Scrotum enhancement injections

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Yes you read that right.

    Injecting anti-wrinkle product into the scrotum is a thing, and has become a commonly requested treatment.

    We’re sure you’re wondering why on earth would guys want to do that, but in fact, there are a number of claimed benefits.

    Let’s dive deep into this niche treatment.

    What are scrotal enhancement injections?

    Scrotum enhancement injections are a procedure where cosmetic doctors place botulinum toxin into your scrotum and groin area.

    Is it the same as scrotox?

    Yes, scrotal enhancement injections are the same treatment as scrotox. Scrotox is the colloquial name derived from the most well-known anti-wrinkle brand in the world.

    Why do men get scrotox?

    Many men undergo scrotum enhancement injections (scrotox). Scrotum enhancement injections are an option that may:

    • Enlarge the scrotum
    • Reduce scrotal wrinkles
    • Treat scrotal sweating
    • Improve scrotal tightness and testicular retraction

    Is it safe to inject botulinum toxin into your scrotum?

    While all medical treatments carry risk, placing botulinum toxin in the scrotum is actually a safe treatment when performed by an experienced medical professional.

    How does scrotox work?

    Once injected, botulinum toxin works on either the dartos muscle, the cremaster muscle, or the sweat glands, depending on the technique. The product stops the local nerves releasing chemical messenger signals. This reduces muscle and/or sweat gland activity.

    This results in reduced scrotal sweating, less wrinkles, and reduced testicular retraction.

    What’s involved in the treatment?

    After your consultation, the doctor will numb your scrotum with topical anaesthetic gel. Once numb, the skin will be cleaned. Tiny needles are then used to precisely place botulinum toxin into the skin, the dartos, or the cremaster muscles depending on the goals of the treatment.

    The injections take about 10 minutes.

    Are scrotum enhancement injections painful?

    Scrotum enhancement injections an be quite painful without the use of anaesthetic gel. If the treatment is done with strong numbing gel and tiny needles, then discomfort is usually mild.

    What are the benefits of scrotox?

    Scrotox is said to have the following benefits:

    • Smoother skin
    • Reduced sweating
    • Alleviation of tightness and retraction
    • A larger sac

    Is there any downtime?

    There is no downtime with scrotox scrotal enhancement injections.

    How long to see results from scrotox?

    The final result from scrotox is seen in 14 days.

    How long do scrotum injections last?

    Scrotum enhancement injections last 3-4 months on average. The longevity depends on the the amount of product injected, the strength of your scrotal muscles, and your metabolism.

    Does it actually work?

    The main issue with scrotox is that the results are usually very subtle. We also need to use high quantities of anti-wrinkle product, especially when treating a combination of the dartos muscle, cremaster muscle and sweating. With results lasting about 3 months, it can be a costly procedure for a very small improvement.

    For this reason, you should think carefully before choosing to proceed with scrotox injections.