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Anti-wrinkle injections

Effortlessly smooth fine lines and wrinkles with anti-wrinkle injections. This fast, non-invasive and cost-effective treatment gives a refreshed appearance, with results that look natural and age-appropriate.

This powerful wrinkle relaxing treatment also pauses the ageing process by slowing the development of deeper, more permanent wrinkles.


Treatment takes 5-10 mins. No downtime.

Minimal discomfort. Numbing available.

Result within 1-2 weeks.

To maintain look, revisit every 3-4 months.


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Average spend is $650-$850

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Treatment info

What the treatment can do

Bothered by fine lines and wrinkles? Looking tired and worn out? If you’ve tried everything for your wrinkles with disappointing results, anti-wrinkle injections are a solution that truly delivers. At Cosmetic Connection, our team of qualified medical professionals are experts in bespoke anti-wrinkle injections.

With age and repetitive facial movements that bunch your skin, fine lines develop. These wrinkles reflect the ageing process, and make you look older, tired, and worn out.

Anti-wrinkle injections relax facial muscles to prevent skin bunching. By softening fine lines with anti-wrinkle injections, you can look refreshed and prevent wrinkles. They are a safe, effective, and convenient treatment popular with men and women of all ages.

If you’re ready to invest in a treatment for wrinkles that works, book in for personalised anti-wrinkle injections at Cosmetic Connection. Your safety, satisfaction, and result are our top priorities.


Look refreshed and enjoy smoother skin with our anti-wrinkle injections. It’s all about the many benefits of anti-wrinkle injections.

Effortlessly reduce wrinkles in just days, enhance your complexion, and lift your facial features for a refreshed appearance. Say goodbye to makeup creasing, and enjoy smoother, younger looking skin. As your result is temporary, it allows us to adjust your treatment as you age, and align with your changing preferences.

Committing to regular anti-wrinkle injections give you longer-lasting results and prevents deeper wrinkles developing. Trust the experts at Cosmetic Connection when it comes to your anti-wrinkle treatment.


If you’re concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, and want to soften and prevent them for a radiant glow, then anti-wrinkle injections are something you must consider.

They work best for dynamic wrinkles across your forehead and brow, and around your eyes.


To ensure your anti-wrinkle treatment goes to plan, follow these preparation guidelines:

  • Remove all makeup before you arrive at our clinic
  • Avoid excessive alcohol within 24 hours of anti-wrinkle injections
  • Refrain from intense exercise immediately before your treatment


After your anti-wrinkle injections, proper aftercare is crucial for optimal healing and results:

  • You may experience a slight headache for a few days
  • Avoid makeup, excessive alcohol and intense exercise until the following day
  • Refrain from applying pressure to the treated areas for 4 hours
  • To minimise swelling, gently apply a wrapped cold pack to the injection sites intermittently


Experience the result from your anti-wrinkle injections in just 1-2 weeks. You can look forward to smooth skin, an improved complexion, and a refreshed appearance. Our deep understanding of anti-wrinkle treatment enables us to deliver natural, age-appropriate results.

You’ll look refreshed and radiant, and you won’t appear frozen or expressionless. You’ll see an improvement in your wrinkles, and you’ll still be able to move your eyebrows.

Your result gradually fades over 3-4 months, with the longevity dependent on the number of units used. To stay ahead in the wrinkle game and get long lasting results, we recommend regular maintenance 3-4 times per year.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at anti-wrinkle injections either. For those stubborn, deeper wrinkles, consider combining anti-wrinkle injections with wrinkle dermal filler. If you’re unsure what treatment you need, we will guide you on the best solution for your wrinkles.

Forehead anti-wrinkle injections

Smooth fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead with anti-wrinkle injections. This safe and effective treatment softens existing lines, and stops you developing new ones. It relaxes your forehead muscles to prevent skin bunching which reduces horizontal forehead wrinkles.

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Brow anti-wrinkle injections

Lift your eyebrows and wind back the clock on sagging with brow anti-wrinkle injections. This safe and effective treatment relaxes the muscles around your eyes to create a lifting effect, giving a refreshed appearance.

The treatment can be used for a brow lift, to rejuvenate your eyes, and improve sagging. It’s quick, almost painless, and has no downtime.

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Frown line anti-wrinkle injections

Treat the lines and wrinkles between your brows with frown line anti-wrinkle injections. Often associated with focus or anger, frown lines are a common sign of ageing. Using anti-wrinkle injections, we can smooth horizontal and vertical frown lines for a refreshed appearance.

