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Dermal fillers

Instantly enhance your facial features and treat signs of ageing with dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are a fast and effective treatment designed to contour, lift, and improve symmetry. They give a refreshed appearance and reduce hollowness by adding structure and volume to your face, neck and body.


Treatment takes 10-30 mins. No downtime.

Minimal discomfort. Numbing available.

Result is immediate. Reversible if required.

To maintain look, revisit every 12-24 months.


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Treatment info

What the treatment can do

Dissatisfied with how you look or noticing signs of facial ageing? Dermal fillers provide a convenient solution to instantly enhance and rejuvenate your appearance.

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments worldwide. They soften wrinkles & folds, treat hollowness, reduce sagging, and augment facial features. They can also enhance and rejuvenate your body. Treatment with dermal filler is quick, safe, and effective, and results are long-lasting.

At Cosmetic Connection our medical professionals are experts in personalised dermal fillers. We cater to people of all ages and genders, and deliver natural yet noticeable results. If you’re ready to invest in a refreshed, renewed appearance, book in for dermal fillers with us now. Your safety and satisfaction are our highest priority.


Experience this safe, effective, and no downtime treatment done in under 20 minutes. Not only are dermal fillers convenient, they’re versatile, highly precise, and fully reversible.

Its all about the benefits of dermal fillers. Enhance the shape of your nose. Sculpt perfectly sized and symmetrical lips. Achieve a balanced and defined chin, a sculpted jawline, and contoured cheeks. Lift your eyebrows, and rejuvenate above eye and under-eye hollows. Contour your forehead and diminish deep wrinkles and folds. There are so many ways dermal filler can enhance your appearance, and rejuvenate signs of ageing.

Trust the skilled medical professionals at Cosmetic Connection to deliver natural, long-lasting results. Using evidence-based techniques and premium quality products, we are experts when it comes to dermal fillers. Your safety, satisfaction, and result are our only concerns.


If you’re bothered by visible signs of ageing like hollowness and sagging, or there’s just something about your appearance you’re not a fan of, then dermal fillers are worth considering. Most concerns people have about their appearance can be improved using dermal fillers. The first step is to book in for a consultation to discuss your concerns with our team of medically trained Doctors and Registered Nurses.


To ensure your dermal fillers go to plan, follow our preparation guidelines:

  • Remove all makeup before your appointment
  • If applicable, shave or closely trim the treatment area the day before
  • Avoid excessive alcohol within 24 hours of your appointment
  • Refrain from intense exercise immediately before your appointment


After you dermal filler treatment, proper aftercare is crucial for optimal healing and results:

  • Until the following day avoid makeup, excessive alcohol, and intense exercise
  • Gently apply a wrapped ice pack to the treated areas to minimise swelling
  • Do not apply pressure to the treated areas for 7 days
  • Mild discomfort and swelling can occur, and will subside quickly
  • You may notice small lumps due to local swelling which will naturally resolve over a few weeks


Experience an immediate result after having dermal fillers. You’ll look rejuvenated, and your facial features will be more defined and enhanced. As the dermal filler settles, your result will continue to improve over 2-4 weeks.

For those new to dermal fillers, you may need to build up your result over a few sessions to achieve your desired look. Maintenance treatment are then usually scheduled every 1-2 years, and help prolong the longevity of your result. This means you get better value over time, and can enjoy your result for longer.

Complement your dermal filler with treatments such as anti-wrinkle and collagen stimulating injections. These powerful treatments work harmoniously to rejuvenate your appearance in a balanced way.

Forehead filler

Contour your forehead and treat hollowness with forehead fillers. Forehead fillers are an effective way to enhance and rejuvenate your appearance with natural results.

Dermal filler improves your upper face, balances your side profile, reduces deep wrinkles, and lifts your brows.

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Temple filler

Treat hollow temples and support sagging skin with temple dermal fillers. This versatile and effective treatment restores volume in the temple area to provide structure and support to your facial tissues. Temple fillers treat hollowing caused by weight loss, ageing and genetics.

