The Daily Telegraph: Sharp rise in demand for penis fillers

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    Our very own Dr. Aaron Stanes, lead doctor here at Cosmetic Connection, was recently requested to provide his expertise and informed opinion to The Daily Telegraph in a discussion about the increasing popularity among men undergoing non-surgical penis enlargements using dermal filler injections.

    “…now men are increasingly seeking out medical procedures to enhance their penis size.” – Chris Harris, The Daily Telegraph.

    The news article discusses the rapid rise in men turning to medical procedures to enhance the size of their penis, and explores their reasons for doing so.

    Men are realising that non-surgical enhancements using dermal filler have a number of powerful benefits that make them a great treatment option. Whether you are looking to do something for yourself and enlarge your penis, or enhance certain facial features such as your nose or jawline, the stigma surrounding men having cosmetic treatments is quickly disappearing.

    Read the entire article about penis fillers here.

    Author: Chris Harris

    Published in The Daily Telegraph March 2022

    Penis enlargement

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