Does 1ml lip filler really make a difference?

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    1ml lip filler: does it really make a difference?

    In the pursuit of plumper, more defined lips, many people eventually come across lip filler injections. One of the first things to work out is how much you’ll need. Most lip filler treatments use 1ml, but does 1ml lip filler make a noticeable difference? Here, we will discuss lip augmentation, and look at how much of a difference 1ml of lip filler makes. After reading, you’ll have a better understanding of whether 1ml lip filler is enough for you.

    How much is 1ml lip filler?

    Lip fillers are a gel that comes pre-packaged in syringes. Measured in millilitres, lip fillers enhance your lips by using volume to change their shape, size, and proportions. Most lip fillers treatments use 1ml. 1ml lip filler is the industry standard for a modest result.

    How much difference does 1ml lip filler make?

    The visible result of 1ml lip filler varies from person to person. Factors that affect the difference achieved with 1ml lip filler include:
    – Injection technique
    – Filler type
    – Baseline lip size
    – Lip tissue quality.

    Managing expectations with 1ml lip filler

    1ml lip filler is subtle

    It’s essential to appreciate that we use 1ml of lip filler for natural-looking enhancements. It’s also a great volume for hydration, and to restore lip volume lost with age. If you want a fuller pout then 2-3ml lip filler is often needed over a few appointments.

    Using 1ml lip filler, we can improve general lip volume, and smooth lip lines by improving hydration. By being strategic with the lip filler placement, we can also improve shape, definition, and lip symmetry. Such a conservative volume also means you can enhance your lips without overpowering your other facial features.

    Comparing lip filler volumes: 1ml vs. less vs. more

    The range of possible lip filler volumes

    It’s crucial to understand that 1ml is only one option among various filler volumes. Larger volumes are available for those who desire more significant and pronounced results. Smaller volumes are an option for people with small lips and those wanting very natural results or hydration.

    1ml vs 2ml lip filler

    Using 2ml of lip filler gives a more dramatic transformation compared to 1ml. We often perform this over 2 appointments to ensure precision. 2ml lip filler also lasts longer compared to 1ml, because it takes your body longer to metabolise it.

    1ml vs 0.5ml lip filler

    Using 0.5ml lip filler is ideal for first timers with small lips, those who want very subtle results, and people who want to maintain their enhanced lips. It gives a very natural result once healed, but won’t last as long as 1ml lip filler.

    Before and after 1ml lip filler

    Here are some of our patient’s results showing what we can achieve using 1ml lip filler.

    Before and after 1ml lip filler.

    Fully healed result before and after 1ml lip filler.

    Before and after 1ml lip filler.

    1ml lip filler at Cosmetic Connection

    When it comes to a lip augmentation, the choice of filler volume is a personal one. Whether 1ml lip filler will make a noticeable difference depends on your current lip size, and the type of filler used.

    For those who want a natural, yet noticeable difference, 1ml of lip filler is a great option. It’s a great way to enhance your appearance without looking overdone.

    For a fuller pout, you’ll need to build your results up with a few lip filler appointments. If you want very subtle results, or it’s your first time and you want to be conservative, then 0.5ml is a great option.

    This aside, the first step is a consultation with an experienced medical professional. They will assess your lips, learn about your concerns and goals, and guide on on the correct amount of lip filler needed. Often, it isn’t 0.5 or 1ml, but somewhere in between. Always work with your chosen practitioner to design a personalised lip filler treatment just for you.

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