Temple fillers give a lifted and refreshed appearance, balance upper face proportions, and add support to the eyebrow and under eye area.

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Brow filler

Lift and reshape your brows using filler injections. Using dermal filler to support the brow complex, this treatment both augments, and rejuvenates your brows.

Brow filler can contour your upper face, rejuvenate your eyes, lift your brows, and masculinise or feminise your face.

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Upper eyelid filler

Treat your hollow upper eyes and A-frame deformity with upper eyelid fillers. Using dermal fillers, we can immediately reduce the hollows above your upper eyelid, rejuvenating your eyes and giving a refreshed appearance.

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Nose filler

Reshape your nose without surgery using nose filler. This safe and effective treatment uses dermal filler to instantly improve the appearance of your nose.

Nose filler can masculinise, femininise, enhance your side profile, and improve facial proportions. It is the key component of our non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure.

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Under eye filler

Look more rested and less tired with under eye filler. We use dermal fillers to reduce hollows, eye bags, and dark circles. It also improves deep tear troughs and refreshes your eyes. Under eye filler is an effective facial rejuvenation treatment. It’s popular for its convenience, and its natural-looking results.

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Nose tip lift filler

Slim, refine, and lift your nose tip with our nose tip lift filler.

We use dermal filler to immediately reshape your nose tip without surgery. Combined with nose filler and nose tip anti-wrinkle injections, you can achieve your dream nose with our non-surgical rhinoplasty.

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Cheek filler

Define, contour, and shape your cheeks with cheek dermal fillers. Performed by experienced medical professionals, this effective treatment augments your cheeks, and enhances your appearance. It also restores cheek hollowness caused by ageing and weight loss.

Cheek fillers can masculinise or feminise, support your under eyes, slim your face, and even enhance your smile.

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Nasolabial fold filler

Smooth ageing smile lines with nasolabial fold filler. Nasolabial folds are the grooves that form with age running from your nose to mouth corners, and are due to sagging skin and volume loss. We use dermal fillers to soften nasolabial folds, with results that look natural. This improves sagging skin, and gives you a softer smile.

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Marionette fold filler

Lift and smooth sagging mouth corners with marionette fold fillers.
Marionette folds are the grooves that extend downwards from your mouth corners the jawline. We use dermal fillers to soften your marionette folds by supporting the skin, for a quick and simple refresh. It reduces visible sagging skin, supports downturned mouth corners, and soften shadows.

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Wrinkle filler

Smooth deep lines and folds with wrinkle filler. We use dermal filler injections to fill in deep creases, and support and hydrate your skin for a refreshed appearance. Its a versatile treatment that can treat almost all wrinkles on your face, neck, and body.

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Lip filler

Plump, project, hydrate and define your lips with lip filler injections at Cosmetic Connection.

No more will you need to rely on lacklustre lip plumpers and overdrawing or overlining your lips. Dermal fillers volumise and reshape your lips with long-lasting results. Not only do lip filler injections enhance your lips, they improve your smile and side profile, and balance your facial proportions.

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Jawline filler

Immediately enhance the shape, contour, symmetry and definition of your jawline with jawline dermal fillers. This safe and effective treatment uses dermal filler to add structure along your jawline.

Jawline fillers improve jaw definition, contour sagging jowls, reduce under chin fullness, and reshape your face. It can also masculinise your appearance when preferred.

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Chin filler

Shape, structure, and define your chin with chin dermal fillers. Chin fillers add volume to a small, recessed, or uneven chin. The treatment is versatile, and can masculinise or feminise, reduce under chin fullness, and enhance your side profile. It can also slim and reshape your face, improve your jawline, and treat skin sagging.

Enhance your chin with this quick, safe, and effective non-surgical treatment.

