Sick of over-lining your lacklustre lips? Trying to come to terms with the thin lips you were born with? Or have your lips become thin and deflated with age?

Research shows that fuller lips are more attractive. So why not consider your lip augmentation options? Natural-looking results that complement your facial aesthetic are easily achievable in the right hands.

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Cause & concerns

Thin lips

Fuller lips are synonymous with attractiveness and youth. Some people are born with thin lips, creating facial disharmony.

Top lip thinning when smiling

When you smile certain facial muscles lift and curl your top lip. If your muscles are on the stronger side, it can seem like your top lip disappears completely.

Abnormal ratios

Lip imbalance results from discrepancies in shape, volume and support (from both your teeth and jaw bones).

Having ideal lip ratios is considered more attractive.

Poor definition

Often due to a lack of volume, poor lip definition blurs the boundaries of your lips.


While slight asymmetry is normal for lips, prominent asymmetry can make your face and smile look crooked and uneven.

Ageing lips

With age your lips lose volume, becoming thin, deflated and developing wrinkles.

Treatment Options

Lip filler

Lip filler is the most convenient and versatile treatment option to augment your lips.

It can improve shape, definition, ratios, texture, hydration and fullness.

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Lip flip

A lip flip relaxes the muscles that curl your lips in.

The give your lips more vertical height, and reduces curling when you smile, preserving a fuller lip during expression.

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Lip lift

Surgical lip lifting reduces the distance between your nose and top lip, adding vertical height to your top lip.

It us suitable for people with a naturally long ‘white-lip’, and those with signs of lip ageing.

Lip tattoo

Lip tattooing changes the colour of your lips, and enhances the definition of your lip borders.

Before & after

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Before and after (fully healed) a non-surgical lip augmentation using fillers.

Results from a lip augmentation for our male patient who was concerned about his thin lips.

Before and after a 2-staged lip augmentation.

The final after photo was taken immediately after the treatment, and so swelling is present.

Fully healed results from a lip augmentation aiming to add subtle fullness and improve shape and symmetry.

Results from a non-surgical lip augmentation using fillers. We improved our patient’s fullness and definition.

Side profile results of a lip augmentation that improved the projection and ratio of our patient’s lips.

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    The ideal ratio for your lips depends on your sex, gender, ethnicity and personal aesthetic preferences.

    Most people agree that the top lip should be the same height or slightly shorter than the bottom, and project slightly further forward from the face.

    Yes, it is normal for your top lip to thin when smiling. People with stronger facial muscles find that their lips thin more, often to the point where they feel uncomfortable with how they look when smiling.

    Thin lips are genetic, being inherited from your parents. They are related to the natural shape and volume of your lip tissues.

    Ageing can also result in thinner lips, as they lose volume over time.

    We can treat thin lips using filler injections.

    When smiling, facial muscles draw the top lip upwards. This pulls in, making it appear thinner. While normal, people with strong smile muscles feel that their top lip thins too much when smiling, making them feel uncomfortable. There are non-invasive treatments to assist with such concerns.

    Lip fillers are a non-surgical treatment that uses a gel implant known as hyaluronic acid to add volume to the lips.

    Contrary to popular belief, most lip filler results look very natural. In fact, most people who undergo lip augmentation with fillers want an undetectable result, and choose to do it for minor aesthetic concerns.

    A lip flip involves injections of botulinum toxin to the top or bottom lip muscles. The relaxes it, adding vertical height, and reducing lip curling when you smile.

    A lip flip is very unlikely to affect your speech. However, a small percentage of people notice that it may be slightly harder to whistle or sip through a straw. This affect is temporary.

    Yes, a lip lift will leave a horizontal scar in the crease just below your nostrils.

    Lip lifting and lip fillers have different purposes. A surgical lip lift reduces the length of the ‘white-lip’, the distance between the base of your nose and top lip.

    Lip fillers are a non-surgical volumising treatment that can improve shape, size, symmetry, hydration and definition.

    Most people find they need to repeat their lip tattoo every 2-3 years. The longevity is determined by the colour and the quality of the ink used.

    Lip tattooing is an effective way to enhance the colour and definition of your lips. It gives a consistent result and means you won’t need to spend time applying makeup to your lips.

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