What are baby anti-wrinkle injections and who is actually getting them?

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Baby anti-wrinkle injections? Yes you heard right, this is a thing. But what exactly is baby anti-wrinkle, and is it something worth doing?

    The concept of baby anti-wrinkle originated from patients who wanted to soften and prevent the development of their wrinkles, as opposed to more old-school approaches where looking frozen was the goal. The phrase baby anti-wrinkle (also known as baby Botox) refers to the fact that the treatment involves injecting a small amount of anti-wrinkle product. Using smaller amount means that the result is not as strong, preserving some facial movement.

    What is a baby anti-wrinkle dose?

    A baby anti-wrinkle dose is usually 50-75% of the typical amount used to soften wrinkles. The effect starts to kick in after 3-4 days, and peaks in 2 weeks.

    While this is a great option for people with no wrinkles who are focussed on prevention and for those who want a subtle softening, the main downside of baby anti-wrinkle doses are that they don’t last as long as full strength treatments. However, there are some great ways to supercharge your baby anti-wrinkle treatments to get the most out of them. We’ll discuss the secrets to maximising the effect of baby anti-wrinkle at the end of the article.

    Which areas are commonly treated with baby anti-wrinkle injections?

    The most common areas treated with baby anti-wrinkle doses are the frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet. This is because these lines are caused by muscles of facial expression. Treating them conservatively helps to improve the wrinkles while preserving expression.

    Who is having baby anti-wrinkle treatments?

    Baby anti-wrinkle treatments are growing in popularity as cosmetic trends shift towards more natural-looking results. Patient’s we commonly treat here at Cosmetic Connection who request baby anti-wrinkle doses include:

    • TV and media personalities, including actors and entertainers who need to preserve facial expressions
    • Young patients without wrinkles who are being proactive in wrinkle prevention
    • Brides and grooms before their wedding, so they look fresh but not frozen
    • Older patients who are more prone to sagging skin with normal doses of anti-wrinkle treatment

    How to get better results with baby anti-wrinkle injections?

    Want to optimise the result from baby anti-wrinkle? Or wanting to avoid anti-wrinkle injections altogether and looking for an alternative? Here are the key treatments to consider to slow and prevent wrinkles from developing and soften those that do without anti-wrinkle injections:

    1. Sun protection: either with SPF or barriers like clothing, even when it isn’t sunny outside
    2. Good quality skin care and a retinol (unless your pregnant and breastfeeding)
    3. Micro needling or radio frequency skin needling
    4. Dermal fillers: they support the skin and can improve forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet over the cheeks, sleep lines and other wrinkles

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