Double chin

Living with the dreaded double chin, despite diet, exercise and a normal weight? A double chin is often genetic, and gives a heavy, round, baby-face look. With a number of causes, it’s vital to understand why you might have a double chin, and what options are available.

If you’re ready to remove your double chin and do away with scarves, turtlenecks, and posturing for every photo, then it’s time to learn how.

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Cause & concerns

Submental fat

Fat under you chin can be due to genetics and weight gain. Known as ‘submental fat’, this gives a general area of fullness.

Submental fat can be shallow or deep, and discerning between the two is important in determining suitable treatment options.

Small chin and jaw

People with a small chin and jaw lack support for the under chin tissues (fat, muscles, skin). This causes the under chin to hang lower, giving a double chin appearance.

Loose skin

Loose skin is responsible for under chin fullness associated with ageing or dramatic weight loss.

It lacks defineable boundaries, and often forms folds and creases.

Treatment Options

Double chin removal

Double chin removal is a non-surgical treatment that uses cosmetic injectables to reduce the appearance of under chin fullness.

It can treat double chins caused by excess shallow fat and a small chin and jaw.

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Liposuction is a highly effective minimally invasive treatment to reduce shallow under chin fat.

It is typically used for people with moderate to severe under chin fat, and those who have failed more conservative treatment options.

Mandibular advancement

This invasive surgical procedure adds projection to your jaw bone.

Projecting the mandible draws the under chin tissue tighter, reducing apparent fullness.

Surgical neck lift

Surgical neck lifting is the definitive treatment for under chin fullness caused by ageing-related loose skin and sagging tissues.

Fat freezing

Often called ‘Coolsculpting’ this non-invasive treatment reduces shallow under chin fat.

While convenient, it carries a risk known as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia – where the treated fat cells increase in size.

Before & after

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Before and after 3 double chin removal treatments to reduce submental fat.

This result shows the potential for a double chin removal to improve the contours of your lower face.

We added structure to our patient’s chin, and reduces under chin fat.

Before and after a non-surgical double chin removal targeting excess under chin fat.

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    A double chin may be caused by:

    • Excess under chin fat
    • A small chin and jawline
    • Loose skin

    It is important to identify the cause of your double chin so that you receive the correct treatment.

    People of normal or low weight can also have a double chin.

    Under chin fat can have a genetic component, meaning it persists even if you have a low percentage body fat.

    It may also be that you have a small mandible (jaw bone) causing the under chin tissues to sag, or loose skin related to ageing or dramatic weight loss.

    There are a number of treatments that can reduce your double chin without surgery.

    • Dermal fillers add structure to your chin and jawline, improving the definition of your lower face and drawing out under chin tissues.
    • Fat dissolving injections eliminate shallow under chin fat, reducing fullness.

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