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Double chin fat injections

Eliminate stubborn fat under you chin with double chin fat injections. Also called Kybella, treating under chin fat effectively improves your double chin. It also enhances your chin and jawline definition, and contours your side profile.

We use fat dissolving injections to break down fat cells. Once removed, these cells don’t return.


Treatment takes 10 mins. No significant downtime.

Minimal discomfort. Strong numbing used.

Result in 8 weeks. Multiple treatments may be required.

May require maintenance if you gain weight.


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Fat dissolving injections

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Treatment info

What the treatment can do

Bothered by your double chin? Avoiding photos, or holding your chin up to hide your full neck? Feel like you don’t have a jawline, especially when on Zoom meetings and FaceTime?

Double chin fat is the notoriously stubborn pocket of fat under your chin. It can be genetic, or due to weight gain, and once present, is often difficult to lose. Under chin fat gives you a double chin, takes away jawline definition, and give a heavy appearance to your face. We use fat dissolving injections to effectively break down your double chin fat. Once treated, your body metabolises the fat cells and they don’t return.

Our medical professionals treat double chin fat with precision and care. We know how to properly assess your double chin, and design a personalise treatment that addresses it at the cause. Combining double chin fat injections with chin and jawline fillers often achieves better improvements in your double chin.


Experience the many benefits of double chin fat dissolving injections with the expert injectors at Cosmetic Connection:

  • Reduces in under chin fat, improving your double chin
  • Contours your neck silhouette
  • Permanently eliminates fat cells
  • Enhances jawline and chin definition and shape
  • Sharpens your side profile
  • Gives your face a slimmer, healthier appearance

This convenient treatment takes only minutes, and aside from some swelling has zero downtime.


If you have stubborn fat under your chin, and want to avoid the cost, pain, and inconvenience of liposuction, then fat dissolving injections are a convenient treatment option.


To ensure your double chin fat injections go to plan, follow our preparation guidelines:

  • Remove all makeup where applicable immediately before your appointment
  • Shave/closely trim the treatment area where applicable the day before your appointment
  • Avoid consuming excessive alcohol within 24 hours of your appointment
  • Refrain from intense exercise immediately before your appointment
  • Plan your schedule anticipating that you may have mild to moderate swelling


After double chin fat injections, proper aftercare is crucial for optimal healing and results:

  • Avoid makeup where applicable, excessive alcohol and intense exercise until the following day
  • Gently apply a wrapped ice pack to the treated area to minimise swelling and bruising
  • Some discomfort and swelling in the treated area is to be expected
  • The treated area may feel firm and numb for a few weeks after your procedure


Experience reduced under chin fat and a sharper jawline and neck contour in just 8 weeks. Expect to undergo a minimum of two sessions, depending on the amount of under chin fat you have.

Before & after

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Before and after 1 session of double chin fat injections.

We combined this with chin fillers to achieve a significant yet natural improvement in our patient’s facial structure.

Before and after double chin fat injections to permanently reduce unwanted under chin fat.

Before and after 3 sessions of double chin fat injections to permanently treat stubborn double chin fat.

Before and after double chin fat injections to treat under chin fullness.

Before and after 1 session of double chin fat injections to reduce under chin fullness and enhance jawline definition.

Before and after double chin fat injections to reduce persistent under chin fat.

Before and after 1 session of double chin fat injections.

We also used chin dermal fillers to reduce our patient’s under chin fullness, and enhance her lower face definition.

Before and after 1 session of double chin fat injections.

We also treated our patient with chin filler and jawline filler for a comprehensive lower face enhancement.

Before and after 1 session of double chin fat injections.

For our patient, we also used chin and jawline fillers to define her lower face contours.

Before and after 1 session of double chin fat injections.

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    Cosmetic Connection is a dedicated double chin fat injection clinic in Melbourne and Sydney. Our clinic excels in providing a first-class service, and our cosmetic doctors are some of the most experienced in the country.

    We offer a purely bespoke approach to double chin fat injections in Sydney and Melbourne, and will work with you to understand your concerns and develop a bespoke treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goals.

