Cosmechix: Dr. Aaron Stanes on the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

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    Co-hosts of the popular cosmetic and beauty podcast Cosmechix Katelin Gregg and Ella James visited our lead doctor, Dr. Aaron Stanes to find out all about one of the most popular cosmetic treatments currently available: the non-surgical rhinoplasty.

    Cosmechix are widely known for featuring leading experts on various cosmetic topics ranging from injectables and surgery to health and wellness. They aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions and really dig deep on everything you need to know about the cosmetic industry.

    They strive to unravel the complex world of cosmetic medicine and are passionate advocates for transparency and clinical excellence.

    If you’ve been considering a surgical nose job, curious about nose filler, or always wanted to reshape your nose but wanted to avoid surgery then this is absolutely a must listen. The Cosmechix invited non-surgical rhinoplasty expert Dr. Aaron Stanes to dive deep into the details of this powerful non-surgical procedure that has quickly surpassed surgical rhinoplasty as the preferred option to reshape your nose.

    Listen to the podcast: Non-surgical nose jobs w/ Dr. Aaron Stanes


    Non-surgical rhinoplasty

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