The treatment even refreshes your eyes and lift the inner eyebrows, for a natural-looking facial rejuvenation.

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Bunny lines anti-wrinkle injections

Smooth the wrinkles and creases on your nose with bunny line anti-wrinkle injections. Known as bunny lines, these wrinkles develop when you scrunch your nose, usually when laughing or frowning. They are a common, and often under-treated sign of ageing. Treating bunny lines with anti-wrinkle injections is an effective way to improve and prevent them. It gives you a refreshed appearance, and a softer smile.

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Crow’s feet anti-wrinkle injections

Soften fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes with crow’s feet anti-wrinkle injections. These stubborn wrinkles etch into the skin with repeated expressions like smiling and squinting. They give an aged appearance, and make you look tired.

Treating your crow’s feet with anti-wrinkle injections is a fast and effective solution to smooth wrinkles, and look refreshed and rested.

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Nose tip anti-wrinkle injections

Stop your nose tip drooping when you smile and laugh with nose tip anti-wrinkle injections.

This quick and safe treatment uses muscle-relaxing injections to weaken the muscle that pulls your nose tip down. The result is a more lifted nose tip when you smile and laugh. It complements the results from filler in our non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment.

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Jawline slimming injections

Slim your lower face and jawline with jawline slimming injections. This safe and effective treatment reduces the size of enlarged jaw muscles. Its a great option for people with a square lower face, those who want a slimmer, heart-shaped face, and for people who want to look more feminine.

Jawline slimming injections can also alleviate teeth grinding, jaw clenching, TMJ pain, and headaches.

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Neck platysma band injections

Smooth vertical neck bands and reclaim a more youthful neck silhouette with neck platysma band injections. Neck bands form with age as the platysma muscle of your neck becomes hyperactive. We use the muscle-relaxing property of anti-wrinkle injections to treat the platysma muscle, and effectively improve your neck bands.

This treatment is a great option to reduce sagging neck skin, restore jawline definition, and rejuvenate your neck contours.

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Chin dimpling injections

Smooth pebbled chin skin and put a stop to chin-ulite with chin dimpling injections. This effective treatment uses anti-wrinkle injections to relax your mentalis chin muscle. By treating your cobblestone chin, it rejuvenates your appearance, and gives your chin a softer contour.

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Downturned mouth injections

Lift your mouth corners with downturned mouth injections. We use the muscle-relaxing property of anti-wrinkle injections to relax the depressor anguli oris muscles around your mouth corners. This lifts the corners of your mouth, helping you look less saggy, more approachable, and giving you a more attractive smile.


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Lip flip

Add lip height and prevent your top lip thinning when you smile with a lip flip.
Simple and safe, this treatment is a great option if you want a subtle lip augmentation, or to complement your lip filler. It’s also great for first timers, who aren’t quite ready for a more comprehensive lip enhancement.
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Gummy smile injections

Laugh and smile comfortably with gummy smile injections. This safe, effective and no downtime treatment relaxes the muscles that lift your top lip. This reduces gum show when you smile and laugh.

Gummy smile injections use the muscle-relaxing property of anti-wrinkle injections. Treating your gummy smile is a great way to achieve a more attractive smile.

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Lip lines anti-wrinkle injections

Smooth the wrinkles around your mouth with lip lines anti-wrinkle injections. With age vertical wrinkles form across your upper lip. Initially only visible when pursing your lips, over time they become etched into the skin.

We use anti-wrinkle injections to relax the muscle responsible for bunching of the upper lip skin. This softens your vertical lip lines, and prevents deeper wrinkles from developing.

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Before & after

Sensitive content

Before and after anti-wrinkle injections to soften crow’s feet lines around the eyes.

This treatment is very popular with men wanting to look refreshed.

Before and after anti-wrinkle injections to treat forehead lines.

This is one of the most effective treatments available for wrinkles, and works best when combined with good skin care and skin boosters.

Results from frown line treatment with anti-wrinkle injections.

We used this to reduce resting frown line tension, give a refreshed appearance, and soften & prevent wrinkles.

Before and after treatment for crow’s feet wrinkles.

Notice the significant improvement in the lines around her eyes, giving her a refreshed, youthful smile.

Before and after crow’s feet anti-wrinkle injections for a brighter, refreshed smile.

