Are lumps after lip fillers normal?

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Lip fillers lumps – a common concern among many people who get their lips injected, especially the first time. But, why do they occur? are they normal? and should you be worried?

    Are lumps after lip filler normal?

    It is very common for your lips to feel firm and somewhat uneven or ‘lumpy’ after dermal filler injections. This can last 2-4 weeks, and generally resolves on its own as the lip filler integrates with your natural tissue beneath the skin. If you notice firm lumps that either don’t improve, or are still bothersome 4 weeks after your treatment then you may need a review appointment to assess your lips.

    Is it normal for lip fillers to be lumpy after 2 weeks?

    In most cases it is normal for your lips to feel slightly lumpy 2 weeks after your treatment. However, by now the lumps should be significantly better compared to the first few days after your lip injections. If the lumpiness is still severe or it isn’t improving, then you may need to schedule a follow-up with your injector.

    Why does my lip filler feel hard and lumpy?

    The lips are very delicate structures with very fine skin. As a result, even the slightest of irregularities can be felt, and sometimes seen. When you have your lips injected with dermal filler, the filler is placed in fine threads. As the filler is a different density to your natural lip tissue, you will able to feel this difference when you touch your lips.

    In addition to this, swelling an bruising can cause certain parts of the lips to feel firmer than others. It is the combination of swelling, bruising and fresh filler that causes your freshly injected lips to feel hard and lumpy.

    Over the first few days the swelling and bruising from the procedure will improve. Beyond this the injected dermal filler will hydrate, disperse and smooth out, further improving the firmness and lumpiness.

    How to prevent lumps after lip filler injections

    There are a number of ways to minimise lumps after lip filler.

    The injector should ensure that they use an appropriate lip filler product that is not too thick for your lip tissue, and be very careful and precise when they inject it. This helps to minimise swelling and bruising. Once the filler has been injected into the lips, they should be carefully moulded to smooth out any irregularities.

    After your treatment, you should ensure that you follow the treatment aftercare, including the use of a cold-compress to further minimise swelling and bruising, which will minimise the feeling of lumpiness.

    How long do lumps last after lip filler?

    In almost all cases, lumps after lip filler resolve on their own in about 2-4 weeks. During this time any treatment-related swelling and bruising will resolve, and the lip filler will hydrate and smooth out.

    Should you massage lumps after lip fillers?

    You should be very careful massaging lip filler lumps yourself. Using the wrong technique may cause the lip filler to migrate. If your treatment was performed correctly and you followed the aftercare instructions, most lip filler lumps will resolve on their own. Any persistent lip filler lumps that don’t resolve after 4 weeks should be assessed by your injector.

    How do you get rid of lip filler lumps?

    If you have lumps that do not resolve within 4 weeks, then it is likely that some of the lip filler has aggregated. This can occur if the filler was injected unevenly, or if some of the filler moved out of position due to the natural movements of the lips when you speak, smile and eat. Persistent lip filler lumps can be treated in 2 ways:

    1. The skin can be punctured and the excess filler squeezed out. You must not attempt this yourself as you can cause an infection.
    2. The lump can be dissolved with dermal filler dissolver.

    If the lip filler lump does not bother you, then you can just let it wear off on its own, although this may take a long time in some cases.

    Should I be worried about lip filler lumps?

    As long as the lumps are improving quickly after your treatment then there is generally no need to be concerned. If the lumps are severe, do not improve, or are associated with progressive pain, redness and swelling then you should contact your injector for an urgent review appointment.

    Will lip filler nodules go away?

    Lip filler nodules are different to lip filler lumps. Nodules are often caused by a build-up of scar tissue and feel like a tiny stone in the lips. While not usually harmful, they can take many years to go away. If you have nodules then you can either try dissolving the lip filler, or if they are very bothersome, consider surgically removing them.

    Are lip filler lumps permanent?

    Lumps of lip filler are not permanent. As the body breaks down dermal filler over time, the lumps will eventually go away. If you don’t want to wait, then lip filler lumps can be treated by a puncture technique, or by dissolving, both of which should only be done by an experienced professional. The exception here is if you had permanent lip filler injected. Permanent lip filler lumps are unlikely to ever resolve on their own. If you have lumps after permanent lip filler, surgery may be needed to treat them.

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