Can you get lip fillers if you suffer from cold sores?

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Lip fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments worldwide. With the realisation that lip fillers can enhance your appearance without looking fake, more people are seeking to undergo this treatment. A common question often asked is whether you can have lip fillers if you are prone to cold sores.

    What is a cold sore?

    A cold sore is a small blister-like lesion that can affect the lips, nose and eyes. It is caused by the herpes simplex virus.

    Can I get lip filler if I’ve had cold sores before?

    Yes, you can have lip fillers if you have a history of cold sores.

    Can I have lip filler if I have an active cold sore?

    If you have an active cold sore on your lips or around your mouth then you cannot have lip filler injections until it has fully healed.

    Can I catch cold sores by having lip filler?

    Cold sores are passed from person to person. You cannot catch a cold sore from lip filler injections.

    Can lip filler cause a cold sore?

    Having lip filler injections can cause you to have a flare of your cold sores. This is only possible if you have previously had cold sores around the lips or mouth, as the virus tends to stay dormant and become reactivated in response to trauma. The chance of having a cold sore flare after lip filler is low.

    Should I take preventative anti-viral medication before lip filler if I get cold sores?

    We recommend taking anti-viral medication immediately after your lip filler injections. Your injector will advise you on the appropriate medication to take after your treatment, and this can be obtained from any pharmacy.

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