Before and after treating wrinkles around the eyes with anti-wrinkle injections.

Known as crow’s feet, these lines cause a tired aged look.

As you can see, softening them brightens your eyes when smiling.

Before and after frown line anti-wrinkle injections.

This treatment softens existing lines, and stops them getting worse.

Before and after crow’s feet anti-wrinkle injections to soften lines around our patient’s eyes.

We opted for a conservative approach for his first time. Notice the improvement in his wrinkles, and reduced upper eyelid hooding when smiling.

Results from anti-wrinkle injections for forehead lines.

Before and after anti-wrinkle injections to soften our patient’s frown lines.

Before and after frown line anti-wrinkle injections.

Notice the improvement in our patient’s resting tension and vertical wrinkles between his brows.

Not only does this improve wrinkles, it prevents them becoming deeper.

Results from crow’s feet anti-wrinkle injections. These wrinkles around your eyes are one of the first signs of ageing.

Treating them gives a naturally refreshed appearance.

Before and 2 weeks after anti-wrinkle injections to soften crow’s feet lines around the eyes.

Before after anti-wrinkle injections to smooth frown lines.

Before and 2 weeks after forehead anti-wrinkle injections to treat dynamic horizontal wrinkles.

Before and after anti-wrinkle injections for crow’s feet lines around the eyes.

Before and after anti-wrinkle injections for our patient’s crow’s feet, frown line, and neck bands.

This combination is a great way to achieve a brighter smile and a refreshed look.

Results from anti-wrinkle injections to reduce frown lines.

Before and 2 weeks after forehead anti-wrinkle injections for Cosmechix host Katelin Gregg.

Before and 1 week after anti-wrinkle injections for forehead lines.

The result will continue to improve for another week, as it takes 2 weeks to see the full effect.

Before and 2 weeks after crow’s feet anti-wrinkle injections.

Our goal was to improve crow’s feet wrinkles around the eyes, and give a brighter smile.

Before after anti-wrinkle injections to smooth forehead lines.

Notice the significant improvement in this patient’s static horizontal forehead lines.

Before and 2 weeks after crow’s feet anti-wrinkle injections.

We were able to smooth the wrinkles around her eyes, and lift her brows.

Before and 2 weeks after anti-wrinkle injections to reduce frown lines.

This treatment also eases resting frown line tension.

Before and 2 weeks after forehead anti-wrinkle injections to smooth wrinkles and prevent makeup creasing.

Before and 2 weeks after crow’s feet anti-wrinkle injections.

Before and 2 weeks after anti-wrinkle injections targeting the vertical frown lines for Katelin Gregg from the Cosmechix podcast.

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    Anti-wrinkle injections perfectly tailored to you.

    From $200 | Make a booking
    *Our consultation fee is $250. It applies to appointments with where no treatment is performed, and will remain on your account as credit for future injectable treatment costs.
    The starting price is the minimum cost for this specific treatment.
    The average price depends on the product type and quantity, the clinician, and paired treatment combinations.

    *If you are treated with the recommended dosage and have any issues post treatment, we will remedy this at no charge.

    All treatments performed by Cosmetic Connection come with the option of one complimentary follow-up appointment to review your result.

    Why thousands of people choose Cosmetic Connection

    When it comes to enhancing and rejuvenating your appearance, nothing beats experience.

    Don’t risk your safety and results with inexperienced providers doing aesthetics as a side-gig.

    Trust your cosmetic treatment to be skilfully performed by qualified, award-winning cosmetic doctors at one of the most experienced clinics in the country.

    Our dedication to your service and satisfaction sets us apart time and time again.

    Enjoy the benefit of a tailored treatment package that is aligned with your goals, and more cost-effective.

    Don’t risk your results with clinics that use cheap, inferior products and risky, outdated techniques.

    We are at the forefront of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, and make no compromises on the quality of your treatment.

    Over a decade of experience has gone into perfecting our approach to cosmetic treatments, and this is reflected in our ability to achieve amazing results time and time again.

    Just check out our before and after photos.

    Your satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

    Our treatments come with a range of guarantees because we are confident in our ability to deliver.

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    Cosmetic Connection is a dedicated anti-wrinkle injection clinic with locations in Melbourne and Sydney. Our clinic excels in providing a first-class service, and our cosmetic doctors are some of the most experienced in the country.

    We offer a purely bespoke approach to anti-wrinkle injections in Sydney and Melbourne, and will work with you to understand your concerns and develop a bespoke treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goals.

