Fine lines & wrinkles

Time certainly takes its toll on your skin. Wrinkles around your eyes and along your forehead, and the dreaded wrinkle between your brows from squinting while at work. While they are a normal part of ageing, wrinkles often leave you looking older than you feel.

Stop spending hours staring at your wrinkles in the mirror and embrace self-care. Learn about fine lines and wrinkles, and the most effective ways to treat them. Positive ageing is about looking good for your age, and as young as you feel.

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Cause & concerns

Facial movements

Repetitive facial movements bunch your skin forming creases. These ‘dynamic wrinkles’ slowly become etched into your skin over time until they are visible even when your face is relaxed.


With age your skin loses collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Weaker skin is more prone to creasing and developing wrinkles.

Sun damage

The Sun’s UV rays degrade skin collagen and hyaluronic acid. This damage is cumulative, worsening over time, and often not showing until years after the damage occurred.

Sun-damaged skin is characterised by extensive wrinkles, and a leathery appearance. Severe cases are known as solar elastosis.


Smoking is very harmful to your skin, significantly accelerating the ageing process and wrinkle formation. This includes exposure to second-hand smoke.

Treatment Options

Anti-wrinkle injections

This treatment softens and prevents wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles to stop skin bunching.

It is the most effective way to improve dynamic and mild static wrinkles, and also gives a refreshed appearance.

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Dermal fillers

Fillers are an effective treatment for deeper lines and those in areas with little facial movements.

They essentially ‘fill in’ lines, reducing their appearance with fully reversible and long-lasting results.

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Micro needling

Micro needling stimulates the production of new collagen fibres restoring strength and resilience to your skin.

This helps to improve skin quality, and prevent wrinkles from developing.

Skin care

Using a combination of sun protection, retinol, and vitamins B and C maintains healthy skin.

Healthy skin ages better, and is more resistant to the formation of wrinkles.

Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing targets fine lines at the surface level.

By causing a controlled burn to the skin’s outer layers, new skin is regenerated beneath. This skin is smoother and more radiant.

Skin peels

Also known as chemical peels, this treatment offers an additional way to remove the skin’s outer layers in a precise manner.

Not only do peels reduce fine lines, they also improve sun spots and pigmentation.

Before & after

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Before and after anti-wrinkle injections showing a visible improvement in our patient’s static forehead wrinkles.

Results from anti-wrinkle injections around the eyes. Known as crow’s feet, these wrinkles are one of the first signs of ageing, and are a common reason people seek treatment.

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    There is no normal age. Wrinkles develop at different ages depending internal (ethnicity and skin type) and external (skin care, sun exposure) factors.

    Dynamic wrinkles (seen during facial expression) are normal at all ages, while the first sign of static wrinkles typically develop in your 20’s and 30’s.

    A common misconception is that fine lines and wrinkles are different. In fact, they are both different names for rhytids. Rhytids is the medical name for skin creases in areas that were previously smooth.

    While wrinkles are a normal sign of ageing, you should consider treatment if you don’t like how they look. Treating wrinkles early is more effective, and also works to slow their progression.

    The best way to prevent wrinkles is to reduce your susceptibility to external factors that age your skin. Sun protection (whether through shade or SPF) and avoiding cigarette smoke are some of the most effective ways to slow down wrinkle development.

    Investing in good quality skin care and treatments like micro needling improves your skin’s resistance to wrinkles. While botox softens and slow wrinkle development around your eyes and lips, and across your forehead.

    Wrinkles are caused by cumulative damage to the structural components of skin. With repetitive facial movements, and exposure to things that degrade skin collagen (such as UV rays), small creases become etched into the skin.

    The most effective way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles is to use a combination approach.

    • Reducing your exposure to UV rays and cigarette smoke will slow wrinkle development.
    • Using high quality skin care improves skin health, reducing and preventing fine lines.
    • Micro needling stimulates collagen synthesis, making your skin stronger and less prone to wrinkling.
    • Skin peels exfoliate the skin’s outer layers, reducing the depth of existing wrinkles.
    • Anti-wrinkle injections reduce skin bunching, softening wrinkles in areas of high facial movement (including around the eyes and lips, and across your forehead).
    • Ablative lasers improve wrinkles by damaging the surface layer of your skin. As your skin cells renew, wrinkles improve.

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