Dermal fillers for nose

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Did you know that surgery is not the only option when it comes to reshaping your nose? One of the most powerful cosmetic injectable treatments to emerge in recent years involves using dermal fillers for nose reshaping.

    Dermal fillers are injectable products that are used to add volume to the skin and soften wrinkles. Many people use dermal fillers to enhance the appearance of their nose by adding volume to certain areas or smoothing out bumps or dips.

    Dermal fillers for the nose can be used to:

    • Add volume to a flat or sunken nose
    • Smooth out bumps or dips on the nose
    • Improve the symmetry of the nose
    • Correct mild to moderate nasal asymmetry
    • Improve the appearance of nasal deviation
    • Define the nose bridge
    • Give the nose tip a more lifted appearance
    • Improve unsatisfactory results from a surgical rhinoplasty (nose job)
    • Enhance the appearance of the nose without surgery

    While there are several different types of dermal fillers that can be used for the nose, the reversible type of filler based on hyaluronic acid are most commonly used. A very stiff and rigid filler is often best, as it mimics the underlying bone and cartilage structure of the nasal skeleton. These types of fillers are temporary, being gradually absorbed by the body, and typically need maintaining every 6-24 months.

    The above image shows dermal fillers for nose reshaping before and after.

    It’s important to note that dermal fillers for the nose may not a suitable treatment for people wanting a significant change to the nose, such as a significant bump or crookedness. In these cases, surgical options such as a rhinoplasty may be more appropriate. Rhinoplasty is also more appropriate if you have functional issues with your nose, such as impaired airflow due to a deviated septum.

    If you’re considering dermal fillers for your nose, it’s important to consult with an experienced and qualified medical professional who can assess your individual needs and determine the best treatment plan for you. Here at Cosmetic Connection, our expert practitioners are experienced when it comes to using dermal fillers for nose reshaping.

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