What is an anti-wrinkle unit and how many units will I need?

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Anti-wrinkle is a non-invasive, injectable treatment that improve visible fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that move the face and bunch the skin. The same product can also be used to slim bulky muscles along the jawline, the neck and in the calves. The products used in an anti-wrinkle treatment are measured in ‘units’, and the number of units required for your treatment will depend on the strength of the muscles being treated, the area of the face being treatment, and how much of a difference you are hoping to achieve. This aside, determining your ideal ‘dose’ of anti-wrinkle product is not an exact science, and for this reason you may need a few sessions to work out your ideal anti-wrinkle dose and distribution. It is always a great idea to take a video of your anti-wrinkle result performing certain facial movements that your injector can advise you on 2 weeks after your treatment. This is because anti-wrinkle products take approximately 2 weeks to reach their strongest effect after they have been injected.

    Which anti-wrinkle brands are available in Australia?

    As of 2023, there are 3 anti-wrinkle brands currently available. TGA law prohibits clinics from disclosing the name of the brands online, but we can discuss this during a consultation with you. Each brand is manufactured in a different country: one in Ireland, one in France and one in Germany.

    Which brand of anti-wrinkle is the best?

    There is no ‘best brand’ with each option having pros and cons. However, the anti-wrinkle product made in Germany is highly pure, with a very low risk of causing you to become immune to anti-wrinkle treatment. For this reason, we generally prefer to use this product. If you have a preference for another brand, then we are also happy to use these. The speed and longevity at which the products work and last is not dependent on the brand, but by the number of units injected, and the precision in which they are placed. The more units injected and the more precisely they are placed, the quicker the effect will start to work, and the longer the result will last.

    How many units do I need for my anti-wrinkle treatment?

    The number of units required will depend on the areas being treated, the strength of the muscles in the areas being treated, the number of areas being treatment, and your preference for a strong, moderate or conservative result. Further, while anti-wrinkle products are measured in units, 1 unit of one brand is not equivalent to 1 unit of another. For simplicities sake, we generally calculate the German and Irish brand as being equivalent, and the French brand is calculated at a rate of 2.5x the other brands (i.e. one units of the German and Irish brand is the equivalent of 2.5 units of the French brand). While the units are different, for a given treatment, if the French product is used you will have more units, but at a lower cost per unit. As a result, no matter which product is used the price ends up being roughly the same. In this article, any reference to unit is specific to the German and Irish brands unless otherwise stated.

    Another important point is that males generally have larger, stronger facial muscles, and so need more units compared to females (generally 1.5-2 times the amount) to achieve a similar result. Some common anti-wrinkle doses are shown in the graphic below:

    How many anti-wrinkle units are placed per injection?

    The number of units per injection depends on the brand being used, and the area of the face being treated. On the forehead, generally 1-2 units are placed per injection. Around the eyes, along the frown line, and in the mid and lower face, generally 2-4 units are placed per injection.

    The most common areas we use anti-wrinkle injections here at Cosmetic Connection include:

    Where else can anti-wrinkle injections be used?

    Anti-wrinkle injections work by reducing communication signals from nerves to their targets. For this reason, they don’t just soften wrinkles by reducing facial movement and skin bunching. They have a number of other popular uses that include:

    Can I book in for anti-wrinkle injections at Cosmetic Connection?

    Of course. The team here at Cosmetic Connection are experts in crafting bespoke anti-wrinkle treatments. You can book in for anti-wrinkle injections with one of our experienced clinicians on our booking page.

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