How to correct poorly injected dermal filler

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Dermal fillers are a popular treatment used to smooth out wrinkles and add volume to certain areas of the face, such as the lips. However, there are instances where the procedure may not achieve the desired results due to various factors, including improper injection techniques, excessive use of filler, or the use of the wrong type of filler. This can result in migration, bumps, or asymmetry. The appropriate solution for correcting poorly injected filler will depend on the specific issue at hand. Here are four key options that can address poorly injected filler.

    Facial massage

    Minor issues, such as small bumps or slight asymmetry, are typically the easiest to correct. These can often be addressed by massaging the affected area. The practitioner who performed the injection can do this for you, or they can teach you how to do it yourself at home. If you are concerned about the qualifications and experience of the practitioner you visited, one of the experienced cosmetic practitioners at Cosmetic Connection may be able to help. The team at Cosmetic Connection are experienced in correcting filler issues and are frequently consulted by patients who have been unsatisfied with their experience and results elsewhere.

    A word of caution: it is important to avoid trying to fix the problem on your own without involving your practitioner, as this may not improve the problem and could even make the issue worse.

    Dissolving the dermal filler

    In some cases, the problem may be too severe to be fixed through massage alone. This could be due to the use of too much filler, the presence of lumps that do not go away with massage, asymmetry, or other factors that result in an unsatisfactory appearance. In these situations, the most effective solution is often to remove the filler partially, or completely. This can be done by injecting a solution that dissolves the filler. This solution works by breaking up the bonds between filler molecules, causing the filler to dissolve immediately so that it can be safely metabolised by the body.

    Re-injecting dermal filler

    Some types of filler cannot be dissolved. In these cases, the problem may not be with the filler itself, but rather with its placement or the lack of desired results. An experienced practitioner may be able to address these issues by carefully injecting new filler in a way that blends in the problem area. If you believe this may be an option for you, you can discuss it with your practitioner.

    It is important to note that re-injection of more filler requires careful planning and cannot solve all problems related to filler. Simply injecting more filler into the affected area without a specific plan is not recommended, as it is unlikely to help and could potentially make the problem worse.

    Wait for the filler to wear off

    Fortunately, almost all dermal fillers used today are not permanent. As they generally wear down over 12-24 months, if massage has failed and dissolving is not an option you can simply let your body do the work and break down the filler.

    Filler dissolving & correction

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