    If you want tailored anti-wrinkle injections in Sydney and Melbourne, choose the cosmetic doctors at Cosmetic Connection.

    Anti-wrinkle injections use a commercially prepared toxin from Clostridium Botulinum to temporarily block nerve signals to injected facial muscles.

    Also known as anti-wrinkle treatment, it causes a controlled relaxation of the facial muscles reducing skin bunching. This improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and slows their progression.

    Clostridium Botulinum is a bacteria that is famous for producing botulinum toxin. Commercially available anti-wrinkle injections are based on this compound.

    We develop wrinkles with age as our skin becomes thinner and weaker.

    Repetitive skin bunching that occurs with normal facial movement creases the skin. As the skin loses collagen and elastic, these creases become permanent.

    Common areas that we develop wrinkles are:

    • Horizontal forehead lines: caused by skin bunching when raising your eyebrows. Due to activity of the frontalis muscle.
    • Frown lines (between your eyebrows): results from skin bunching when scowling or squinting. Due to activity of the procerus, corrugator supercilii and depressor supercilii muscles.
    • Crow’s feet: the wrinkles that extend away from the outer corner of your eyes. Seen when smiling and squinting. Due to obicularis oculi muscle activity.

    If you’re bothered by the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, lips, and forehead, then anti-wrinkle injections are for you.

    They are a safe and effective treatment that is proven to soften fine lines, and give a refreshed appearance.

    Absolutely! More men are turning to anti-wrinkle injections as they learn about the many benefits.

    Anti-wrinkle injections give a naturally refreshed appearance. You’ll look rested, and your wrinkles softened, without looking frozen or expressionless.

    The most common areas men get anti-wrinkle treatment are the frown line (between the eyebrows), and the crow’s feet (around the outer eyes).

    Anti-wrinkle injections selectively relax muscles. This reduces softens wrinkles by preventing skin bunching, slims bulky muscles, and lifts facial features.

    Dermal filler is an injectable gel that replaces facial fat and bone lost with age or weight loss. Fillers are used to reshape facial features, correct hollowness, and soften deep wrinkles and skin creases.

    No, your wrinkles will not look worse if you stop anti-wrinkle injections. If you decide to stop regular treatments for your wrinkles. they will gradually return to normal.

    As anti-wrinkle injections have preventative benefits, they will have slowed down the development of wrinkles.

    As your skin still undergoes collagen loss and is damaged by the sun regardless of anti-wrinkle treatment, its important to look after it comprehensively.

    Most people get their first anti-wrinkle treatment in their 20’s. The younger you are when starting treatment, the more preventative benefits you get. It is easier to prevent wrinkles forming than to reverse them once developed.

    Some people get anti-wrinkle injections to lift their brows and prevent strong frown and scowl expressions. It also helps to reduce makeup creasing on your forehead and around your eyes.

    Anti-wrinkle injections are also used by people of all ages to alleviate tension-related headaches and migraines.

    Most people undergo anti-wrinkle injections 2-4 times per year.

    You should wait for the effect from your previous treatment to almost wear off before repeating. This usually takes 3-5 months.

    If you stop getting anti-wrinkle injections, your wrinkles will eventually return.

    You will still retain the preventative benefits of having the treatment.

    Anti-wrinkle injections make you look younger and refreshed. They do this by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and opening up your eyes.

    As wrinkles and heavy eyebrows are a common sign of ageing, improving them gives a more youthful look.

    While there are many treatments available claiming to improve wrinkles, anti-wrinkle injections are the most effective.

    Anti-wrinkle injections can significantly improve the appearance of wrinkles in as little as 3-5 days, with results lasting an average of 3-4 months.

    Anti-wrinkle injections are measured in units.

    While all brands of anti-wrinkle are measured this way, units between brands are not interchangeable.

    A unit of a certain anti-wrinkle brand is not the same as a unit of a different anti-wrinkle brand.

    Anti-wrinkle injections can be injected in  areas of high movement around your face to reduce wrinkles. The most common areas treated are around the eyes and mouth.

    We can use anti-wrinkle injections to lift your eyebrows, reduce a gummy smile, increase lip height, lift your mouth corners, smooth chin dimples, and slim your jawline.

    Anti wrinkle treatments have other benefits too. They can treat excessive sweating, slim muscular calves, reduce trapezius muscles, and relieve TMJ pain and jaw clenching.

