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Eye rejuvenation

Refresh and rejuvenate your eyes with this proven cosmetic treatment. Eye rejuvenation uses cosmetic injections to treat dark circles, under eye hollows, wrinkles, and eye bags.

In under 20 minutes, you can experience a refreshed and rested look. No downtime needed.


Treatment takes 10-20 mins. No downtime.

Minimal discomfort. Numbing available.

Result seen immediately, or in 2 weeks depending on modalities used.

To maintain look, revisit every 3-24 months depending on modalities used.


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Average spend is $1650-$2175

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Treatment info

What the treatment can do

Are your eyes showing signs of fatigue and ageing? Others commenting that you look tired, even after a full night’s sleep?

Changes in the bone, fat, and skin around your eyes lead to the development of hollow tear troughs, eye bags, dark circles, and wrinkles. Eye rejuvenation is a safe and effective treatment that can address these common concerns. All without surgery.

Crow’s feet anti-wrinkle injections soften fine lines around the eyes. Dermal fillers restores structure to the eye complex (the temples, cheeks, upper eyelids, and under eyes). This disguises eye bags, and correcting hollow tear troughs. We can also correct lower eyelid bulging, known as a jelly roll.

Trust the experienced professionals at Cosmetic Connection to rejuvenate your eyes with precision and expertise.


Experience the benefits of eye rejuvenation treatment done by experts at Cosmetic Connection:

Eye rejuvenation gives an immediate result, with any fillers being fully reversible. There is no downtime, and the results are long-lasting.


If you’re concerned about the appearance of hollows, dark circle, eye bags and wrinkles, you may be suitable for this treatment.


To ensure your eye rejuvenation goes to plan, follow our preparation guidelines:

  • Remove all makeup immediately before your appointment
  • Avoid consuming alcohol within 24 hours of your appointment
  • Refrain from intense exercise immediately before your appointment


After eye rejuvenation treatments, proper aftercare is crucial for optimal healing and results:

  • Avoid makeup, excessive alcohol and intense exercise until the following day
  • Gently apply a wrapped ice pack to the treated areas to minimise swelling and bruising
  • Refrain from applying pressure to the treated areas for 7 days for filler and 4 hours for anti-wrinkle
  • Mild discomfort and swelling in the treated areas is to be expected
  • Small lumps related to local swelling may occur and will resolve on their own
  • Applying a wrapped ice pack for up to 4 hours to minimise swelling and bruising


Look forward to a rested, refreshed appearance after rejuvenating your eyes. The immediate results will continue to improve over 2-4 weeks.

Your eyes will look less hollow and brighter, and the wrinkles less noticeable. Dark circles and eye bags will reduce. You can also consider additional treatment if you desire a more noticeable rejuvenation.

Enjoy long-lasting results that generally only need maintenance every 12-24 months. Anti-wrinkle injections will need repeating every 3-4 months.

Our team will guide you on the most suitable options to address your concerns. Consider combining your treatment with a cheek augmentation. They work well to achieve a balanced, natural facial rejuvenation.

Before & after

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Before and after an eye rejuvenation using under eye filler and cheek filler.

We gave our patient a refreshed appearance by reducing dark circles and hollows.

Before and after an eye rejuvenation treatment.

We used cheek filler and under eye filler to treat dark circles and hollows for a refreshed appearance.

Before and after a 2 stage eye rejuvenation treatment.

We used cheek fillers, followed by under eye fillers to correct hollowness, and give a refreshed appearance.

Before and after eye rejuvenation treatment to improve under eye hollows and dark circles.

Our patient felt that he looked tired no matter how much sleep he had. Using cheek and under eye filler, we effectively treated his hollowing and dark circles.

Our patient was concerned about the hollowness and dark circles under her eyes.

We performed an eye rejuvenation treatment using under eye fillers to give a fresh and rested appearance.

Before and after eye rejuvenation treatment using cheek filler and crow’s feet anti-wrinkle injections.

This patient wanted a natural improvement in the appearance of his wrinkles around the eyes, especially when smiling.

Before and after an eye rejuvenation treatment using under eye fillers.