    If you want tailored treatment for double chin fat in Sydney and Melbourne, choose the cosmetic doctors at Cosmetic Connection.

    Double chin fat has two causes:

    • Weight gain can lead to the deposition of fat under the chin, giving the appearance of a double chin.
    • Genetics can predispose someone to have excess fat under the chin, even when they are of normal weight.

    Submental fat, also known as double chin fat or under chin fat, is the pocket of fat that lies below the chin and jawline. Submental fat can be caused by weight gain, but it is also often genetic.

    Submental fat caused by genetics is often resistant to treatment with diet and exercise. For those with excess submental fat who have tried diet and exercise without success, fat reduction treatment may be suitable.

    Double chin fat injections can be used to reduce the shallow layer of submental fat (the preplatysmal layer).

    The following treatments are available to reduce double chin fat in the shallow, pre-platysmal layer:

    • Double chin fat injections
    • Fat freezing
    • Liposuction

    If your double chin is caused by excess fat in the deeper post-platysmal fat, then surgery will be required.

    Double chin fat and under chin fat both refer to the shallow fat layer that can be found under the chin and jawline.

    If you have excess double chin fat despite having normal body weight then the fat likely has a genetic cause.

    Genetic double chin fat is very difficult to shift with diet and exercise alone.

    Double chin fat injections are a popular treatment option for people bothered by genetic double chin fat.

    Double chin fat can he inherited from your parents. When your double chin fat is genetically inherited, it is often very hard to reduce it with diet and exercise. Treatments like double chin fat injections may be needed to reduce the genetic fat in the double chin area.

    Double chin fat injections and under chin fat injections are the same treatment.

    Double chin fat injections and Kybella are essentially the same treatment. Double chin fat injections may use a product known as Kybella, or different types of injectable substances that have the same effect.

    Diet and exercise are the most appropriate first-line treatment for double chin fat in people who carry extra-weight.

    If you have double chin fat and are of normal weight, or you can’t seem to shift the fat with diet and exercise then double chin fat injections may be appropriate.

    Many people find it very difficult to reduce double chin fat as it is often related to genetics and not lifestyle.

    Double chin fat injections destroy fat cells through a process known as adiopocytolysis. After the injections, the administered fat dissolving product breaks down the outer surface of the treated fat cells (similar to a dart popping a balloon). The fat cells then spill-out their contents and are metabolised by the body.

    Once the cells have been broken down, they cannot store fat again.

    Double chin fat injections work in a similar way to the gallbladder of the body that digests fat. The gallbladder naturally stores substances known as deoxycholic acid and phosphatidylcholine that also pop fat cells that have been consumed in our diet.

    Most people need a minimum of 2 double chin fat injections. They more fat you have, and the more dense the fat in the double chin, then the more treatments you are likely to need.

    If you are concerned about having a double chin and are either of normal weight or cannot reduce it with diet and exercise then you are likely to be a good candidate for double chin fat injections.

    There are other causes of a double chin which may need to be treated differently compared to double chin fat. You can find out more at our double chin reduction page.

    If you have an important event then you should have double chin fat injections no closer than 8 weeks before the date. This is because the final result from double chin fat injections will be seen 8 weeks after the procedure, and prior to this the double chin may be slightly more full than usual.

    Double chin fat injections are known to cause swelling. While the swelling resolves in 3-5 days, there will be some residual fullness under the chin for up to 8 weeks. For this reason, if you have an important social event, you should have the treatment no closer than 8 weeks before the event.

    Yes, the same product used to dissolve double chin fat can be used on other areas of the face. The most common area of the face to have fat dissolving treatment is the jowls. As we age, the jowl fat grows and sags, giving the lower face a heavy appearance.

    Reducing the jowls with fat dissolving injections is a non-invasive treatment option, although you should expect to have some swelling for the first few days.

    Double chin fat injections are a very simple treatment to have.

    After your comprehensive consultation, the skin under the chin will be cleaned, marked and numbed.

    A tiny needle will then be used to make a very small puncture just beneath the chin. Through this puncture, a small, blunt and hollow cannula will be inserted into the shallow submental fat. Through the cannula, fat dissolving product will be injected.

