Lip filler maintenance: how long to wait between treatments

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    How often do I need to get lip fillers redone?

    Lip filler maintenance, lip filler touch-ups, lip filler reapplications. These are all common topics that arise when asking “How often do I need to get lip fillers redone?”

    In this article, we’ll look at lip filler longevity, and how often your lip fillers need redoing. You’ll learn about the ideal lip augmentation frequency, so you know how often to schedule lip filler upkeep.

    We’re here to help you understand how often to maintain your lip enhancement for consistently fuller lips.

    Lip filler maintenance essentials

    Lip fillers add volume and shape to your lips, and their longevity can vary significantly. The interval between lip filler treatments depends on multiple factors.

    Frequency of redoing lip fillers

    The recommended frequency for lip filler touch-ups varies between different people. Your metabolism, filler type, and volume used play a role. The total number of treatments you’ve had also affects the ideal interval.

    Factors influencing the need for lip filler touch-ups

    Metabolism and Filler Breakdown

    The rate your body metabolises the lip filler will affect how often you need touch-ups. The faster your metabolism, the more often you’ll need to redo your lip fillers.

    Filler type and longevity

    Different types of lip fillers have varying durations. In the lip filler manufacturing process, they undergo a process called cross-linking. Cross-linking stabilises the gel, making it thicker and more volumising. It also makes the lip filler more resilient to your body’s metabolism. So, the thicker the lip filler, the longer it will last.

    Filler volume & total treatment number

    The total amount of lip filler, and the timeframe it over which it was injected influences the longevity. Larger volumes injected more often last longer than smaller volumes done infrequently. People who build there new lips with a few filler treatments over 3-6 months generally get more stable and longer-lasting results. Once you build the longevity, you can reduce frequency of your lip filler top-ups.

    The ideal timeframe for lip filler reapplication

    Assessing your results

    It’s essential to check your lip filler injection results every few months. This will allow you to determine when it’s time for a touch-up. Look at their size and texture, and feel them too. Your lips will start to look smaller, more wrinkled, and feel softer as the filler degrades.

    Most people need 2-3 lip filler treatments in the first 6-12 months, and then a touch-up every 12-24 months.

    Have a lip filler consultation, or reach out to your practitioner

    If you aren’t sure if you’re due for more lip filler, reach out to your cosmetic clinic with some photos. They can provide some general guidance, or see you for a consultation to determine if it’s the right time for lip filler maintenance.

    Planning lip filler upkeep: what’s the best schedule?

    Customising your lip injections touch-up schedule

    The need for redoing lip fillers should consider your unique needs. By considering your past treatments, we can determine your ideal lip filler maintenance schedule.

    We also look at your personal lip aesthetic goals to work out how often you should be getting lip filler injections.

    Refreshing your lip enhancement: understanding the timing

    The most important thing to understand is that the frequency of lip filler upkeep is different for everyone. Your lip filler top-up schedule will be specific to you.

    How to choose the right timing

    Timing you lip filler maintenance is key to preserving your results. During your initial lip filler consultation, your clinician should give you some idea of how often to get lip filler. Expect to do it more often the first few times as you build up your result. After building your new lips, maintenance is usually recommended on an as-needed basis. The interval between lip filler touch-ups will then depend on the amount and type of filler used, and how often you’ve had it.

    Lip filler renewal intervals for a consistently plump look

    How often you need to redo lip fillers for a consistently plump look is slightly different to regular maintenance. Expect to have your treatments more often to replace what your body is breaking down. However, you should avoid repeating your lip fillers too often, as this increases the risk of migration. When you notice your lips wearing down, wait a few more months before redoing them.

    Achieving lip perfection

    Individual preferences play a significant role when it comes to the perfect lips. Some people want a fuller pout, while others prefer subtle results and improved hydration. There is no right or wrong answer. By consulting with an experienced medical professional, you give yourself the best chance to achieve your dream lips.

    Maintain your lip fillers at Cosmetic Connection

    The question of how often you need to get lip fillers redone has many considerations. Things like metabolism, filler type and volume, and total treatments must be considered.

    Working with an experienced clinic is key to pre-planning how often to come in for lip filler touch-ups and maintenance.

    There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to the frequency of lip filler upkeep. The journey to your ideal lips should be tailored to your unique preferences. Stay informed and work with your clinician so your lip fillers always deliver the result you want.

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