What can be slimmed with anti-wrinkle injections?

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Anti-wrinkle injections are widely celebrated for the benefits they provide in improving the appearance of facial wrinkles and preventing the development of new ones.

    The product used to eradicate wrinkles, a protein based on the naturally occurring substance known as botulinum toxin, also has other benefits, one of which is slimming large, bulky muscles.

    About muscle slimming injections

    It is common knowledge that anti-wrinkle injections treat bothersome wrinkles. They do so by partially weakening the muscles that form wrinkles by bunching the skin, preventing the skin from creasing.

    When the product is used to relax muscles in other parts of the body this action can create a slimming effect. It works because large bulky muscles tend to reduce in size when they are weakened, similar to when a body builder stops going to the gym. By selectively weakening specific muscles, certain areas of the face and body can be slimmed down for a more attractive look.

    What can be slimmed with anti-wrinkle injections?

    Muscle slimming injections can be used to treat:

    • The lower face
    • The calves
    • The neck

    Slimming the lower face with injections

    Lower face slimming can give your face a more tapered and feminine shape by relaxing the paired masseter muscles along the jawline. It is also known as jawline slimming injections and masseter injections.

    While some people may have excess cheek fat or buccal fat giving them a full lower face, more often it is due to overactive masseter muscles causing the fullness. People with overactive masseter muscles also may experience symptoms of bruxism (teeth grinding or jaw clenching) including ground down teeth, TMJ pain in front of the ears, clicking jaw joints and temporal headaches.

    Not only can lower face slimming improve your appearance, it can also alleviate the symptoms of bruxism.

    Before and after jawline slimming injections.

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    Slimming the calves with injections

    Slimming injections can also be a great option for people who want more tapered calves. Some people have naturally bulky and muscular calves due to an overdeveloped gastrocnemius muscle. Relaxing this muscle with calf slimming injections can improve the appearance of your legs, and make you more comfortable in certain clothes.

    Before and after calf slimming injections.

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    Slimming the neck with injections

    A little-known treatment that can be performed with slimming injections is trapezius slimming. The trapezius (‘traps’) is a muscle that extends from the upper back, out to the shoulders and up to the neck. Large trapezius muscles can make your neck look bulky and short. Slimming the traps with injections can give you a slimmer looking neck. This can also help to alleviate muscle tension for people that experience frequent muscle aches and cramps at the back of their neck.