Medically proven techniques for penis enlargement

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

Treatment guide

Discover the vital information you MUST know about penis enlargement with our detailed guide written by expert cosmetic doctors.


    So, you’re ready to start researching safe and effective techniques to increase the size of your manhood. With so many scams and ineffective treatment out there, it pays to do your research. We can categorise proven penis enlargement techniques into surgical, non-surgical, and non-medical.

    Surgical techniques for penis enlargement

    Suspensory ligament release

    This surgical treatment increases flaccid length by dividing the suspensory ligament that connects the penile shaft to the pelvis. Results can vary significantly between men, and there are risks of infection, scarring, numbness, and a loss of stability of the penile shaft during erection.

    Dermal fat grafting

    This surgery involves cutting a strip of fat and inner skin layer from your abdomen or thigh, cutting open your penile shaft, and attaching the graft to it. It is extensive, carries a number of risks, and requires meticulous aftercare. However, the results are permanent.

    Fat transfer

    We can use liposuction to harvest fat cells which can then be injected into your penile shaft. This increase penile girth and flaccid length. While straightforward, there are some notable issues with fat transfer. Firstly, there is significant variability in the amount of fat that survives, and it may not survive evenly. It is not uncommon for a second surgery to be required. Secondly, fat can calcify causing hard nodules. Finally, there are risks of the procedure, including fat embolism that can result in death.

    Non-surgical techniques for penis enlargement

    Penis filler injections

    Dermal filler injections are the first-line treatment option to increase flaccid and erect girth. While there are a different types of dermal fillers, including PMMA and collagen stimulators, hyaluronic acid is the preferred option due to its natural feel and reversibility (making it a safe choice).

    Hyaluronic acid fillers can be placed in the penis under local anaesthetic in about 20 minutes, and the treatment has relatively simple aftercare, and results that last up to 5 years for most men.

    Non-medical techniques for penis enlargement

    Traction devices

    Traction devices are designed to increase penis size by stretching the tissue. While there is some evidence behind them, they require consistent, long-term use, often for many hours every day to work. Most research on increasing penile length with traction has focussed on men with Peyronie’s disease.

    Which penis enlargement technique is right for me?

    The first thing to do is define what your concerns are. Is it your flaccid size? erect size? length? girth? all of the above? Once you have defined the problem, you can then shortlist the potential treatments that can help. Consider the costs, both upfront and ongoing, the risks, benefits, and downtime of each option, and then find a reputable doctor who specialises in the specific treatment.

    At Cosmetic Connection, we offer penis filler injections to increase flaccid and erect girth, and flaccid length. Get in touch today for a complimentary phone consultation with our resident enlargement doctor, or book an appointment for a confidential in-person consultation, or the enlargement treatment.

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