Penis enlargement myths, misconceptions, and scams.

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Does penis size actually matter?

    While many articles, blogs, and discussion forums often repeat the mantra that size doesn’t matter, this is an overly simplistic, and somewhat dismissive view. Penis size has many intricate complexities and considerations, and if it didn’t matter, then why has it been a topic of interest for many men for centuries?

    When it comes to size, it’s just as much about the actual size as it is about how you feel about it. Perhaps you experience shrinkage, or have had a comment from a partner, or compared your size to other men. And so the real question we must ask is does penis size matter to you?

    Well, let’s consider a few things. Firstly, we can measure penis size in different ways. There’s the girth when flaccid, and when erect, the flaccid length, and the erect length. Some men may have concerns about the flaccid size, while others are more focussed on the measurements when erect. Then there’s the proportions to consider.

    Realistically, as long as your penis functions normally, then objectively, of course size doesn’t matter. But sometimes it’s more than pure function. How you wield it has an impact (when being intimate of course), as does your own intrinsic level of confidence.

    What we need to understand is does your level of dissatisfaction align with your current size, and is it having an impact on your day to day life. Perhaps you’re shying away at the beach or gym, wearing looser, baggier clothing, or holding back in intimate moments.

    If you aren’t happy with your size, then exploring your options is definitely warranted. But of course, one of the options does not involve enlarging your penis at all, but working on your self-esteem and own feelings of satisfaction with what you were born with.

    Can a change in diet or exercise lead to natural penis enlargement?

    It always pays to lead a healthy life. However a common question searched by men is if a change in diet and exercise can lead to a natural penis enlargement. So, can it? Sort of. If you are in good health and not overweight, then a change will not change your penis size. However, medical conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, and obesity can affect your penile tissues, or hide them, reducing your size.

    So, if you carry a bit of extra fat in the pubic area, losing it can help you reclaim some penile length. Likewise, getting chronic health conditions under control may help to reclaim some of the size you have lost.

    Are there any natural substances or herbs that can promote penis enlargement?

    Let’s keep this one brief. Quite simply, there are no natural substances or herbs that can promote an increase in penis size. While there are many penis enlargement supplements sold online, they are not backed by scientific evidence.

    What role do genetics play in penis size, and can it be changed?

    Genetics are the primary determinant of your penis size. The genes that determine the size of your penis are mostly located on the sex chromosomes (X and Y), and are inherited from both the biological mother and father. While you cannot control your genetic makeup, general health throughout puberty is also important, as it can affect how your body develops when exposed to testosterone.

    What are some of the most common myths and misconceptions about penis enlargement?

    There are a number of penis enlargement myths out there, and so it is important to understand the facts. Arguably the biggest myth is that penis enlargement treatments don’t work. Now while this is true for some options, many medical and surgical enlargement techniques can reliably increase the size of your penis.

    Another common misconception is that penis enlargements are generally safe. Of course, the risks depend on the treatment performed, with more invasive options like surgery having higher risk than things like stretching, but there are always risks nonetheless. Pumps can cause erectile dysfunction if used for extended periods of time, fillers can cause rapidly spreading infections, while surgery can result in scarring and a loss of length.

    When it comes to medically enlarging your penis, always chat to your health professional about your concerns and goals, and let them clarify any misconceptions you may have about enlarging your penis.

    Do penis enlargement creams and pills really work?

    There is no evidence supporting claims that penis enlargement creams and pills work. While some medications used to treat erectile dysfunction can improve blood flow which increases your size during erection, they do not actually increase the size of your penile tissues. Rather they allow you to achieve your biggest potential size, without allowing you to gain anything beyond this.

    How can one differentiate between legitimate products and scams in the penis enlargement industry?

    With poor regulation among the enlargement industry, it is very challenging to discern with certainty what enlargement options are legitimate, and which ones are scams. Don’t just believe claims made at face value, especially with non-medical treatments like lotions and pumps. You should research independent studies that have analysed the risks and benefits of each option, and be careful with results that rely on self-reported measures (as men often over-state their size).

    Traction devices, fillers, and some surgeries are the only treatments with evidence showing a potential increase in penis size are t. Other options either don’t work, or produce very short-lasting results (minutes) with potential side effects.

    Do penis dermal fillers actually work?

    Yes, penis dermal fillers are one of the most convenient and effective ways to increase the flaccid and erect thickness of your penile shaft.

    We use dermal fillers to volumise the skin and fatty tissue. When placed into the areolar tissue of the penile shaft, they add thickness, immediately increasing your penile girth. The most common types of dermal fillers used to increase penis size are made of hyaluronic acid, which are temporary (wearing off over a few years), and reversible.

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