Cosmetic treatments in your 60s

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Getting cosmetic treatment in your 60s

    Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are a great option for people in their 60s who want to reverse signs of ageing, and who want to either avoid or complement facial rejuvenation surgery.

    In your 60s, facial volume loss and sagging skin is typically pronounced. Wrinkles are deeper and seen in areas like the upper lip and lower cheeks. A lifetime of sun exposure manifests in thin, dry and soft skin that lacks structure.

    You may look at your face in the mirror and see that you have lost the defined facial contours of your youth. Your face has changed from an inverted to an upright triangle

    Fortunately, you can look forward to rejuvenating your appearance with a number of different treatments that can reduce wrinkles, treat hollows, improve sagging skin and give your face more youthful contours.

    With age the face transitions from an inverted triangle to an upright triangle as the skin sags.

    Anti-wrinkle treatment in your 60’s

    Anti-wrinkle injections are a simple and no downtime way to soften your fine lines and wrinkles, lift your brows and mouth corners and open up your eyes. When used with care, you will look rested, refreshed and rejuvenated, while preserving your natural expression. You can also reduce neck bands and lift the jawline and mouth with a Nefertiti neck lift.

    Dermal fillers in your 60s

    Dermal fillers restore age-related volume loss, sculpt youthful facial contours and improve deep wrinkles and skin folds. They complement anti-wrinkle injections and both can improve many common concerns people in their 60s have about their appearance.

    Collagen stimulating injections in your 60s

    Everyone loses skin collagen from the age of 25. In your 60s collagen loss manifests as soft, sagging skin that lacks elasticity. Collagen stimulating injections restore facial volume and stimulate the production of new collagen fibres. This give your appearance more definition, reduces sagging and strengthens your skin.

    Most common anti-wrinkle treatments for people in their 60s

    Most common dermal filler treatments for people in their 60s

    Full face rejuvenation in your 60s

    Combining ant-wrinkle injections, dermal filler and other non-invasive treatments can give your entire face a natural-looking rejuvenation. Known as a full face rejuvenation, this is a powerful way for people in their 60s to improve many common signs of ageing without surgery.