Cosmetic treatments in your 20s

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Getting cosmetic treatment in your 20s

    In your 20’s it’s all about prevention and enhancing your facial features. Signs of ageing typically don’t start developing until the very end of your 20’s, and so now is the ideal time to slow down the ageing process and consider treatments to improve things where you haven’t been genetically blessed.

    Baby anti-wrinkle injections are a great option to slow down the development of wrinkles on the forehead, brow and around the eyes. Enhancing features like your cheekbones, nose, lips, jawline and chin are popular because the can improve facial balance and make you look more attractive.

    Dermal fillers can also be used to treat naturally hollow areas that make you look older than you are. This includes areas such as thee temples and under eyes.

    Cheekbone fillers

    Cheekbone dermal fillers are popular choice for our patients in their 20s. We use dermal filler to add structure and shape to the cheekbones. This also helps to improve the shape of your face, and overall facial balance. You can learn more on our cheekbone filler page.

    Before and after cheekbone filler.

    Non-surgical rhinoplasty

    Bumps, crookedness and a droopy nose tip are now immediately correctable without surgery with a non-surgical rhinoplasty. Using dermal fillers, we can instantly reshape your nose with almost no discomfort and no downtime. This is one of our most commonly performed treatments here at Cosmetic Connection. Find out more on our non-surgical rhinoplasty page.

    Before and after non-surgical rhinoplasty with nose filler.

    Lip enhancement

    As one of the most popular cosmetic treatments world-wide, enhancing your lips with dermal filler is a great option no matter if you want fuller, poutier lips or are just looking to improve the hydration and texture of your lips. Lip fillers are a simple, no downtime treatment that can give natural-looking results. Read more about enhancing your lips with fillers at Cosmetic Connection on our lip enhancement page.

    Before and after lip enhancement with lip filler.

    Jawline sculpting

    A defined jawline is eye-catching for all the right reasons. Dermal fillers can be used to add structure and definition, while facial slimming injections can give your jawline a slimmer, V-shaped appearance. Learn more about sculpting your jawline on our jawline sculpting page.

    Before and after jawline sculpting with jawline filler and chin filler.

    Under eye fillers

    For those with genetically hollow under eyes, looking tired can be a constant problem no matter how much sleep you get. Treating the tear trough with under eye fillers is a great way to look naturally refreshed. Read more on our under eye filler page.

    Before and after under eye filler.

    Baby anti-wrinkle injections

    One of the gold standards in wrinkle prevention, conservative anti-wrinkle treatments to the forehead, frown line and crow’s feet are a great option for forward thinking people who want to stop wrinkles from developing. Baby anti-wrinkle injections won’t leave you looking frozen, and can be combined with skin treatments and sun protection for superior results.