In the media: treatment by Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Concerned about looking fake after cosmetic injectables? You’re not alone. Fear of looking overdone is one of the most common concerns among people considering a cosmetic treatment.

    Dr. Aaron’s work on media personality Alex Nation has been featured in multiple news outlets highlighting how when done correctly, the result will look natural and complement your appearance.

    Check out the articles below.

    Ex-bachelor star Alex Nation reveals cosmetic makeover

    Author: Hayley

    Published on Nova 96.9 September 2018

    Alex Nation has broken a cardinal Instagram rule, and shared exactly what she’s done to her face.

    Author: Clare Stephens

    Published in MamaMia September 2018

    Alex Nation’s cosmetic makeover: Former Bachelor star, 27, unveils her brand new look… but can you guess what she’s done to her face?

    Author: Monique Friedlander

    Published in the Daily Mail Australia September 2018

    Bachelor star Alex Nation’s cosmetic makeover

    Author: Hannah Paine

    Published on September 2018