Our patient had deep tear troughs and we were able to achieve a significant yet natural improvement.

Before and after eye rejuvenation for this patient who was concerned about his under eye hollowness.

We used a combination of cheek filler and under eye filler to reduce hollowing, and give a refreshed appearance.

Before and after an eye rejuvenation to correct hollows and dark circles.

We used under eye fillers over 2 stages for our patient.

Before and after eye rejuvenation for our patient who was concerned about hollowing above her right eye (left in the image).

We used upper eyelid filler to correct hollowness.

Before and after an eye rejuvenation treatment for deep tear troughs (under eye hollows).

Precisely placed under eye and cheek filler treated her hollows, giving a refreshed appearance.

Before and after an eye rejuvenation treatment to improve tear troughs.

We used under eye and cheek filler to correct our patent’s hollows, giving her a rested look.

Before and after an eye rejuvenation treatment to improve under eye bags and dark circles.

We precisely placed under eye fillers for our patient.

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    Eye rejuvenation perfectly tailored to you.

    From $890 | Make a booking
    *Our consultation fee is $250. It applies to appointments with where no treatment is performed, and will remain on your account as credit for future injectable treatment costs.
    The starting price is the minimum cost for this specific treatment.
    The average price depends on the product type and quantity, the clinician, and paired treatment combinations.
    All treatments performed by Cosmetic Connection come with the option of one complimentary follow-up appointment to review your result.

    Why thousands of people choose Cosmetic Connection

    When it comes to enhancing and rejuvenating your appearance, nothing beats experience.

    Don’t risk your safety and results with inexperienced providers doing aesthetics as a side-gig.

    Trust your cosmetic treatment to be skilfully performed by qualified, award-winning cosmetic doctors at one of the most experienced clinics in the country.

    Our dedication to your service and satisfaction sets us apart time and time again.

    Enjoy the benefit of a tailored treatment package that is aligned with your goals, and more cost-effective.

    Don’t risk your results with clinics that use cheap, inferior products and risky, outdated techniques.

    We are at the forefront of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, and make no compromises on the quality of your treatment.

    Over a decade of experience has gone into perfecting our approach to cosmetic treatments, and this is reflected in our ability to achieve amazing results time and time again.

    Just check out our before and after photos.

    Your satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

    Our treatments come with a range of guarantees because we are confident in our ability to deliver.

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    We believe that you deserve to be informed about all aspects of your treatment. Use our information hub to dive deeper into the vital treatment details you need to know.

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    We want to answer any questions you may have.

    If you can’t find the answers to your questions, get in touch with the clinic and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

    Cosmetic Connection is a dedicated eye rejuvenation clinic in Melbourne and Sydney. Our clinic excels in providing a first-class service, and our cosmetic doctors are some of the most experienced in the country.

    We offer a purely bespoke approach to eye rejuvenation injections in Sydney and Melbourne, and will work with you to understand your concerns and develop a bespoke treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goals.

    If you want a tailored eye rejuvenation treatment in Sydney and Melbourne, choose the cosmetic doctors at Cosmetic Connection.

    Eye rejuvenation treatments use cosmetic injectables to improve the appearance of the areas around your eyes.

    It’s a great option for people concerned about crow’s feet wrinkles, hollow upper eyelids and lower eyelids, dark circles and lower eye bags.

    Eye rejuvenation treatments give a refreshed appearance.

    The extent and complexity of your eye rejuvenation determines the cost.

    For the starting and average cost of our eye rejuvenation treatments, review our pricing page.

    Dark circles under the eyes can have a number of causes. These include:

    • Volume loss or deficiency of the under eye and cheek, due to weight loss, ageing or genetics
    • Thin skin, allowing the underlying muscles and blood vessels to be seen
    • Shadowing from your brow, often seen with hollow or deep-set eyes
    • Skin pigmentation

    Eye bags are often due to fat protrusion from your eye socket. Some people are more prone to eye bags, and develop them with age.

    With age, the structures that hold the fat in position weaken. This results in fat protrusion, giving a bag.

