How to get a defined jawline

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

Treatment guide

Discover the vital information you MUST know about jawline sculpting & fillers with our detailed guide written by expert cosmetic doctors.


    There are a number of approaches to achieving a defined jawline.

    1. Facial Exercises

    Specific exercises like mewing can target jaw muscles, potentially leading to subtle toning and definition over time. However, the efficacy of these is not proven.

    2. Lifestyle Habits

    Maintaining a healthy weight can improve jawline definition by reducing fat along your lower face and neck.

    Good posture also improves jawline definition by ensuring correct alignment of your lower face and neck.

    4. Injectables

    Dermal fillers placed along the jawline and chin add definition, enhancing definition. You’ll need to consult with a qualified doctor who can perform these treatments.

    5. Thread Lifts

    Tiny absorbable threads inserted beneath skin lift sagging skin, improving jawline definition. Consult a qualified doctor for this procedure.

    6. Surgery

    More invasive procedures like mandibular advancement or genioplasty (chin surgery) involve reshaping facial bones for significant jawline changes. These procedures are best reserved for people with significant structural issues.

    Some important things to consider when seeking a defined jawline.

    • Be realistic: Aim for subtle enhancements that complement your unique features rather than chasing unachievable ideals.
    • Always prioritise safety when enhancing your jawline with medical procedures.

    Other things to know about enhancing jawline definition

    Jawline anatomy

    The jawline is made up of the mandible, the masseter muscles, facial fat, and the overlying skin. The combination of these features gives your jawline its appearance. the jawline can be devided into 5 distinct areas, and each area is treated with different modalities.

    How can I get a defined jawline fast?

    The fastest and easiest way to get a defined jawline is with dermal fillers. While they aren’t suitable for everyone, they are a convenient way to instantly improve the definition of your jawline. However fillers have limitations, and you should consult with a qualified doctor for advice about your suitability.

    Does chewing gum help your jawline?

    Chewing gum can improve the definition of your jawline by enlarging your masseter muscles. The masseters are the paired muscles at the back of your jawline that help you chew. Chewing gum works these muscles which increase in strength, and may grow in size, enhancing definition. However this takes time, and may result in muscle pain and clenching.

    Why can’t I get a defined jawline?

    If you’re finding it hard to improve the definition of your jawline, there are a number of potential issues.

    • Excess fat: genetic fat along the jawline or under your chin can be hard to shift, and detracts from the definition of your jawline.
    • A very small mandible: often seen in people requiring extensive dental work, having a small mandible means your jawline will lack definition. Fillers can enhance definition modestly, but for a dramatic change, surgery is often needed.
    • Thick neck muscles: having large neck muscles can blur jawline definition. It is very hard to improve jawline definition in such cases.
    • Enlarged salivary glands: some people have large submandibular salivary glands that add bulk below their jawline. This detracts from their jawline definition.

    Generally speaking, people with more dramatic structural issues find that even with procedures like fillers, that don’t get the result they want. In such instances, it may be worth consulting with a surgeon to discuss options to achieve a more noticeable result.

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