    After the injection, the skin will be cleaned again, and the treatment will be complete.

    Double chin fat injections are a very quick procedure. They generally take 10 minutes to perform.

    Double chin fat injections have minimal discomfort when performed correctly. Many clinics use insufficient or ineffective anaesthetic when treating double chin fat which can make the treatment very painful.

    As an experienced, doctor-led cosmetic clinic, we have access to effective numbing options to ensure that your double chin fat injections have almost no discomfort.

    Most people rate the discomfort from double chin fat injections with us as a 2 out of 10, and describe the sensation as a dull ache.

    Here at Cosmetic Connection, we prioritise a comfortable experience. To ensure that your double chin fat injections have as little discomfort as possible we use a blunt cannula for the injection (requiring only 1 injection) and mix the fat dissolving product with strong anaesthetic.

    You will see the final result from double chin fat injections 8 weeks after the procedure.

    Double chin fat injections start to break down the treated fat cells immediately. However, it takes the body 6-8 weeks to metabolise the broken down fat cells.

    Double chin fat injections break down fat cells. Once these cells have been metabolised by the body, they cannot return.

    If you gain weight in the future, any remaining fat cells may grow in size. However, you will put less fat on in the double chin compared to if you had never undergone double chin fat injections.

    Double chin fat injections reduce the number of fat cells under the chin. The cells that are removed do not return.

    Double chin fat injections start to break down fat cells instantly, but the final result is not seen for 6-8 weeks. The body needs time to clear the debris left from the broken down fat cells.

    Yes, double chin fat injections give a very natural-looking result. This is because they simply reduce fat cells and do not change how the face moves.

    In order to prepare for double chin fat injections, you should follow these instructions:

    • Cease all anti-inflammatories, aspirin, herbal supplements, fish oil, krill oil, glucosamine and vitamin E 1 week before your treatment (unless you have been advised to take these by a medical practitioner)
    • Avoid excessive alcohol for 24 hours before your treatment
    • Attend your appointment without makeup
    • Closely shave the planned treatment area where appropriate the day before your treatment

    After your double chin fat injections there will swelling under the chin. Follow the treatment aftercare to minimise this. The area will also feel slightly tender when the anaesthetic wears off.

    As the swelling subsides, your double chin will feel firm and slightly numb. This gradually improves over a 6-8 weeks.

    Once healed, you can enjoy your new under chin contours with less fullness.

    Swelling after double chin fat injections is usually moderate. This means that friends and family will notice the swelling.

    Swelling can be severe in rare circumstances, but resolves in 3-5 days.

    Swelling after double chin fat injections usually resolves in 3-5 days.

    You can reduce swelling with a wrapped cold pack, making sure not to apply pressure to the double chin.

    There is no downtime after having double chin fat injections.

    However, you must be prepared to have some swelling.

    After double chin fat injections you should try and sleep on your back on 1 or 2 pillows.

    Sleeping on your side or stomach, or with your head too elevated will cause the swelling to persist for longer.

    Double chin fat injections are categorised as a low-risk treatment.

    Visiting an experienced, doctor-led cosmetic clinic is the best way to ensure that your treatment is performed as safely as possible.

    The main side effects from double chin fat injections are swelling and tenderness. The injected area may also feel firm and numb.

    Rare risks of double chin fat injections include temporary lower lip weakness and infections. We can minimise risks by using safe injection techniques.

    Yes, lower lip weakness is a rare risk of double chin fat injections. It occurs if the injected product stuns the nerve that controls your lip muscles.

    This problem does resolve on its own, with no lasting weakness.

    After double chin fat injections you should not notice any loose skin. In fact, the inflammatory process of breaking down the fat cells can cause a tightening effect.

    If you have very loose skin under your chin before treatment, reducing the fat may make the sagging look worse. Such people are not good candidates for double chin fat injections.

    The following groups are not suitable for double chin fat injections:

    • Aged under 18
    • Currently pregnant or breastfeeding
    • Those with an allergy to soy or soybeans
    • People with active skin infections and severe acne under the chin
    • Anyone with significant skin sagging under the chin
    • Those with unrealistic expectations about what can be achieved with double chin injections

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