Welcome to Cosmetic Connection®

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

We’re building confidence.

The Cosmetic Connection philosophy is built around confidence and education. Stay up to date with our work for a better insight and understanding.


    Cosmetic Connection is a trusted, cosmetic medical clinic offering evidence-based treatments tailored to you. We were founded in 2021 in partnership with Dr. Aaron Stanes, one of Australia’s eminent Cosmetic Doctors, and currently have locations in Sydney and Melbourne.

    Our core motif is that confidence looks good. It looks good on everyone. Confidence is ageless and genderless. It’s something you feel. It’s an attitude. If you have confidence, people see it, people admire it, people want to be close to it, they want to acquire it too. Confidence feels good. Confidence looks good.

    Our approach to cosmetic medicine is warm, confident and professional. We are considered in our actions, empathetic to your circumstances and always honest with you. We champion honesty and clinical excellence, are adaptive and innovative in a fast-evolving industry, and welcome people from all walks of life.

    We want you to feel safe, informed and empowered. We want you to be excited by your results and to feel more confident.

    Cosmetic Connection exists to help people feel more confident. We achieve this by providing honest advice and proven non-surgical cosmetic medical treatments. We will make you feel comfortable, quickly; set realistic expectations, and will always act in your best interest. We love to make people feel good about themselves, because confidence looks good.