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Earlobe filler

Rejuvenate saggy, wrinkled, and deflated earlobes with our non-surgical earlobe rejuvenation. This safe and effective treatment uses earlobe dermal filler to immediately improve the appearance of ageing earlobes, and those damaged by heavy earrings, trauma, and stretching or gauging.

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Before & after

Sensitive content

Before and after dermal filler injections to the cheeks and cheekbones.

We improved the symmetry, shape, and structure of this patient’s mid face.

Before and after dermal fillers to the cheeks and under eyes for our patient who was concerned about looking constantly tired.

Notice the improvement in the hollows and dark circles under his eyes.

Before and after dermal fillers to soften our patient’s nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

See the improvement in the shadows running from her nose to mouth corners, and mouth corners to jawline.

Before and after dermal filler to the chin and jawline.

We improved the definition of this patient’s lower face, giving a more angular facial structure.

Before and after dermal filler to the nose and nose tip.

We camouflaged her dorsal hump, and lifted her nose tip for a softer, smoother nasal contour.

Before and after dermal fillers to our patient’s temples and cheeks.

We used this combination to address age-related volume loss, soften shadows, and give a naturally refreshed appearance.

Before and after 1 and 2 sessions of lip dermal filler injections.

We enhanced shape, height, and definition using a two stage approach to ensure absolute precision.

Before and after nose dermal filler injections.

We reduced his dorsal hump, and sculpted a straighter nasal contour to enhance his side profile.

Before and after under eye dermal fillers.

By restoring volume, we significantly improved this patient’s hollow tear troughs, giving a refreshed appearance.

Before and after cheekbone dermal fillers.

By adding structure to the cheekbones, we smoothed this patient’s lower crow’s feet by supporting the skin.

Before and after chin dermal filler. Double chin fat injections were also performed.

We used these treatments to improve her lower face definition and balance.

Before and after brow bone dermal fillers.

By enhancing this patient’s brow projection, we were able to masculinise his apperance.

Before and after forehead dermal filler injections.

Sculpting a soft forehead curve gave this patient a more feminine side profile, and softened her forehead wrinkles.

Before and after chin dermal fillers.

Here, we masculinised this patient’s chin by adding width and projection, and squaring the apex points.

Before and after jawline dermal filler injections. Chin dermal fillers were also performed.

Notice the improvement in her jawline definition, chin projection, and side profile balance.

Before and after under eye dermal filler.

By adding volume, we improved this patient’s hollow tear troughs and dark circles. This gives a refreshed appearance.

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    Dermal fillers perfectly tailored to you.

    From $700 | Make a booking
    *Our consultation fee is $200. It applies to appointments with where no treatment is performed, and will remain on your account as credit for future injectable treatment costs.
    The starting price is the minimum cost for this specific treatment.

    The price is determined by treatment variables including the number of treatment areas, product type and quantity, and paired treatment combinations.

    Includes the cheeks, chin, jawline, and hands. The price depends on the product type and quantity, and paired treatment combinations.

    Includes the under eyes and temples. The price depends on the product type and quantity, and paired treatment combinations.

    Includes the forehead, upper eyelids, and brows. The price depends on the product type and quantity, and paired treatment combinations.

    Includes the frown lines. The price depends on the product type and quantity, and paired treatment combinations.

    Get your dermal fillers with full peace of mind. If you decide fillers aren’t for you we will remove them for free within 30 days of your treatment.

    All treatments performed by Cosmetic Connection come with the option of one complimentary follow-up appointment to review your result.

    Why thousands of people choose Cosmetic Connection

    When it comes to enhancing and rejuvenating your appearance, nothing beats experience.

    Don’t risk your safety and results with inexperienced providers doing aesthetics as a side-gig.

    Trust your cosmetic treatment to be skilfully performed by qualified, award-winning cosmetic doctors at one of the most experienced clinics in the country.

    Our dedication to your service and satisfaction sets us apart time and time again.

    Enjoy the benefit of a tailored treatment package that is aligned with your goals, and more cost-effective.