    There are a number of anti-wrinkle brands available in Australia. By law, we cannot disclose the name of these products.

    Every product works the same way, with the differences in result generally being due to dose and technique, rather than product.

    One anti-wrinkle brand is highly pure, with evidence suggesting that it has the lowest risk of causing immunity. For this reason, we generally recommend this brand, although the others are also reasonable if you have a preference.

    The products used for anti-wrinkle treatments are scheduled medications in Australia. When a cosmetic clinic provides information online, the material is considered advertising, even if the content is purely informational.

    It is against Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) law to name the brands of anti-wrinkle product in advertising. This means we cannot mention brand names.

    As a doctor-led cosmetic clinic, we have access to all brands of anti-wrinkle product. During your consultation, we can discuss the pros and cons of each option, and provide recommendations on which one is suitable for you.

    Sleeping on your side or stomach can cause sleep lines and wrinkles. These lines run vertically or diagonally along your face (usually on your forehead and cheek). They cannot be treated with anti-wrinkle injections because they are not caused by muscle movement.

    If you want to treat sleep lines and wrinkles, we offer sleep line filler. This is an effective way to soften wrinkles caused by sleeping on your face.

    We recommend having a trial of anti-wrinkle treatment 6 months before your wedding.

    As anti-wrinkle treatments are not reversible, this allows enough time for the result to wear off.

    If you are happy with the result, then you should repeat the treatment 3-4 weeks before your wedding.

    Anti-wrinkle product is made of a protein. Enzymes known as proteases gradually break the anti-wrinkle protein down. The by-products are then metabolised by your body.

    There is some evidence that you can become tolerant to anti-wrinkle injections. The theory is that the body produces antibodies to the anti-wrinkle product.

    Antibodies break down the anti-wrinkle product before it takes affect.

    People who are regularly over-treated are more likely to develop immunity.

    One brand of anti-wrinkle product in Australia is highly pure, and is less likely to cause tolerance.

    Yes! Anti-wrinkle treatment can prevent the development of wrinkles. By reducing skin bunching and creasing, your skin is protected from wrinkle formation.

    Legally you can have anti-wrinkle injections if you are aged under 18. However you are required to have at least 7 days between your consultation and treatment.

    We do not treat people under 18 with anti-wrinkle injections here at Cosmetic Connection.

    Anti-wrinkle injections are not recommended during pregnancy. It is classed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as a category B3 medication. This means it should not be used to treat pregnant women.

    Anti-wrinkle injections can slim your square jaw. This works by relaxing and slimming the masseter muscles at the back of your jawline.

    This treatment is called jawline slimming injections.

    Anti-wrinkle injections can improve the appearance of a crooked smile. We treat the smile and lip muscles to balance the forces applied to your smile.

    Anti-wrinkle treatment takes 5-10 minutes. We use very fine needles to precisely place anti-wrinkle product into facial muscles that cause wrinkles.

    After treatment, you may notice small bumps that quickly resolve in 10-15 minutes.

    Your result will start to develop 3-5 days later, peaking in 14 days. The effect then wears off gradually over an average of 3-4 months.

    Anti-wrinkle injections only have a very slight pinching sensation. This is only felt during the actual injection, which takes less than a second.

    We have a range of numbing options for people worried about discomfort. Combined with ultra-fine needles and a gentle approach, anti-wrinkle injections with us are generally a comfortable experience.

    It is usually ok to have anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers in the same appointment.

    If you need dermal filler and anti-wrinkle in the same area, then we may need to perform then on separate days.

    Most evidence shows that anti-wrinkle injections will spread about 1.5cm.

    The amount anti-wrinkle spreads depends on how much volume is injected.

    You can expect your anti-wrinkle treatment to last 3-4 months. Your result peaks after 2 weeks, and then gradually wears off.

    You can increase the longevity by increasing the number of units injected, an by having anti-wrinkle treatments regularly.

    When done correctly, no one will notice that you have had anti-wrinkle treatment.

    Your skin will look fresh and radiant without appearing frozen. You’ll still be able to make facial expressions, and your facial features will look normal.

    When performed correctly, you will still be able to make normal facial expressions after anti-wrinkle treatment.

