Cosmetic treatments in your 50s

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Getting cosmetic treatments in your 50s

    As we enter our 50s we continue to see the progression of wrinkles, hollowness and sagging skin. People who have been proactive in cosmetic treatments and skin care over the years will notice compounding benefits with these signs of ageing being much less visible.

    Our face becomes bottom heavy, with volume loss in the cheeks, temples and jawline leading to a lack of skin support. The skin then sags, with nasolabial folds, marionette folds and jowls becoming more prominent. Our lips become thin, mouth corners droop and visible wrinkles become deeper and more widespread.

    The goal of cosmetic treatments in your 50s is to replace the lost volume, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restore the inverted triangle facial structure that is synonymous with youth.

    Anti-wrinkle treatments in your 50s

    When using anti-wrinkle treatment for people in their 50s, the goal is to soften wrinkles and lift sagging facial features. Treating the forehead, frown line and crow’s feet are a great option. Anti-wrinkle can also be used to lift sagging eyebrows and drooping mouth corners, and reduce vertical neck bands.

    Natural results are possible. In fact they are the goal of anti-wrinkle treatment. When used with precision you will look refreshed with a noticeable improvement in your wrinkles, and brighter, more rested eyes.

    Dermal filler treatments in your 50s

    Dermal fillers are primarily used to replace age-related volume loss. Over time, deep facial fat and bone reduce in size. This usually affects the temples, cheeks and jawline.

    Volume loss in the face causes hollowness, and contributes to sagging skin. This appears as flat cheeks, hollow temples and under eyes, and sagging nasolabial folds, marionette folds and jowls. It gives your face a bottom heavy, triangular appearance.

    By replacing age-related volume loss with dermal fillers, as someone in their 50s, you can reclaim more youthful facial contours. Sagging skin and heavy jowls can be disguised.

    Collagen stimulating injections in your 50s

    Collagen stimulating injections are one of the most powerful injectable treatments to improve signs of ageing for people in their 50s. By now, decreasing collagen is contributing significantly to your aged appearance. Collagen stimulating injections can be used to restore facial volume, and stimulate the production of new collagen to rejuvenate the facial tissues and skin.

    Most common anti-wrinkle treatments for people in their 50s

    Most common dermal filler treatments for people in their 50s

    Full face rejuvenation in your 50s

    A full face rejuvenation uses various treatment types targeting multiple areas of the face to reverse signs of ageing in a natural-looking way. Anti-wrinkle injections soften wrinkles and lift the brows and mouth corners, while dermal filler and collagen stimulating injections restore volume and collagen, and tighten sagging skin.