Brow shaping with anti-wrinkle injections

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Anti-wrinkle injections work by relaxing facial muscles. With this action, they can also be used to lift and reshape the eyebrows.

    How to create an arched brow with anti-wrinkle injections?

    There are many different types of brow shapes. In general men have flatter, lower brows, while women have higher, arch-shaped brows that peak 2/3 of the way along.

    To shape the eyebrow, we precisely place anti-wrinkle product under the outer part of the eyebrow as well as between the eyebrows (an area known as the frown line). This lifts and reshapes the brows.

    What muscles are treating to lift the eyebrows?

    To lift and shape the brows we inject anti-wrinkle product into the obicularis oculi muscle.

    Diagram showing the upper face muscles, with obicularis oculi located around the eyes.

    How many units will I need to create an arched / lifted brow?

    The anti-wrinkle product used to lift and shape the eyebrows is measured in units. The number of units needed to reshape the brow will depend on your natural brow shape and position, and the strength of your facial muscles. Most people need 2-4 units under the outer part of the brow on each side, and 12-20 units in the frown line.

    Are anti-wrinkle injections to lift / shape the brow painful?

    No, treating the brows with anti-wrinkle injections is almost painless.

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