    Don’t risk your results with clinics that use cheap, inferior products and risky, outdated techniques.

    We are at the forefront of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, and make no compromises on the quality of your treatment.

    Over a decade of experience has gone into perfecting our approach to cosmetic treatments, and this is reflected in our ability to achieve amazing results time and time again.

    Just check out our before and after photos.

    Your satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

    Our treatments come with a range of guarantees because we are confident in our ability to deliver.

    Learn about this treatment on our info hub.

    We believe that you deserve to be informed about all aspects of your treatment. Use our information hub to dive deeper into the vital treatment details you need to know.

    Visit the info hub

    We want to answer any questions you may have.

    If you can’t find the answers to your questions, get in touch with the clinic and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

    Cosmetic Connection is a dedicated dermal filler clinic in Melbourne and Sydney. Our clinic excels in providing a first-class service, and our cosmetic doctors have extensive experience.

    We offer a purely bespoke approach to dermal filler injections in Sydney and Melbourne, and will work with you to understand your concerns and develop a bespoke treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goals.

    If you want a tailored dermal filler treatment in Sydney and Melbourne, choose the cosmetic doctors at Cosmetic Connection.

    Dermal fillers are a volumising gel used to restore volume and enhance face and body features. They are made of hyaluronic acid, a structural molecule found naturally in our skin.

    Hyaluronic acid gives our tissue mechanical support, volume, and hydration. It also acts as a signalling molecule between cells.

    We use dermal fillers to improve wrinkles and folds, plump lips, and straighten noses. They also define your cheeks, chin and jawline.

    For facial contouring, most people need 1-2 syringes of dermal filler per area.

    Larger areas of your face generally need more filler. You’ll also need higher volumes of dermal filler if you want a more dramatic result.

    When searching for a facial contour clinic, you should check the qualifications and experience of the staff who will perform your treatment.

    Speak to friends and family if they have been to the clinic, and review their before and after results.

    A consultation is always a great starting point. This will allow you to get a feel for the clinic, and see if they align with your goals and expectations.

    We can use dermal fillers in many areas of your face, neck and body. The most common areas to have fillers include:

    Dermal fillers are often combined with treatments like anti-wrinkle injections. Combination approaches are a great way to rejuvenate your face with natural-looking results.

    You should consider dermal fillers if you want to enhance your appearance, or treat signs of ageing like hollowness, sagging, wrinkles, and skin folds.

    Dermal fillers achieve natural looking results, that last 12-24 months and are fully reversible.

    Anti-wrinkle injections soften fine lines and wrinkles by reducing skin bunching. They work by relaxing facial muscles. Treatments with anti-wrinkle last 3-5 months.

    Dermal fillers are injectable gels that add structure and volume. We use fillers to treat facial hollowing and sagging, define facial contours, and augment facial features. Fillers last 12-24 months on average, and can be reversed.

    Dermal fillers are an injectable gel that adds volume beneath the skin.

    We use precise volumisation to treat signs of ageing like hollowness and sagging, and to reshape, contour and define facial features.

    The cost of dermal filler treatment at Cosmetic Connection depends on the extent and complexity of your treatment.

    We determine the price of your dermal filler with a comprehensive consultation.

    For a guide, you can review information about the starting and average cost of our services on our pricing page.

    You can also submit photos for an assessment, including a ballpark cost.

    Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid. This is a molecule found naturally in your skin that provides structure and hydration, and is involved in cell signalling.

    No, dermal filler is not visible on xrays. We can use ultrasound and an MRI to visualise dermal fillers.

    The best nose dermal filler is thick and cohesive. It should mimic the underlying cartilage and bone that gives your nose its shape.

    These properties allow for precise nose reshaping, and a stable result.

    The ideal lip dermal filler depends on on your natural lip tissue, and treatment goals.

    A soft, hydrating filler is great for people with loose lip tissue, and for those who want to improve hydration.

