Enlarged calves

Large calves. Not only do they make your legs appear bulky and masculine, they make wearing form-fitting clothes a downright uncomfortable experience.

Find out why you’ve got large calves, and what slimming treatments are available. It’s time to wear the clothes you want and show off your slim legs.

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Cause & concerns

Large muscles

Genetics, exercise and frequently wearing high-heels can cause your gastrocnemius muscles to grow in size. This gives the upper part of your calves a bulky look.

Excess fat

Whether through genetics or weight gain, some people find that they are prone to putting fat on their legs. This typically affects the entire leg, from below knee to ankle.


Swelling can increase the size of your legs. It may be caused by prolonged sitting or standing, wearing tight clothes, as well as certain medical conditions.

New, severe, painful, or one-sided swelling should be investigated by your GP.


Lipoedema is a connective tissue disorder characterised by the deposition of fatty tissue, often in the legs, which is painful and resistant to weight loss.

Treatment Options

Calf slimming

Calf slimming injections relax enlarged gastrocnemius calf muscles.

This reduces the size of your calves, giving you slimmer legs.

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Liposuction is an effective treatment for excess fat and lipoedema affecting your legs.

Fat freezing

Fat freezing is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment. While convenient, it achieves mixed results, and may cause the treated fat to grow in size.


For leg swelling, different medical treatments are available.

The treatment will depend on the cause, and should be determined after an assessment by your GP.

Calf reduction surgery

This invasive surgery typically involves the removal of calf muscle tissue. Not only are there risks, but it can permanently impact the function of your legs.

Before & after

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Before and after calf slimming injections treating enlarged gastrocnemius muscles.

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    Yes, some people who are normal and even underweight can have large calves. This may be due to the genetic deposition of leg fat, naturally large muscles, or result from certain medical conditions.

    Large calves can result from:

    • Large calf muscles, typically the gastrocnemius
    • Excess fat
    • Swelling, which may be benign or result from certain medical conditions

    The correct treatment for large calves depends on the cause.

    Large calf muscles are best treated with botulinum toxin, which relaxes and shrinks the muscle.

    The gold-standard treatment for excess calf fat is liposuction. While non-surgical fat reduction treatments are available, they are far less effective.

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