    Upper eyelid hooding is due to excess skin on your upper eyelids. This worsens with age.

    While best treated with an eyelid lift or brow lift surgery, non-surgical treatment can improve the appearance of upper eyelid hooding.

    The best treatment for dark under eye circles depends on the cause.

    Pigmentation can be treated with certain creams and skin treatments.

    Thin skin can be improved with treatments that promote collagen production.

    Hollowness can be treated with under eye filler.

    We can treat eye bags without surgery using under eye filler. This blends the bags in with the surrounding skin, disguising them.

    There is some evidence to suggest the injections of PRP for dark circles under the eyes works. However it is best used in conjunction with other treatments.

    After cleaning and marking your skin, we use tiny needles or blunt-tipped cannulae to place a combination of anti-wrinkle and dermal filler.

    Once injected, we mould areas treated with dermal filler to ensure a smooth result.

    When done with care eye rejuvenation injections have minimal discomfort.

    At Cosmetic Connection, we prioritise your comfort. We only use premium products mixed with local anaesthetic for our treatments. We also have a range of strong numbing options.

    An eye rejuvenation treatment takes 10-20 minutes.

    You’ll see the result from your eye rejuvenation treatment immediately with dermal filler, and in 2 weeks with anti-wrinkle injections.

    The result from eye rejuvenation treatment will generally last 3-4 months for anti-wrinkle injections, and 12-24 months for dermal filler.

    Having regular maintenance treatments can increase the longevity of your result.

    Prepare for your eye rejuvenation with these steps:

    • Cease all supplements 1 week before your treatment (unless taking for medical reasons)
    • Avoid excessive alcohol for 24 hours before your treatment
    • Attend your appointment without makeup

    After your eye rejuvenation treatment, you may notice slight redness, as well as some mild swelling and tenderness. These settle in 1-2 days.

    Your eyes will look fresher and brighter. Crow’s feet lines will soften over 1-2 weeks if you’ve had anti-wrinkle injections.

    Follow the treatment aftercare to optimise healing, and improve your result.

    You can do low-impact exercise immediately after your eye rejuvenation treatment.

    Wait for 24 hours before intense exercise.

    When performed correctly, an eye rejuvenation treatment is low risk.

    At Cosmetic Connection, we prioritise your safety, using only premium products, and evidence-based techniques.

    Common side effects from an eye rejuvenation treatment  include redness, tenderness and swelling. Bruising can also occur.

    There are other rare risks of an eye rejuvenation treatment such as infection and skin injury.

    The following groups are not suitable for an eye rejuvenation treatment:

    • Aged under 18
    • Those who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding
    • People with significant skin sagging, vey thin skin or severe bags around their eyes
    • People with unrealistic expectations about what can be achieved

    Don't risk your results. Discover the vital info most clinics WON'T tell you about eye rejuvenation treatments.

      Your appointment

      Your session will commence with a comprehensive consultation with one of our experienced medical professionals.

      We will take the time to understand your concerns and goals, and assess your suitability for our treatments.

      You will learn about the different treatment options available to you, and have ample opportunity to ask any questions.

      We will ensure that you completely understand the discussion, and design a personalised treatment plan for you.

      Your comfort is our priority. We understand that pain is one of the biggest concerns people have about their cosmetic procedure.

      Using the highest quality equipment, premium products that contain local anaesthetic, and an extremely gentle technique, our treatments are some of the most comfortable available.

      As a doctor-led clinic, we also have access to a range of high-strength numbing options. These include specially formulated numbing cream, ice, numbing injections and distraction devices.

      The procedure will be performed professionally, with a high attention to detail and the utmost care and caution. Our doctors prioritise three things when it comes to your treatment: your safety, your result, and your comfort.

      With emergency equipment on-site and long appointment times, we guarantee your safety is our priority, and that your treatments are never rushed.

      Following the treatment, we will advise you on how to care for the treated area to ensure a smooth and swift recovery. You will also receive an email with detailed aftercare instructions.

      All treatments performed at Cosmetic Connection come with the option of a complimentary follow-up appointment, and are backed by our satisfaction guarantees.

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