    For volumisation and definition, we use a moderately thick lip filler that has good stretch and elastic properties. This allows the filler to move naturally with your lips.

    The ideal jawline dermal filler is thick and cohesive. Using such fillers to enhance your jawline allows for a sharp, crisp contour to be sculpted. It also gives a stable result.

    The ideal filler for nasolabial folds has moderate lifting capacity, and good stretch and elastic properties. This allows us to improve your nasolabial folds while preserving a natural-look when you speak and smile.

    To remove permanent fillers, there are 2 options. The first is to puncture the skin and squeeze the filler out. The second is to have surgery to remove the permanent filler. Both should be done only by trained medical professionals.

    If you have permanent dermal fillers and want them removed, it is important to consult with a qualified cosmetic doctor or surgeon for advice.

    Forehead dermal filler is a great option to improve the appearance of forehead dents, whether due to genetics or from injury.

    We use volumising dermal filler to plump the forehead skin, effectively filling in the hollow area.

    Chin dermal filler is a great option to improve a cleft chin.

    Also known as a bum-chin, it is usually due to the shape of the underlying bone. We can inject dermal filler to volumise the cleft, giving your chin a smoother apperance.

    We can dissolve hyaluronic acid dermal fillers using hyaluronidase. Dermal fillers are dissolved if you don’t like the result, change your mind, or have a side effect.

    Collagen stimulating dermal fillers cannot be dissolved.

    It is not recommended to get dermal fillers while pregnant or breastfeeding. The use of dermal fillers in pregnant and breastfeeding people has not been studies, and therefore has not been proven safe for mother or baby.

    You can legally have dermal filler if you are aged under 18. However you must wait at least 7 days after your consultation before having treatment. Here at Cosmetic Connection, we do not treat people under the age of 18.

    Permanent dermal fillers cannot be dissolved. They often require surgery to remove.

    You should have dermal fillers at least 4 weeks before your wedding.

    Importantly, you may need more than one session to achieve the ideal result.

    We recommend starting your dermal filler treatment 3-6 months before your wedding. This allows plenty of time to build up your result.

    Read more about dermal fillers before your wedding on our blog.

    Before injecting dermal fillers, the treatment area will be cleaned and marked. Numbing may also be done for sensitive areas, like your lips.

    Fine needles or a blunt cannula will then be used to carefully place dermal filler beneath your skin.

    After the filler has been injected, it will be moulded smooth. Your skin will then be cleaned again.

    After dermal fillers, it is normal to experience slight redness, tenderness, and swelling. Some people also have slight bruising. You should follow the dermal filler aftercare to ensure optimal healing.

    The amount of dermal filler you need depends on the treatment area, and how much of a result you want to achieve. When determining the volume of filler to use, we assess:

    • Your treatment goals: More pronounced changes require higher volumes of dermal filler.
    • The treatment area: Areas like your jawline need more filler than smaller areas.
    • Tissue quality: Softer, looser facial tissues need larger quantities of dermal filler.
    • How much of a difference is desired

    Here’s a guide on the average amount of dermal filler needed in different areas:

    The actual amount of filler you’ll need may vary from these averages.

    Dermal fillers have very little discomfort when performed correctly.

    We use a number of techniques to reduce discomfort when getting dermal fillers:

    • Our fillers contain local anaesthetic.
    • We have prescription grade numbing gel.
    • Where possible, we use ultra-fine needles or a blunt cannula to place the filler.
    • Our staff are highly experienced in the proper injection of dermal fillers, which significantly reduces discomfort.

    At Cosmetic Connection, giving you a comfortable treatment experience is our priority.

    Yes, we can mix different types of dermal filler. You can have different types placed in the same area, in the same appointment.

    Yes, we can layer different types of dermal filler.

    Dermal filler layering allows us to take advantage of the specific properties of each type of filler. This is an effective approach for achieving natural-looking results.

    The manufacturers of dermal fillers state that they should last between 6 and 24 months, depending on the specific type of dermal filler.

