Enlarged trapezius

Noticing bulky, prominent muscles along your shoulders and neck? Enlarged trapezius muscles can masculinise and take away from a slender, elegant neck contour. They also cause pain and tension that radiates along your shoulders and up the back of your head.

If you’ve got enlarged traps and don’t like how they look, or are desperate for some relief from muscle tension, there are options available.

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Cause & concerns


Some people develop large trapezius muscles, regardless of how much or how little they exercise.

Such cases of bulky (hypertrophic) trapezius muscles are often attributed to genetics.

Physical activity

Exercises, occupations and hobbies that involve lifting can cause the trapezius muscles to enlarge.

Treatment Options

Trapezius slimming

Trapezius slimming injections are a fast, effective and convenient treatment to relax the trapezius muscles.

This reduces the size of your traps, giving your neck and shoulders slimmer contours.

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Reducing how much heavy lifting you do can slim your trapezius muscles.

Of course, you should always prioritise that benefits of physical activity.

Before & after

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    Avoiding activities that involve heavy lifting and maintaining good posture are the most effective ways to avoid getting big trapezius muscles.

    There are 2 ways to reduce the size of overdeveloped trapezius muscles:

    • Avoid activities that grow the trapezius. These are typically things that involve heavy lifting.
    • Try muscle slimming injections, which relax the trapezius muscles, causing them to slim down.

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