How long does under eye filler last?

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Thinking about under eye filler, and want to know how long it lasts? Or have you been getting under eye filler and wondering why it just doesn’t seem to be wearing off? Of did you just get fillers under your eyes and it looks like it didn’t last? The longevity of under eye fillers is extremely variable from person to person, and so we’re here to help you understand the different amounts of time under eye fillers can last.

    What are under eye fillers?

    Under eye fillers are a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that treats hollowness, dark circles and eye bags around your lower eyelids. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers is the most commonly used type of under eye filler. The treatment is quick, has no  downtime, and gives temporary and reversible results.

    Why do people get under eye fillers?

    The most common reason people choose to get under eye fillers is because they look tired. Whether through a lack of sleep, genetic factors, or ageing, some people are prone to hollows, dark circles, and bags below their eyes. This gives a tired appearance that often persists no matter how much sleep they get. Under eye fillers are a simple yet effective treatment option that refreshes the under eyes by adding support to the skin and soft tissues.

    How long do under eye fillers last?

    According to the FDA (the American equivalent of the TGA here in Australia), cross-linked dermal fillers including those used under the eyes lasts approximately 6-12 months. ASAPS reports newer dermal fillers lasting up to 2 years. However, research has discovered that hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can last for many years. The study used MRI scans to check for old fillers, with the researchers finding fillers may last from 2-12 years. Yes, up to 12 years.

    This reflects frequent clinical observations by cosmetic doctors around the world who routinely notice that their patient’s dermal filler results were lasting far longer than the expected 12-24 months.

    While not everyone will have under eye fillers lasting 12 years, its important to be aware of how variable the longevity can be. The take home here is not to repeat your under eye fillers based on a time interval, rather see how the visible effect changes over time. If you aren’t sure if it’s time for additional treatment, catch up with your injector. But just make sure you can trust them to properly assess and advice, and not just inject more filler because you booked an appointment.

    Does exercise make under eye fillers wear off faster?

    Despite many claims, there is no definitive evidence that exercise causes your under eye filler to wear off faster than expected. There are many variables that may affect how long your under eye fillers last, and we routinely see people who exercise frequently have fillers that last as long as those who lead more sedentary lifestyles.

    How to make under eye fillers last longer?

    The only proven way to make under eye fillers last longer, is by having more than one treatment. A study assessing filler longevity with a re-treatment at either 4.5 or 9 months showed a significant increase in effect duration and overall effect.

    It is important to appreciate the different phases of filler treatments. You must build your result, then maintain it. Building up a result with dermal filler may take more than one session. But once you have achieved your ideal result (or the best result possible), then maintenance of your under eye fillers should be done very infrequently.

    How to remove under eye fillers?

    If you’re worried about how long your under eye fillers are lasting, rest assured that they are unlikely to cause you any problems. While they can persist for years, dermal fillers are biocompatible and designed for use in our skin and soft tissue. However, if you really want to remove your under eye fillers, they can be dissolved with an injection of hyaluronidase. This is an enzyme that accelerates the degradation of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Just remember that if you’ve had filler for some time, it’s been hiding the ageing process, and so your under eyes may look more hollow than they were before you had the fillers. This is not from the filler, rather it just reflects under eye ageing.

    If you dissolve your under eye fillers, and want to redo them, then you’ll need to wait about 2 weeks. This is so the area has time to heal from the dissolving so your new under eye filler can be injected precisely.

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