How to get rid of a double chin

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    The dreaded double chin plagues countless people who look in the mirror and wonder why they don’t have a sharper, more defined jawline. Some look at themselves during Zoom meetings or see photos and their attention immediately goes straight to their under chin fullness.

    So, are there any reliable ways to get rid of a double chin?

    Firstly, it’s important to understand why you might have a double chin. The under chin area has some complex anatomy, but it can be divided into some simple structures:

    1. The skin
    2. The shallow fat
    3. The platysma muscle
    4. The deep fat
    5. Deep neck structures

    Importantly, the chin and jawline also need to be considered, as they provide support to the under chin by drawing out the above structures.

    Each of the above structures can contribute to a double chin.

    • Sagging skin causes the under chin area to droop.
    • Excess shallow and deep fat gives the under chin more fullness.
    • A hyperactive platysma muscle can pull the under chin skin down.
    • Large deep neck structures can give the under chin fullness.
    • A small chin or jawline leads to a lack of support for the under chin, causing it to sag.

    So, what can be done about it?

    Unfortunately, if you have large deep neck structures, significant skin sagging or excess deep fat then you’re up for surgery. Anything else will not make a meaningful difference.

    If you have a small chin and jawline, chin fillers and jaw fillers can be used to immediately add structural support, reducing under chin fullness and enhancing your jawline definition.

    A strong platysma muscle can be treated with platysma band injections to relax the muscle fibres.

    Excess shallow under chin fat can be effectively treated with double chin fat dissolving injections. This is a simple and convenient alternative to liposuction that aside from some swelling (which is usually moderate), has no real downtime. It works by using a compound based on a substance that occurs naturally in the human body known as deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid breaks down fat to aid in the digestion of fat that we eat. When placed into fat cells using injections, it breaks them down. The cells are then processed by the body and do not return. Most people need at least 2 treatments, although if combined with diet and exercise 2 sessions is usually enough.

    Often, a combination approach to treating the double chin is more effective. Our double chin reduction page has all the information you need when researching non-surgical ways to reduce under chin fullness. Our experienced team of cosmetic practitioners can also help to guide you on the best solution during your comprehensive consultation.

    Before and after double chin fat dissolving injections combined with chin fillers.

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