    To achieve the best anti-wrinkle treatment result, follow our top tips:

    • Have your anti-wrinkle injections at a dedicated, doctor-led clinic.
    • Treat your face in a balanced way to ensure a natural result. This also avoids untreated areas compensating and ageing prematurely.
    • Have treatment regularly. Inconsistent anti-wrinkle treatment is not effective at preventing wrinkles. Aim for 2-4 treatments per year.
    • Combine your anti-wrinkle treatment with high-quality skincare and daily sun protection.

    There are three ways to make your anti-wrinkle treatment last longer:

    • Amount of product used
      • Higher doses will generally last longer.
    • Precision of injection
      • The more precise your treatment, the longer your result will last.
    • Consistency of treatment
      • Undergoing regular maintenance increases the longevity.

    You can start to notice the result from anti-wrinkle treatment in 3-5 days. The final result is typically seen 2 weeks after your injections.

    Anti-wrinkle product is made of a protein. After injection, it acts at the junction between your facial nerves and muscles.

    Our body has natural enzymes known as proteases that break down proteins. Over time, these metabolise anti-wrinkle product. This leads to the effect wearing off, and normal facial movement returning.

    You can become resistant or immune to anti-wrinkle injections.

    Certain brands have a higher risk of causing this, because they contain stabilising proteins. These proteins can trigger the immune system.

    Having high doses and frequent treatments increases the risk of developing anti-wrinkle resistance.

    If you have become resistant to anti-wrinkle injections, we generally advise waiting 2 years before trying again. You should also switch to the anti-wrinkle brand that has no stabilising proteins.

    Anti-wrinkle injections can stop working if you develop resistance. This is a problem where your body produces antibodies to the anti-wrinkle product.

    Having high doses and frequent treatments using anti-wrinkle product containing stabilising proteins increases the risk.

    If your anti-wrinkle injections have stopped working, you can try the pure anti-wrinkle brand, and wait 1-2 years before having another treatment.

    High doses of anti-wrinkle product can give your skin a shiny appearance. As high doses result in no movement, your skin will be extremely smooth.

    Smooth skin reflects light very effectively, giving it a shiny quality.

    Anti-wrinkle treatment prevents skin bunching and wrinkling. This keeps your makeup smooth, as it prevents it collecting in skin creases that form with strong facial expressions.

    After your anti-wrinkle treatment, the product slowly moves into the facial nerve endings. This is a gradual process, which is why it takes up to 14 days to see the result from anti-wrinkle injections.

    There are 4 factors that influence the longevity of anti-wrinkle injections:

    1. The number of units injected: Higher doses (more units) last longer.
    2. The size and strength of the muscle injected: The effect will last longer in smaller, weaker muscles.
    3. Your metabolism: The amount of proteases you naturally have, and how well they work will affect the longevity.
    4. Treatment precision: The more precise your treatment, the longer your result will last. This is why its important to go to a dedicated, doctor-led cosmetic clinic that has high standards of practice.

    Anti-wrinkle injections last 3-4 months on average. Some areas last longer, and others slightly less.

    The longevity of anti-wrinkle treatment depends on the area injected, the precision of your treatment, how many units were used, and your metabolism.

    Your skin will not look worse once your anti-wrinkle treatment wear off.

    While it will go back to how it was before your treatment, it will be in better condition because of the preventative benefits of anti-wrinkle injections.

    If you are not happy with the result of anti-wrinkle, you can feel assured knowing that the changes are not permanent.

    Your result will gradually wear off over 3-4 months.

    Most concerns people have after anti-wrinkle injections can be resolved with a touch up treatment.

    Before having anti-wrinkle treatment, you should follow the preparation guidelines:

    • Cease all anti-inflammatories and supplements one week before your treatment (unless you have been advised to take these by a medical practitioner)
    • Avoid excessive alcohol 24 hours before and after your treatment
    • Refrain from intense exercise on the day of your appointment
    • Remove all makeup prior to your treatment

    Anti-wrinkle injections are a quick, no downtime procedure. For the optimal result, we suggest that you adhere to the following aftercare steps:

    • Apply a wrapped ice pack gently for any discomfort
    • Do not touch or apply pressure to the treated area for 4 hours

    After anti-wrinkle treatment, you may notice slight redness and small bumps at the injection sites. This will resolve in about 15 minutes.

    After having anti-wrinkle injections, you may notice slight redness and small bumps at the injection sites. These will go away in 15 minutes.

    In 3-4 days time, the result will start to take effect. You’ll see your wrinkles becoming smoother each day.

    The final result is seen 14 days after your treatment.

