How to get a winning smile using cosmetic injectables

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Your smile can make or break your appearance, and it isn’t just about your teeth. Lines and wrinkles, the shape of your cheeks and eyes, and even visible gum can all impact your smile.

    While the best course of action for everything teeth related is your local dentist, for all the other parts of your smile, its a cosmetic injector you’ll want to see.

    But how can we use cosmetic injectables to improve your smile without changing your teeth? It’s actually a lot more simple than you may suspect.

    What are the parts of a smile?

    Your smile consists of your:

    1. Teeth
    2. Lips
    3. Gum tissue
    4. Cheeks
    5. Eyes
    6. Lines and wrinkles

    The ideal smile is characterised by an upper lip that sits along the margin of your gum tissue, straight teeth, soft lines around your eyes and from your nose to mouth, and fuller cheeks.

    What are smile lines?

    Smile lines can refer to any line or wrinkle that is seen when smiling. The most common areas to notice smile lines are:

    1. Around your eyes: known as crow’s feet
    2. Running from your nose to mouth corners: known as nasolabial folds
    3. Running vertically across your lower cheeks: known as accordion lines

    What is a gummy smile?

    A gummy smile is a smile where more than 4mm of gum tissue is seen. Known as excessive gingival show, it can be caused by a long upper jaw bone, excessive gum tissue, small teeth, and overactive smile muscles.

    Why your top lip thins when you smile?

    When you smile, a number of muscles work to draw your top lip upwards. Some people involuntarily also contract their lip muscles when smiling, which causes the top lip to curl inwards and become thinner.

    How we use cosmetic injectables to enhance your smile

    There are many ways we can use cosmetic injectables to improve the appearance of your smile. Botox can be used to soften crow’s feet lines, prevent your top lip thinning when you smile, and reduce the appearance of gum tissue.

    We can use dermal fillers to soften deeper smile lines, like your nasolabial folds and accordion lines. Dermal fillers can also plump and reshape your lips, improving your lip to teeth ratio, and achieving a more attractive lip shape when smiling.


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