Penis size

Doubting your size? Does the thought of hitting the beach, change room, or even the urinal instil a feeling of anxiety? Are you spending intimate moments second guessing yourself, wondering if you ‘measure up’?

Despite what some say, size does matter. Fortunately, for those lacking in the downstairs department, we are here to dispel the myths and help you navigate your options.

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Cause & concerns

Flaccid girth

A lack of flaccid girth leaves you with a small bulge, and feeling uncomfortable at the beach and gym.

Erect girth

Erect girth is critical for pleasurable experiences during intimacy. Whether you’ve always been ‘skinnier’, or things don’t fit like they used to (after your partner’s had children), a lack of girth is a quick way to kill the mood.


Shrinkage and turtling is a frustrating and embarrassing problem for countless guys. While climate and emotion play a role, some men find that the shy away at the worst possible times.

Glans size

A small glans can leave your penis looking unbalanced, and reduce stimulation for your partner during intimacy.

Erect length

Erect length is a common concern for many men, but research shows that unless it’s a severe issue, most partners aren’t overly bothered.

This is fortunate, given erect length is largely unchangeable, unless you’re carrying excess pubic fat, in which case weight loss can reveal length previously lost.

Treatment Options

Penis enlargement

Enlarging your penis non-surgically is an extremely effective treatment.

It predictably increases girth and reduces shrinkage in under 20 minutes with no downtime.

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Medically designed pumps can help men with erectile dysfunction, but are not recommended to increase penis size.

Using pumps to increase size can cause erectile dysfunction, and does not achieve stable size gains.


Traction devices aim to increase penile length by stretching the tissue.

While there is some evidence, most men cannot comply with wearing a bulky device strapped to the shaft for hours day-in day-out for years to achieve very slight gains.


There are many types of penis enlargement surgery.

Both girth, and flaccid length can be increased, but at high cost, risks, scarring and downtime.

Before & after

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Before and after a non-surgical penis enlargement using cosmetic injectables.

Results of a non-surgical penis enlargement treatment to increase girth, and flaccid length.

Non-surgical penis enlargement results showing an increase in girth and flaccid length.

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    The average penis size depends on the region the data was collected. While there is variance across different studies, some common findings report that the average size is:

    • Flaccid length: 9cm
    • Erect length: 12.9cm
    • Flaccid girth: 9.3cm
    • Erect girth: 11.6cm

    Yes, penis size has a strong positive correlation with height.

    There are a number of reasons why your penis may reduce in size.

    • Ageing: impaired blood flow associated with ageing can cause a loss of penis size.
    • Obesity: can cause encroachment of supra pubic fat on the penile shaft, reducing functional length.
    • Prostate surgery: is strongly associated with a loss of penile length, although the reason for this is unclear.
    • Peyronie’s disease: scar tissue formation along the shaft along with the treatment of Peyronie’s can cause a loss of penile length.

    Yes your penis may get smaller with age. The loss of size is variable, and results from impaired blood flow and microscopic scar tissue formation due to sex and trauma.

    A micro penis is typically caused by a lack of fetal testosterone exposure. Surgery is the most appropriate treatment for a micro penis.

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