Barbie Tox: The Verdict on TikTok’s TrapTox Trend

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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Discover the vital information you MUST know about trapezius slimming with our detailed guide written by expert cosmetic doctors.


    Barbie Tox? TrapTox? Yet another cosmetic treatment trending on TikTok. Why? Maybe it’s because of the new Barbie movie? Either way, what you want to know is what it is, what it does, and why people are getting it, right? Let our lead cosmetic doctor, Dr. Aaron Stanes, fill you on on this treatment.

    What it Barbie Tox?

    Barbie Tox, also known as Trap Tox, is nothing new. Correctly known as ‘Trapezius Slimming’, it used to go by ‘Swan Neck injections’, and has been around for years. It refers to a cosmetic injectable treatment that uses the muscle-relaxing property of anti-wrinkle injections to relax and slim the trapezius muscles.

    The trapezius muscles are located on your back. The extent from the base of your skull, out to your shoulders, and down your spine. They have an important role in lifting and pulling your shoulders back.

    Some people find that their trapezius muscles are larger than they like. Others find they have a lot of tension in these muscles, that gives them pain and headaches.

    Why are people getting Barbie Tox?

    There are 2 reasons why people are getting this treatment.

    1. For cosmetic purposes: relaxing and slimming your trapezius muscles elongates the look of your neck, and reduces overly prominent shoulder bulk. Known as ‘hulking’, large trapezius muscles are a concern for those wanting to look slimmer, more defined, and feminine.
    2. For medical purposes: people with strong trapezius muscles often suffer with tension and pain. Relaxing the muscles can help to alleviate this.

    How is it done?

    Tiny needles are used to place muscle slimming/anti-wrinkle product directly into your trapezius muscles. This relaxes them, leading to a reduction in their size over a 6 week period. The treatment takes just a few short minutes, and has no downtime. Pain is often rated as 2-3 out of 10.

    Is Barbie Tox safe?

    An important consideration for all cosmetic treatments is the safety. Nothing in cosmetic medicine is without risk, Traptox included. Its important that you know and understand the risks before considering this treatment. The risks and side effects of Trap Tox include:

    • Bruising, swelling, redness and tenderness
    • Should joint dysfunction
    • Neck and shoulder weakness

    There are also the aesthetic risks:

    • Not liking your result
    • Not achieving as much of a result as you want
    • Not seeing any difference

    Does it work?

    Some preliminary studies demonstrate good satisfaction with the results of trapezius muscle slimming injections (traptox). The studies are promising, but small, with larger ones needed to validate the findings.

    Should you be getting this treatment?

    If you are concerned about the appearance of your neck and shoulders (i.e. you think they look too muscular), or suffer from shoulder and neck tension in your trapezius muscles, then you might want to check TrapTox / Barbie Tox out.

    As always, speak to your healthcare provider first before making any decisions. Its always important to know the facts, positive and negative, and to determine how suitable you are for the treatment.

    If you want to know more, the team here at Cosmetic Connection have been performing trapezius slimming injections for years. Not only do we have the experience, we also pride ourselves on our honest advice. Get in touch if you have any questions, or book in for a consultation to chat about neck slimming with one of our expert medical professionals.

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