How long do anti-wrinkle injections last?

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    When you finally decide to start investing in your skin, you’ll quickly come across anti-wrinkle injections. A powerful treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, it remains the most popular cosmetic medical treatment around the world. If you’ve never had anti-wrinkle injections, one of the most important things to know is how long the results last.

    How long do anti-wrinkle injections last?

    Anti-wrinkle injections last an average of 3-4 months. Keep in mind that you don’t get a static result which suddenly wears off in this timeframe. Anti-wrinkle injections take 2 weeks to reach their full effect, then slowly wear off over the subsequent 10-14 weeks.

    What affects the longevity of anti-wrinkle injections?

    There are three controllable factors that affect the longevity of your anti-wrinkle result. How much product is injected, how precisely it is placed, and how consistently you get your treatments.

    How to make anti-wrinkle injections last longer?

    If you want to maximise the longevity of your anti-wrinkle result, you have a few options.

    The first is to have a higher dose, but keep in mind that the higher the dose, the less expression you’ll have during the first few weeks after your treatment.

    The second is to have the product placed more precisely, and this is why it pays to get anti-wrinkle treatments done by experienced professionals using a bespoke approach.

    The third is to commit to regular anti-wrinkle treatments. By regularly maintaining your result, you may find that the longevity increases, meaning you can slowly increase the interval between your maintenance appointments.

    What makes anti-wrinkle injections wear off faster than expected?

    If you’ve been getting anti-wrinkle injections, and noticed that they wore off too quickly there a few possible explanations. The first is that you had a lower dose. This is often an issue if you’ve gone to a new clinic who are more conservative, or if you’ve had a different product and the dose between products hasn’t been correctly converted. The second is that the injections were placed less precisely, meaning less anti-wrinkle product reached its target. The third is that you may have had an immune response, reducing the amount of active anti-wrinkle product available to produce your result.

    Why doesn’t my anti-wrinkle treatment last as long as it used to?

    Unfortunately skin ageing is multifactorial, and while anti-wrinkle injections are a great way to keep your skin smooth, they don’t address everything. Over time, our skin loses collagen and hyaluronic acid, becomes dull, thin, and weak, and more prone to wrinkles and sagging. As a result we need to be more conservative with your anti-wrinkle treatments to avoid side effects like brow heaviness, and in doing so forego some longevity. Furthermore, as the skin is more prone to wrinkling, you’ll see lines develop with much softer expressions compared to your younger days, giving the impression that your results aren’t lasting as long.

    What can you do about this? Invest in a great skincare routine, and commit to supplementary treatments like skin boosters to restore hyaluronic acid, and dermal therapies like needling.

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