48 hours.

    Filler dissolving works immediately. You should allow a few days for any local swelling to settle before assessing the final result.

    There are some anecdotal reports that dissolving their filler damages your skin and facial tissue.

    This has not been definitively proven. While filler dissolver it can break down your natural hyaluronic acid, this is regenerated by the body in 1-2 days.

    If you have had filler for years, it has been hiding the ageing process. When you suddenly take the filler away, your underlying ageing is revealed. The dermal filler and dissolver have not accelerated the ageing process.

    To prepare for filler dissolving, follow these important steps:

    • Cease all supplements 1 week before your treatment (unless taking for medical reasons)
    • Avoid excessive alcohol for 24 hours before your treatment
    • Attend your appointment without makeup

    After reversing your dermal filler you can resume normal activity immediately. To promote optimal healing, follow these steps:

    • Apply a wrapped ice pack gently for any discomfort and to reduce swelling
    • Avoid strenuous exercise and excessive alcohol for 24 hours

    It is normal to experience mild swelling after reversing dermal filler. Apply a cold pack after your treatment to keep swelling to a minimum.

    We occasionally see bruising after reversing dermal filler. We use an advanced preparation of filler dissolver to minimise the risk of bruising.

    Certain areas of the face are more prone to bruising than others, particularly the lips and under eyes.

    Bruising can be concealed with makeup the day after your filler dissolving.

    Dissolving dermal filler is a safe treatment when performed by a qualified medical professional.

    Common side effects of filler dissolving include local swelling and redness.

    Rare risks include severe swelling and allergic reactions.

    The main risk of reversing dermal filler is an allergic reaction. It is vital to only have dermal filler dissolved at a doctor-led clinic for safety reasons.

    Hyalase breaks down hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler, and the natural hyaluronic acid in our skin.

    Fortunately, your body regenerates new hyaluronic acid in 1-2 days.

    You are not suitable for hyalase dermal filler dissolving if you:

    • Are currently pregnant or breastfeeding
    • Have a history of allergic reactions to hyaluronidase

    If you have a known allergy to bee stings, you may not be suitable for filler dissolving.

    Don't leave things to chance. Discover the vital info most clinics WON'T tell you about filler dissolving treatments.

      Your appointment

      Upon arriving at our inclusive and private clinic, you will be welcomed by our friendly reception team. We will confirm your contact details and ensure that you have completed all relevant forms.

      Your session will commence with a comprehensive consultation with one of our experienced medical professionals.

      We will take the time to understand your concerns and goals, and assess your suitability for our treatments.

      You will learn about the different treatment options available to you, and have ample opportunity to ask any questions.

      We will ensure that you completely understand the discussion, and design a personalised treatment plan for you.

      After designing your personalised treatment, we will explain the most important details to you. This includes information about how your treatment works, aftercare information, the risks involved, and the results you can expect.

      Before proceeding with treatment, we will take clinical photos. This ensures that we have a reference point to track your treatment journey. We keep all clinical images confidential unless you give us permission to share them.

      Your comfort is our priority. We understand that pain is one of the biggest concerns people have about their cosmetic procedure.

      Using the highest quality equipment, premium products that contain local anaesthetic, and an extremely gentle technique, our treatments are some of the most comfortable available.

      As a doctor-led clinic, we also have access to a range of high-strength numbing options. These include specially formulated numbing cream, ice, numbing injections and distraction devices.

      The procedure will be performed professionally, with a high attention to detail and the utmost care and caution. Our doctors prioritise three things when it comes to your treatment: your safety, your result, and your comfort.

      With emergency equipment on-site and long appointment times, we guarantee your safety is our priority, and that your treatments are never rushed.

      Following the treatment, we will advise you on how to care for the treated area to ensure a smooth and swift recovery. You will also receive an email with detailed aftercare instructions.

      All treatments performed at Cosmetic Connection come with the option of a complimentary follow-up appointment.

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