Can I combine non-surgical rhinoplasty with other cosmetic procedures?

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Yes, you can combine a non-surgical rhinoplasty with other cosmetic procedures. However, there are several things to consider to ensure you make an informed decision about your treatment.

    Potential benefits of combining cosmetic procedures with a non-surgical rhinoplasty

    • Addressing multiple areas is a superior way to ensure your result looks harmonious and balanced.
    • Treating multiple areas in one appointment save you time, as you need fewer appointments and less overall downtime.
    • Treating multiple areas if usually more cost effective, with most clinics packaging services because it takes less time to perform them in one appointment.

    Potential drawbacks of combination treatments

    • Results: The more areas treated, the bigger the change. If you are apprehensive about looking too different, then it may be better to address one area at a time.
    • More risk: The more extensive a treatment, the more risk involved. You can reduce the chance of side effects by ensuring your treatment is performed by a qualified doctor.
    • Higher costs: The more comprehensive your treatment, the higher the cost (although you will likely get better value compared to treating all areas in separate appointments)

    Procedures commonly combined with non-surgical rhinoplasty

    • Lip augmentation can improve the shape and fullness of your lips. It also balances your facial proportions, and can take the dominance away from a larger nose.
    • Chin augmentation adds projection to a weak or recessed chin. Improving the structure of your chin is a great way to balance the size and prominence of your nose, and improve overall facial proportions.

    Important considerations

    Always start with a consultation with a clinic who can address your concerns comprehensively. This ensure you have the best opportunity to achieve balanced results. Many clinics can only perform a limited number of services due to a lack of experience, meaning you may not receive the treatment you need.

    Prioritise safety and choose qualified professionals over potentially cheaper or trendy options.

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