    New research on dermal filler longevity has shown that they can last significantly longer than previously believed. Most experts now recommend a conservative approach to dermal filler treatments.

    Dermal fillers do not look fake when done correctly.

    The results from dermal fillers are noticeable, yet-natural. While your friends and family may notice that you look refreshed, they often can’t pinpoint why.

    Poorly done dermal fillers can look obviously fake. This is always caused by bad technique and inexperience. Unfortunately, poor regulation and a lack of accredited training have made bad dermal fillers very common. In such cases, we can dissolve dermal filler.

    The doctors at Cosmetic Connection are experts in natural looking dermal fillers.

    Filler migration is a known risk of dermal filler.

    While distant migration is very rare, local migration to nearby areas is becoming more common. This usually occurs at the time of injections, but can also result from over filling.

    To avoid filler migration, we ensure that we use the right filler in the right quantity for the job. This, plus a conservative approach is the key to avoiding migration.

    If you have filler migration, we can dissolve it using hyaluronidase.

    Learn more about dermal filler migration on our blog.

    Dermal fillers give an immediate result.

    However, we generally recommend waiting a few weeks for your treatment to settle before assessing the final result.

    Dermal filler takes 2-4 weeks to settle.

    During this time, dermal filler undergoes integration; a process where it blends with the tissue beneath your skin.

    If you’ve had dermal filler and noticed your result wear off fast, there are three potential explanations:

    • The swollen look: This is how your result looks for the first few days, and is often more pronounced. Once the swelling subsides, you see the drop-off, rather than the improvement compared to your pre-treatment appearance.
    • You need more filler: Sometimes you need more than one session to fully correct the area. It is better to stage your treatments, rather than inject more in your initial treatment, as this minimises the risk of side effects, migration, and overfilling.
    • Filler migration: If care was not taken during your dermal filler treatment, it may have migrated. Some areas are also prone to migration even with a very careful technique.

    If you’ve noticed your dermal fillers wear off faster than expected, you should get in touch with your injector for a follow-up appointment.

    1ml of dermal filler is enough for smaller areas of your face, like your lips, nose, and under eyes.

    Other areas may more filler to see a visible difference.

    After having dermal filler, the treated area may feel slightly firm when you touch it. This is related to local swelling.

    As your skin heals and the filler integrates, it softens, and starts to feel like your normal facial tissue.

    Yes, eventually your body will break down the dermal filler and you will look like your normal self.

    If you have been having dermal filler for some time, remember that dermal filler does not stop the ageing process; it hides it.

    Once your dermal fillers wear off, the underlying ageing process will be revealed.

    Yes, we can reverse hyaluronic acid dermal fillers with hyaluronidase.

    There are 3 reasons why we would consider dissolving your dermal filler:

    1. If you change your mind, or don’t like the result.
    2. If you decide to proceed with surgery instead.
    3. If you have a side effect from the treatment.

    Dermal fillers generally last from 6-24 months. However, there is ew evidence demonstrating the fillers can last for many years.

    The longevity of dermal filler depends on the type and volume injected, the treatment area, and your metabolism. Filler placed in more mobile areas of the face generally breaks down faster.

    There is also evidence that repeated treatments increase dermal filler longevity.

    The degree of cross-linking is the biggest determinant of dermal filler longevity. Cross-linking refers to how entangled the dermal filler molecules are, with thicker fillers being more cross-linked.

    The area injected also affects filler longevity. Fillers don’t last as long in mobile parts of your face like the lips.

    Exercise level has not been proven to affect the longevity of dermal filler.

    There are a few steps to take before getting dermal fillers to ensure your treatment goes well:

    • Cease all anti-inflammatories and supplements 1 week before your treatment (unless you have been advised to take these by a medical practitioner).
    • Avoid excessive alcohol within 24 hours of your treatment.
    • Attend your appointment without makeup.
    • Closely shave the planned treatment area if applicable the day before your procedure.

