Earlobe fillers for saggy, stretched earlobes

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Have you been wondering if you can get filler in ear lobes? Yes that’s right, earlobe fillers. Sometimes called ear fillers you can have dermal filler injections to your earlobes.

    Why? Well, like the rest of the face, the earlobes change. They lose volume and become deflated and saggy. They can also stretch with heavy earrings and gauging.

    Our clinics in Sydney and Melbourne now offer dermal filler injections for your earlobes.

    Do earlobes get thinner with age?

    Yes, just like other areas of the face, the earlobes lose volume and become deflated and saggy as you age. People that wear heavy earrings find that their earlobes age faster because the skin is being constantly weighed down and stretched.

    How can I plump up my earlobes?

    You can give your earlobes a natural-looking plump using dermal filler injections.

    How long do earlobe fillers last?

    Dermal filler lasts 12-24 months on average in the earlobes. How long the result lasts depends on the type and quantity of filler injected and your metabolism.

    Benefits of ear dermal filler treatment

    • They take less than 5 minutes
    • Have no discomfort and no downtime
    • Give an immediate result that looks natural
    • Improves the appearance sagging, deflated earlobes

    Most people could benefit from rejuvenating their ears with dermal fillers. But before you book in, there are a few important things to known about injecting dermal filler into the earlobes.

    What is the best filler for earlobes?

    The best type of filler to treat the earlobes is a temporary and reversible HA dermal filler of medium thickness. This gives a nice result that feels natural.

    How much do earlobe fillers cost?

    The price of earlobe filler depends on how much dermal filler is injected. Most people need one syringe of filler, and you can review the current price of ear filler at Cosmetic Connection on our pricing page.

    Are earlobe fillers painful?

    Earlobe fillers have very little discomfort. We use premium dermal fillers that contain anaesthetic for the treatment, and can apply numbing cream to ensure that your procedure has almost no pain.

    Do I need to remove my earrings for ear fillers?

    You will need to remove your earrings if they are located in the area that will be treated with fillers. This is so that if there is any bad swelling, you don’t need to cut your earrings off.

    What are the complications of earlobe fillers?

    The most common side effects of earlobe filler injections are redness and swelling. Some people notice that their earlobes feel lumpy for the first few weeks, however this resolves as the ear filler softens.

    Rare risks include things like infection, but fortunately, the filler can be dissolved if this occurs.

    Earlobe filler aftercare

    After having earlobe dermal filler, you should avoid touching your earlobes until they are healed. You can apply a cold compress to minimise swelling and bruising, and you should also avoid wearing earrings for 7 days until your ears are no longer tender or swollen.