How to choose the right lip filler size

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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Discover the vital information you MUST know about lip augmentation & fillers with our detailed guide written by expert cosmetic doctors.


    What size lip filler should I get?

    Lip fillers are a powerful way to augment your lip volume and achieve that coveted plump pout. Before jumping into the world of lip injections, you might be wondering, “What size lip filler should I get?” Choosing the right lip filler size is essential for achieving natural-looking results. Follow our guide to work out the ideal lip filler size for you.

    Understanding lip filler size

    Lip filler sizes: the basics

    Lip fillers are an injectable gel that adds volume to your lips. We use them to increase size, change shape, and balance lip proportions. The “size” of a lip filler refers to the volume or amount of filler used to augment your lips.

    Choosing the right size lip fillers

    One size does not fit all when it comes to lip fillers. The ideal lip filler size depends on multiple factors, like your anatomy, lip filler goals, and your starting size.

    Factors to consider when choosing lip filler size

    Facial structure and proportions

    Your facial structure plays a significant role in determining the right lip filler size. Ensuring your lips are correctly proportioned with your face is vital.

    Current lip size

    The current size of your lips is a significant, yet under-recognised factor in determining the right size lip fillers. Larger lips need more filler, and smaller lips need less.

    Desired lip size

    Make sure you clearly communicate your ideal results to your injector. Having reference photos can help ensure you are both on the same page. Your lip goals will influence the size of lip filler used.

    Lip aesthetics

    If you prefer a natural-looking result, then we use a conservative lip filler size. We use larger lip filler sizes to achieve a fuller pout.

    Consultation about lip filler sizes

    Importance of a consultation

    A lip filler consultation is the most important first step. Meet with a qualified medical professional who takes the time to understand your lip filler size goals. They will assess your lips, and advise on the most appropriate lip filler size.

    Customised recommendations

    Your medical professional will design a personalised treatment plan based on your consultation. This will include which type of lip filler, and the size used. In formulating your plan, they will consider your lip shape and volume, and the degree of augmentation needed.

    Different lip filler sizes

    Your options

    Lip fillers come in various sizes, and are measured in millilitres. Smaller sizes (0.5 mL) are ideal for subtle enhancements, and those with smaller lips. Larger sizes (e.g., 1 mL or more) can achieve more pronounced results, and are better for people with larger lips.

    Try different lip filler sizes

    It never hurts to start conservatively. Building up your lip filler size over a few appointments improves the precision of your result. It also allows you to experience different sizes to decide when your lips are full enough. Most people end up having 1.5-2.5 mL over 2-3 appointments.

    Before and after results of different lip filler sizes

    To help decide on the right lip filler size for you, check out some before and after photos. Always look for lips that have a similar shape and size to yours for the best reference. Review before and after photos of lip filler sizes can give you a better understanding of how much you need.

    Before and after 1 Ml of lip filler showing the fully healed result.

    Before and after 1 ml (healed), and immediately after a second mL (2 mL) of lip filler.

    Before and immediately after 0.7 mL lip filler.

    Before and immediately after 1 mL lip filler.

    Get the right lip filler size at Cosmetic Connection

    Determining the right lip filler size is a critical step to achieve your lip goals. It’s never a one-size-fits-all approach, as the ideal size varies from person to person.

    To work out the best size lip filler, do your research, review before and after images, and book a consultation with an experienced medical professional.

    With the right size lip filler done by an expert, you can enjoy fuller, more balanced lips that enhance your appearance.

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