    After having dermal fillers, following the treatment aftercare will help the healing process. While you can resume most activity straight away, you should adhere to the following:

    • Gently apply a wrapped ice pack to the treated area to reduce swelling.
    • Do not massage the treated area unless advised to do so by your treating doctor.
    • Avoid major dental treatment for 2 weeks (clarify with your dentist regarding suitability is you are unsure).
    • Avoid strenuous exercise and excessive alcohol for 24 hours.

    The dermal filler can take over 4 weeks to fully settle.

    After having dermal fillers expect some slight redness and swelling. As any numbing wears off, the treated area may be mildly tender. Bruising can occur, but you can reduce this by applying a cold pack. These treatment related effects resolve in 2-4 days.

    You’ll notice an immediate result, however any local swelling can accentuate this. The fillers may also initially feel slightly firm as well. It is important to allow 2-4 weeks for the filler to settle and soften, at which time you can assess the final result.

    You can apply makeup the day after your dermal filler treatment. This is to allow time for the injection sites to heal over, and so that you can monitor your skin for any signs of a side effect.

    You can wash your face immediately after having dermal filler. Be very gentle for 7 days when washing your face, to avoid moving the fresh dermal filler.

    We advise that you avoid vaping after dermal fillers. Vaping will delay the healing process, and increase your risk of infection.

    Read more about vaping after dermal fillers on our blog.

    We advise that you avoid smoking after dermal fillers. Smoking will delay the healing process, and increase your risk of infection.

    Read more about smoking after dermal fillers on our blog.

    We recommend that you avoid long-haul flights for 7 days, and short flights for 24 hours after dermal filler injections. This is to ensure that in the very rare event of a complication, you can be treated in a timely manner.

    Read more about flying about dermal fillers on our blog.

    You can exercise immediately after dermal filler. Avoid exercising too strenuously for 24 hours as this can increase swelling.

    Bruising can occur after dermal filler injections. Certain areas like lips and under eyes are more prone to bruises than others.

    To minimise bruising, we use advanced injection techniques, and use a cannula where possible.

    You can apply a wrapped ice pack after your treatment to further minimise bruising.

    If you do bruise, you can cover it with makeup that day after your treatment.

    Swelling after dermal filler usually resolves in 2-3 days. You can reduce swelling by carefully following the dermal filler aftercare instructions.

    Yes, drinking water can help to get a more pronounced result from dermal filler.

    Dermal filler attracts water to the treated area. By staying hydrated, the filler will be able to volumise the treated area more effectively.

    It is normal for your dermal filler to feel firm and hard for a few days after your treatment.

    Dermal fillers soften gradually over 1-2 weeks.

    Most bruising occurs at the time of dermal filler injections, but it can worsen after your appointment.

    Applying a cold pack after your appointment can keep bruising to a minimum.

    You should avoid applying firm pressure to the treated area for 7 days after having dermal fillers. You are able to touch the area before this, but you should be gentle.

    Yes, dermal filler can move after it has been injected. A common cause of filler moving is the actual injection process. Injecting too much filler too quickly can cause it to spread further than planned.

    Over time, facial movement and over-filling certain areas of the face like the lips can cause gradual movement of the filler. This is known as filler migration.

    Dermal filler does not move in your sleep.

    You should be careful to avoid sleeping on your face for 7 days after fillers. This can compress them, causing a loss of your visible result.

    Yes, you can apply makeup one day after dermal fillers.

    Applying makeup too early can increase infection risk, tattoo your skin, and make it hard to notice signs of a side effect.

    Dermal fillers give an immediate result, but can take around 7 days to settle in position. During this time, the fillers are malleable.

    Avoid applying pressure to the fillers before they settle, as they can be moved and reshaped.

    You should not drink alcohol for 24 hours after dermal fillers. Alcohol can worsen swelling and bruising. It also impairs your judgement, meaning you are less likely to follow the treatment aftercare.

