Aftercare Guide: Teeth Grinding & Bruxism Injections

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    So, now that you’ve undergone teeth grinding injections for bruxism, you’ll want to ensure that your result settles quickly, and the effect is long-lasting.

    Here at Cosmetic Connection, we believe that patient education is one of the most important parts of your treatment journey. While the procedure may be minor and non-surgical, it is vital that you know how to make the most of your treatment by carefully adhering to the aftercare instructions for your teeth grinding injections.

    Following the teeth grinding injection aftercare is an effective way to achieve and maintain a great and long-lasting result.


    What should I avoid after teeth grinding injections for bruxism?

    Until the day after your teeth grinding injections, you should avoid:

    • Applying makeup to the treated area
    • Lying down with pressure on the injected area (try to sleep on your back)

    For the first 24 hours after teeth grinding injections, you should avoid:

    • Intense exercise
    • Excessive alcohol
    • Smoking

    For the first 7 days after your treatment, you should avoid:

    • Applying firm pressure to the injected area


    How to reduce swelling after teeth grinding injections

    Here are some great ways you can minimise any swelling from your teeth grinding injections:

    • Avoid hot environments until the swelling has resolved. This includes hot showers, saunas and sitting out in the sun.
    • You can take an antihistamine on the day of your treatment, as long as you are medically suitable.
    • Avoid touching, scratching or picking at the skin of the treated area.
    • Gently apply a wrapped ice pack intermittently (10 minutes on, 10 minutes off) for the first 4 hours after your injections.


    How to reduce bruising after teeth grinding injections

    If you are worried about bruising from your bruxism treatment, consider following these steps:

    • Avoid excessive alcohol for 24 hours
    • Avoid intense exercise for the first day
    • Gently apply a wrapped cold pack intermittently for the first few hours after your teeth grinding injections (be careful not to apply any pressure).

    If you have bruising after teeth grinding injections, you can cover it with makeup the day after your injections.


    What to expect in the first few months after teeth grinding injections

    You can look forward to enjoying an improvement in your teeth grinding and bruxism 2 weeks after your treatment.

    In the first few days, there may be some mild swelling and tenderness. This will quickly resolve on its own.

    If it is your first treatment, or the effect from your previous treatment has completely worn off before you come back for another session, there is a small chance that you won’t achieve the most benefit possible from the injections. In such cases, a second treatment can be performed to achieve a more significant improvement in your bruxism.

    You can expect your bruxism symptoms to improve for 6-9 months on average. Over time, the treated muscles will gradually return to normal strength and your symptoms will recur. With consistent treatment, some people find that their teeth grinding never returns to the same degree as it was before having bruxism injections.


    Are there any side effects with teeth grinding injections?

    All cosmetic medical procedures have potential side effects.

    When performed with skill, caution and care, teeth grinding injections are categorised as a low-risk procedure. You can reduce the risk of side effects by following proper teeth grinding injection aftercare.

    While it is unlikely, some teeth grinding injection side effects that you may experience include:

    • Skin redness that will gradually improve in the first few days.
    • Bruising which has a less than 5% risk and can be covered with makeup.

    There is also a rare risk of temporary smile weakness and muscle bulging.


    Why is teeth grinding injection aftercare important?

    No matter if it’s your first teeth grinding treatment or your tenth, following the bruxism injection aftercare is very important.

    Following these aftercare instructions for teeth grinding injections is the best way to care for your new look, reduce the chance of side effects and prolong your result.

    While these aftercare steps may seem minor and trivial, not following them may compromise your result.


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