Facial shape, balance & symmetry

The shape, symmetry and balance of your face are the most important factors in facial aesthetics.

While slight discrepancies and asymmetries are normal, sometimes it can seem like certain parts of your face just don’t fit together. Whether your face is too long, too round, bottom heavy, or uneven, staring in the mirror wondering if you’re attractive won’t get you anywhere. If you’re looking for answers, and your options to improve facial harmony and symmetry, look no further.

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Cause & concerns


Slight facial asymmetry is normal, however unfortunately some people have significant asymmetries. Usually seen in the cheekbones, chin and jaw, it often results from the shape of the underlying facial bones.

Asymmetry may also affect your eyes, nose and lips, and can result from facial ageing, as well as having stronger facial muscles on one side.

Unbalanced proportions & ratios

Ideal facial balance is arguably the top indicator of attractiveness. However, abnormal ratios of your face and facial features are commonly seen for a multitude of reasons.

A lack of harmony accentuates dominant features, and is often why certain areas like your nose, forehead and chin may appear too big, and other areas like your lips too small.

Undesirable shape

The shape of your face is determined by the underlying bone and fat structure. A slim, defined, and tapered shape is generally considered ideal.

Men also have more angular, square features, while women’s faces are typically softer, fuller and more curved.

Treatment Options

Facial slimming

Achieve a slimmer, more tapered and youthful facial structure with facial slimming.

This non-invasive, no downtime treatment reduces lower face fullness, and defines the facial apex points: the cheekbones and chin.

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Facial balancing

Facial balancing is a non-surgical treatment that improves the shape, symmetry and harmony of your facial structure.

We tailor each treatment not only to your concerns, but also to your unique facial aesthetic goals and preferences.

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Before & after

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Before and after facial balancing to improve asymmetry of the cheeks, chin and jawline.

Notice the improve in the structure of the left side (right in the photos) of out patient’s face.

Results from a treatment to improve the shape of our patient’s lower face.

We targeted his chin and jawline for improved symmetry and angularity. We further improved facial balance by augmenting his lips.

We used facial slimming to improve the shape of our patient’s face.

Treatment focussed on defining her cheekbones, lengthening her chin, and slimming her jawline.

Before and after lower facial balancing to add squareness and structure to our patients chin and jawline.

Here, we used facial balancing to improve the shape and definition of our patient’s face.

Her treatment involved augmenting her cheekbones and chin with dermal fillers.

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    A small amount of facial asymmetry is normal, with researching showing it is attractive.

    Moderate to severe asymmetry may be due to a multitude of causes and can impact how attractive you are. You can improve facial asymmetry using surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. The most common treatment for facial asymmetry are dermal filler injections.

    You can improve the balance of your face with surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. These aim to change the underlying shape of your face.

    Implants and dermal fillers add structure and change the shape of areas like your cheekbones, chin, and jawline, while other procedures including botox can reduce the size of various facial features.

    Facial asymmetry is caused by:

    • Chewing food predominantly on one side (this is the most common cause of facial asymmetry).
    • Facial trauma and surgery, which may affect how your facial bones grow and age.
    • Removal of teeth can affect the structure of your upper and lower jaws.

    Despite commonly held beliefs, side sleeping has almost no impact on facial symmetry. The shape and structure of your face is due to the fat and bone, which are not affected by side sleeping.

    Side sleeping can cause wrinkles to develop on one side of the face, but will not affect the overall symmetry of your face.

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