    After facial dermal fillers, you should avoid a facial massage for at least 7 days.

    After 1 week you can have a facial massage, but care should be taken to avoid applying firm pressure to the fillers.

    You can continue taking most vitamins and supplements before dermal filler injections. Some supplements like fish oil increase the risk of bruising.

    Ideally, you should stop your supplements a few days before your treatment. However, do not stop them if you are taking them for medical reasons.

    Ideally you should wait at least a week after having dermal fillers before getting a face massage.

    Facial massage can worsen swelling and cause the fillers to move if done too soon after your treatment.

    You should avoid using gua sha for at least 7 seven days after having dermal fillers.

    Using gua sha too soon after dermal filler injections can make your swelling worse, and cause the fillers to move compromising your result.

    The main side effects of dermal fillers are mild swelling and tenderness, which resolve over a few days.

    Rare risks include nodules, skin injury, and infection. These will be discussed with you during your consultation.

    Dermal fillers are a safe treatment performed millions of times every year around the world.

    Some side effects of dermal filler treatment include:

    • Swelling and bruising
    • Asymmetry due to swelling, that usually resolves on its own over 2-3 weeks
    • Small lumps and bumps that almost always resolve on their own over a few weeks

    There are very rare complications of dermal filler injections that it is important to be aware of. These include:

    • Allergic reactions
    • Skin injury
    • Infections

    Fortunately, dermal fillers can be immediately dissolved with hyaluronidase, increasing their safety.

    There is no evidence that dermal fillers age you.

    Dermal filler has the opposite effect. By supporting and hydrating your skin, it improves the quality of your facial tissues.

    There is some evidence that dermal fillers also stimulate new collagen fibres.

    Dermal fillers have not been tested in pregnant or breastfeeding women.

    Accordingly, they are not considered safe to have when pregnant or breastfeeding.

    When performed by an experienced doctor, using dermal filler around the eyes is very low risk.

    At Cosmetic Connection, our medical professionals have extensive training and experience in the use of dermal filler for eye rejuvenation.

    Dermal fillers can be removed using injections of hyaluronidase. Some reasons people want to remove their fillers include:

    • In preparation of upcoming surgery previously treated dermal fillers.
    • If their aesthetic preferences change.
    • In the rare event of a complication.
    • When they don’t like the result (very rare when done with skill and care).
    • Due to overfilling (rare when done  conservatively).

    Dermal filler lumps almost always resolve on their own after a few weeks. They are usually due to localised swelling.

    As the filler settles and integrates, and the swelling subsides, any lumps should resolve.

    If you notice persistent lumps, they can be treated with dermal filler dissolver.

    There are permanent fillers approved for use in Australia. These are low-risk products; however, they do have risks. We do not currently offer permanent fillers at our clinic.

    The risks of permanent dermal fillers are the same as regular fillers, however they are more significant because permanent fillers cannot be dissolved.

    The risks of permanent dermal filler treatment include:

    1. Vascular occlusion: where permanent filler has been injected into a blood vessel, blocking blood flow to the skin. This can result in injury and scarring of the skin.
    2. Infection of the filler and surrounding facial tissue.
    3. Granuloma: a delayed inflammatory reaction to the filler.

    There are no specific precautions to take before dermal filler in regards to allergies.

    Most dermal fillers contain lidocaine. If you have an allergy to amide anaesthetics, then we would need to use a filler that does not contain anaesthetic.

    Dermal fillers don’t age your skin.

    By supporting and hydrating your skin, they have a rejuvenating effect.

    There are If you notice that your skin looks blue after dermal filler injections there are 3 possible explanations.

    1. Bruising: This is usually seen straight after your fillers, alongside swelling and tenderness.
    2. Tyndall effect: Occurs when dermal filler is placed to shallow.
    3. Vascular occlusion: This very rare side effect occurs in the first few days after dermal fillers. It can result in permanent skin injury, and we must treat it quickly with filler dissolving.

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