Side profile

Look great from front on but see a totally different person when you turn to the side? Your side profile can be a source of pride, or the biggest source of insecurity. A bumpy, droopy nose, recessed chin, undefined jawline, and small, unbalanced lips. Sound familiar?

Stop wearing your hair down and dodging cameras. A balanced side profile is achievable.

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Cause & concerns


Forehead hollowness and flatness creates a harsh, gaunt side profile.


A bumpy, crooked and drooping nose is one of the most common concerns people have about their side profile.

It congests the lower face, creating a side profile that is bottom heavy and drawn down.


Attractive, well balanced lips are a staple feature of a striking side profile.

Lips that are too small, thin when you smile, or have the bottom project more than the top throw the side profile out of balance.


A small, weak chin is often seen in people with an extensive dental history (think braces, expanders, and teeth removed).

When your chin sits too far back, your mid face dominates your side profile, and your neck tissues are unsupported, often causing a double chin.


Flat, asymmetrical and undefined cheekbones can blur the mid section of your side profile.


A contoured jawline ties the lower face and neck together from the side profile angle.

Lacking jawline definition often gives your side profile a heavy look.

Under chin

The under chin is the lowest part of the side profile. It ideally has a sharp, defined appearance.

Under chin fullness (a double chin) can compromise an otherwise balanced side profile. With a multitude of causes, a proper assessment of under chin fullness is vital.

Treatment Options

Side profile balancing

A side profile augmentation instantly improves the balance of your face.

Using a combination of modalities targeting key areas, you can sculpt a refined side profile while preserving your naturally beautiful features.

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Surgery can improve certain aspects of your side profile.

Often done over multiple operations, it is a big investment, and comes with high cost, risk and downtime.

Before & after

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Before and after side profile balancing targeting our patient’s nose, lips and chin.

Results from a non-surgical side profile augmentation. We treated our patient’s nose and chin for a stronger, more defined facial aesthetic.

Before and after side profile balancing. Notice the beautiful balance achieved between her nose and lips.

We balanced our patient’s side profile by treated her nose, cheekbones, chin and jawline. All without surgery.

This side profile treatment improved the balance and shape of our patient’s nose, lips and chin.

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    The side profile refers to your appearance as viewed from the side-on perspective. It is made up of your forehead, nose, lips, chin, under chin, cheekbones and jawline.

    An attractive side profile is balanced and defined. Overall the upper, middle, and lower thirds should be approximately equal in height.

    Individual components of your side profile also have defining characteristics that make it attractive.

    Male side profile features:

    • Forehead: flat with a prominent brow
    • Nose: straight
    • Lips: slightly thinner compared to women
    • Chin: strong and square
    • Cheekbones: straight and defined
    • Jawline: angular and defined
    • Under chin: sharp and lean

    Female side profile features:

    • Forehead: softly curved
    • Nose: slim, with a gentle slope and lifted nose tip
    • Lips: full, with the top lip projecting forward more than the bottom lip
    • Chin: slim, tapered and projected beyond the bottom lip
    • Cheekbones: curved and defined
    • Jawline: curved and contoured
    • Under chin: defined and without fullness

    Any part of the side profile that is not the ideal shape or size can cause unbalance.

    The most common causes of an unbalanced side profile are:

    • A bumpy nose with a droopy nose tip
    • Small lips
    • Bottom lip projecting further forward than the top lip
    • Undefined jawline
    • Weak and recessed chin

    If you’re unhappy with your side profile, you can improve it using surgery or non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

    Common surgeries that improve side profile balance include:

    • Rhinoplasty: nose reshaping
    • Lip lift
    • Genioplasty: chin implant
    • Liposuction (to reduce under chin fullness)

    Non-surgically, cosmetic injectables can reshape any area of your side profile. Dermal fillers treat your forehead, nose, lips, cheekbones, chin and jawline. Fat dissolving can reduce under chin fat.

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