Can dermal filler lift the nose tip?

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Have you heard about using dermal filler to lift a drooping nose tip? Yes that’s right. Dermal filler injections to the nose tip can lift the nasal tip. How? Read on to find out about this unique and highly satisfying treatment.

    While not a lift in the true surgical sense, nose tip lift dermal filler injections can be used to reshape the nose tip, giving the apex a higher position. This makes the nose tip look lifted, without actually changing the underlying structure. While you might be asking ‘what’s the catch?’, there isn’t one.

    How does dermal filler lift the nose tip?

    Dermal filler is a volumising gel, that when injected into the nose tip allows it to be moulded into a new shape. By strategically injecting it at a higher point on the nose tip, you can achieve more tip projection and elevation. This makes the nose tip look lifted, without requiring any nose tip surgery.

    What are the benefits of nose tip lift dermal filler?

    Nose tip lift filler is popular for a reason. It has many benefits such as:

    • Improves the shape and position of your nose tip
    • Non-invasive treatment with no downtime
    • Immediate result lasting 12-24 months on average
    • Highly precise procedure, with mm adjustments being possible
    • Improves the appearance of your nose tip, and can help improve the result of nose tip lift surgery

    Before and after nose tip lift filler.

    Will you be able to see up your nostrils after nose tip lift filler?

    When you think of a nose tip lift, one of the first concerns you may have is that you will be able to see up the nostrils. Fortunately with nose tip lift filler, this is not the case. Because nose tip filler works by reshaping the nose tip and leaving the underlying nose unchanged, your nostril shape and position will remain unchanged. This means you can have a more lifted-looking nose tip without the risk of people being able to see up your nostrils.

    Does nose tip lift filler make your nose look wider?

    When the treatment has been performed correctly your nose tip won’t look wider. Poor injection techniques can widen your nose tip which is why it is important to have your treatment at a doctor-led cosmetic clinic. The team Cosmetic Connection have been specifically trained in nose tip lift filler.

    The result can be reversed at anytime in the rare case of nose tip widening.

    How long does filler last in the nose tip?

    Dermal fillers generally last 12-24 months when placed into the nose tip. The longevity of nose tip filler depends on the type of filler used, how much is injected and your metabolism.

    What’s the difference between a nose tip lift and a pixie tip lift?

    A pixie tip lift is a type of nose tip lift with filler. It is used to emphasise nose tip projection by sculpting a sharp supra-tip break (the inflection point between the top of your nose and your nose tip).

    What other treatments are available to lift the nose tip without surgery?

    While nose tip lift filler has many advantages, nasal tip lift injections also have a role. They use muscle-relaxing injections to the nose tip muscle (depressor septi nasi), to reduce the nose tip pulling down when you smile. This will not lift the tip when you are relaxed, and so is best used in combination with nose tip lift filler.

    You can read more information about refining your nose tip with dermal filler injections on the nose tip plasty filler treatment page.

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