How to contour your upper face with cosmetic injectables

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Did you know that you can improve the appearance of your forehead, temples and brows using cosmetic injectables like dermal filler and muscle slimming injections.

    Treating the upper face with injectables takes 10-20 minutes, has no downtime, and gives immediate results (dermal filler) or within 6 weeks (muscle slimming injections).

    If you’re noticing hollow temples, forehead shadows, or developing deep wrinkles and sagging eye brows, then this may be the treatment for you.

    What does upper face contouring do?

    Depending on the issue at hand, upper face contouring can improve facial proportions, soften shadows, fill hollow temples and forehead dents, reduce wrinkles, and rejuvenate your appearance.

    We use dermal fillers to improve shape and structure, and botulinum toxin to relax muscles along your forehead and brows.

    The result? An improved, refreshed appearance, with softer lines, lifted brows, and a more attractive upper face contour.

    Some of the common goals of upper face contouring are:

    • Improve hollow temples
    • Reduce forehead shadows
    • Lift your eyebrows and upper eyelids
    • Sculpts a convex forehead contour

    Benefits of upper face contouring

    Enhancing your upper face with non-surgical cosmetic treatments is one of the most under-rated parts of cosmetic medicine. Treating your upper face is technically challenging, and is only done by the most experienced cosmetic doctors. This is why it’s not widely available.

    Facial contouring that targets your upper face aims to both rejuvenate signs of ageing and enhance the shape and appearance of your forehead, brows and temples.

    Upper face contouring is such a popular treatment because of the benefits.

    • Immediate, fully reversible results where dermal fillers are used.
    • Quick, easy and no downtime procedure done under local anaesthetic.
    • Precise results, that can be fully tailored to your preferences.

    Before and after upper face contouring with cosmetic injectables

    Before and after forehead fillers

    Before and after brow bone fillers

    Before and after temple fillers

    Upper face contouring with cosmetic injectables FAQs

    What is upper face contouring?

    Upper face contouring uses cosmetic injectables such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to improve your appearance.

    The upper face is made up of your forehead, temples and brows/eyebrows. Upper face contouring targets a combination of your upper face features depending on your concerns.

    How does upper face contouring work?

    Upper face contouring uses a combination of dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections to improve the appearance of your upper face.

    Dermal fillers contour your templesforehead and brows to treat volume loss caused by age or weight loss. It can also augment volume in those with natural hollowness.

    Adding volume to your forehead can improve its shape.

    Volumising your temples lifts the overlying skin and reduces hollowing.

    Augmenting your brows enhances shape, and provide a subtle lift to the eyebrows.

    Anti-wrinkle can lift your eyebrows.

    What is the upper face?

    The upper face refers to the upper 1/3rd of your face. The features of your upper face are the forehead, temples, brow and eyebrows.