How to contour your nose with dermal filler

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Chasing a slimmer, more defined and contoured nose, and makeup just not cutting it? A contoured nose can make or break your look, and unfortunately whether through genetics or trauma, not all of us have a shapely, attractive nose. Using revolutionary techniques and high-quality products, dermal fillers have quickly become a go-to option for people who want to improve their nasal contour.

    Can filler contour a nose?

    Nose dermal fillers can be injected to improve the shape and definition of your nose. They can effectively smooth out contour irregularities, and give your nose a straighter, more contoured appearance.

    How do dermal fillers contour your nose?

    When dermal fillers are placed in the nose, they add support to the overlying skin. This allows any hollow areas and bumps to be smoothed out. Dermal fillers immediately improve the shape and contour of your nose, and are a popular choice because they are fully reversible and highly precise.

    What is the best filler for nose contour?

    While there are many types of dermal filler on the market, not all are suitable for use in your nose. A thick and firm filler is ideal for the nose. This is because it must mimic the underlying nasal bone and cartilage. A softer filler will not be strong enough to support the nasal skin, and will often migrate away from the injection sites.

    Can you make your nose skinnier with filler?

    You can make your nose appear skinnier with dermal filler. This requires a conservative approach, and the correct technique. Imagine two mountains that are the same circumference at their base, but one is pointy and the other is flat. The pointy mountain will appear slimmer when looking from a birds-eye-view. Dermal filler can make your nose appear slimmer by adding projection to the skin and giving it a sharper apex. The opposite can occur with a surgical rhinoplasty. If too make of the nasal bone is shaved down, you turn the pointy mountain into the flat one, and this can make your nose appear wider.

    Does filler make your nose wider?

    While you can generally contour your nose with dermal filler, there are some cases where it can create a widening effect. It is important to see an experienced cosmetic practitioner to minimise the risk of this.

    People with softer, looser skin on the nose bridge are more prone to widening after nose filler. This is because their skin isn’t strong enough to hold the filler in position. You can still have nose filler if you have softer skin, but it should be done conservatively.

    Injecting too much dermal filler can widen the nose. This is because the nasal bridge becomes overfilled, and the dermal filler spills out to the sides.

    Injecting the wrong type of filler can also widen the nose. If the filler is not thick and rigid, over time is will gradually disperse to the side, widening the nose.

    People with a very skinny nose have a higher chance of nasal bridge widening after nose filler. A conservative approach is the best way to minimise the risk in such cases.

    If you have nose filler treatments too often, you increase the risk of widening your nose. Aside from building your initial result over 1-2 sessions, we advise waiting at least 9-12 months before you return for a maintenance treatment.

    If you notice that your nose appears wider after dermal filler, you should consider arranging a following appointment. It is usually straightforward to address.

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