    Avoid applying makeup until the day after your anti-wrinkle injections. This allows time for the injection sites to heal over.

    You can wash your face immediately after having anti-wrinkle injections. When washing your face be gentle, avoiding any pressure to the injected sites. Pressing on the injected areas can disperse the product, and must be avoided.

    Anti-wrinkle injections are a walk-in walk-out procedure with no downtime. Treatment takes 5-10 minutes, and you can return to almost all normal activity immediately after your appointment.

    Yes you can lie down after anti-wrinkle injections. Just make sure to avoid any firm pressure being applied to the treated areas.

    You can sleep immediately after your anti-wrinkle injections.

    There is no reliable evidence to show that going to sleep after anti-wrinkle injections will affect your result or increase side effects.

    If you are going to sleep after anti-wrinkle injections, you should avoid applying any firm pressure to the treated areas.

    You can do gentle exercise immediately after your anti-wrinkle injections. Avoid strenuous exercise until the day after your treatment to minimise swelling.

    You can drink a small amount of alcohol after anti-wrinkle injections. We recommend avoiding excessive alcohol for 24 hours to minimise swelling and bruising.

    Excessive alcohol also impairs judgement. This means you will be less likely to follow anti-wrinkle aftercare precautions.

    You are able to shower immediately after anti-wrinkle injections. Avoid hot showers until the following day to minimise swelling.

    Yes, you can drink coffee before having anti-wrinkle injections. This will not affect your treatment or result.

    To reduce bruising after anti-wrinkle injections, avoid alcohol and intense exercise before and after your treatment.

    You can also gently apply a wrapped cold pack to the injected area.

    Another way to reduce bruising is to have anti-wrinkle injections at an experienced doctor-led cosmetic clinic. Experienced injectors are more likely to take more care to avoid blood vessels during your treatment.

    Yes, you are able to apply makeup 4 hours after having anti-wrinkle injections.

    Yes, you are able to go in the sun immediately after anti-wrinkle injections. The sun will not have any affect on your result.

    Anti-wrinkle injections have been used worldwide for decades. They have a great safety profile, and are categorised as low-risk.

    Side effects from anti-wrinkle injections are rare, but include:

    • Temporary mild headache
    • Ptosis (eyebrow/eyelid drop)
    • Smile/mouth movement asymmetry (with lower face treatments)

    Almost all side effects of anti-wrinkle treatment are self-limiting, and will resolve on their own.

    Anti-wrinkle injections have an incredible safety record. You may experience minor, short term side effects after injection such as redness and local swelling. Rare side effects include:

    • Bruising: Uncommon and can be covered with makeup the day after your treatment.
    • Eyelid or eyebrow drooping (ptosis): This occurs the brow and lid muscles have been inadvertently treated. It can be prevented with a careful and precise injection technique, and by following the aftercare instructions.
    • Dry eyes: A rare risk if the product been placed too close to your lacrimal glands.

    There are no significant long term side effects of anti-wrinkle injections.

    Almost everyone can enjoy the benefits of anti-wrinkle injections. Those who cannot undergo the treatment include:

    • People who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
    • Those with allergies to the product being used.
    • Those with certain neuromuscular diseases.

    Some people report mild headaches after having anti-wrinkle injections. These are self-limiting, and you can take over-the-counter pain relief if needed.

    Anti-wrinkle injections can be used under your eyes to treat jelly roll bulges. Jelly rolls are usually seen when you squint or smile.

    We treat jelly rolls by injecting the lower eyelid obicularis oculi muscle fibres with anti-wrinkle.

    You should wait 24 hours after anti-wrinkle injections before having a facial massage.

    This is to avoid moving the product, and to prevent irritation of the facial tissue which may be more sensitive after the injections.

    Bruising is not common after anti-wrinkle injections. Any bruising that does occur is usually minimal, and can be covered with makeup.

    An uncommon side effect from anti-wrinkle injections is a temporary headache.

    Headaches from anti-wrinkle injections are self-limiting, and will resolve on their own in a few days.

    Yes, anti-wrinkle injections can safely be performed in people who are 18 years old.

    Many 18 year olds get anti-wrinkle injections if they are developing premature wrinkles, or want to prevent wrinkles.

    Another popular reason why younger people choose to get anti-wrinkle injections is because it stops makeup creasing on your forehead.

    Don't risk your results. Discover the vital info most clinics WON'T tell you about anti-wrinkle treatments.

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