Is jawline sculpting a safe procedure?

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Jawline sculpting: Is it a safe procedure?

    A sculpted jawline is a coveted aesthetic, synonymous with youth and attractiveness. As a result, many people seek to improve the appearance of their jawline with non-surgical treatments. While these options offer convenience and minimal downtime, prioritising safety remains paramount. Here, we will provide unbiased information about the safety of jawline sculpting, and what you can do to minimise risks.

    Jawline sculpting may use different treatment modalities depending on your anatomy and goals.

    Jawline dermal fillers

    • Safety: Generally considered safe with minimal risks. However, risks increase with inexperienced practitioners or risky injection techniques, potentially causing infection, and skin damage.
    • Red Flags: Watch out for discounted procedures (which reflect fake products or under-qualified clinicians) or a lack of clear qualifications from the practitioner.

    Jawline slimming botulinum toxin

    • Safety: Safe with rare temporary side effects like smile weakness. However, risks are higher with inexperienced practitioners.
    • Seek treatment from a qualified aesthetic doctor experienced in muscle slimming injections. Discuss your medical history and ensure that your treatment uses approved products.
    • Ask questions about the product, technique, and side effects before giving your consent.

    Jowl thread lifts

    • Safety: Mostly safe with potential side effects like temporary bruising, swelling, or dimpling. However, infections and thread migration & extrusion can occur, especially with inexperienced practitioners.
    • Choose a qualified cosmetic doctor with experience in thread lift procedures. Ensure they use sterile techniques and discuss potential risks and downtime time beforehand.
    • Research the specific type of thread lift, its safety profile, and the practitioner’s experience. Always start with a consultation, as thread lifts are more invasive than injectables.

    Double chin fat dissolving injections

    • Safety: Generally considered safe but causes moderate swelling. Improper use may result in infections, temporary lip weakness, and skin breakdown.
    • Suitability: Many clinics recommend fat dissolving even when there is little fat under your chin. Always choose an experienced doctor to ensure this treatment is right for you.

    General safety advice for jawline sculpting

    Certain medical conditions like bleeding disorders or skin conditions can increase the risk of jawline sculpting. Always disclose your complete medical history to the practitioner before proceeding.

    Respect the limitations of jawline sculpting. The possibilities are not limitless, and your unique facial structure plays a significant role on what is achievable.

    Always start with a consultation to get the information you need. But be cautious not to fall for opportunistic sales tactics by profit-driven clinics.

    Jawline sculpting is a safe and effective way to enhance your appearance, but always prioritise safety. By understanding the aftercare, choosing qualified professionals, and having realistic expectations, you can maximise the chance of a safe and effective treatment.

    Jawline sculpting & fillers

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